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Montblanc: Can someone explain to me

why, in this vintage watch (pic taken from Hodinkee), the subdials are not centered about the central axis? Given that the subdials are the same size, one first notices that the left subdial is framed by the 45 second arabic at 9 oclock, but the right subdial is pushed all the way to the tiny 1/5 se
By: remarque

Seiko: my two cents for those who might be curious!

today i did see the sla043 in person, along with the sla037 hi-beat, sla039 hi-beat monobloc and sla041 tuna. the tuna is a beast but actually fits on wrist better than sla039, since due to strap attachment the tuna hugs the wrist whereas the 039 wears most top heavy. all were fun to look at and try
By: remarque

Seiko: thoughts on seiko sla043?

When the sla017 62mas re-edition came out several years ago, I intended to buy one and put my order in with my local Seiko AD. For some reason, Seiko never delivered one to the dealer, so I did not get/buy one. Now, this same dealer actually has a sla043 in stock and I have a chance to buy it -- I p
By: remarque

IWC: Yes, most important thing now is to stay safe and well. How is vaccine being distributed in France? Here in the states, prediction is things will get even worse over next few months...

I received first dose of Moderna vaccine 2 weeks ago, and so should get second dose in 2 more weeks. Arizona is one of worst states for virus spread/prevalence now. Hopefully when things look better you will have a nice drive in your Alpine to Le Sentier, and share some scenic pics of the countrysid
By: remarque