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TimeOut: Beautiful cues dear Art! Congratulations on these new addition to your collection of cues. As you know I´m zero knowledgeable about pool/snooker and cues but I learned to appreciate the beauty...

... of woods thorugh my collecting of knives. Woods colors, textures and grains can´t be beaten as a material for beautiful knife handles... and cues! I specially loved the Honduran rosewood burl handle. Fantastic grain! I wonder which is the black material used in the tips: may be a plastic or horn
By: Subexplorer

Independents: Hello dear Patrick! Great post so thorough and informative about our beloved fountain pens. You must invested a lot of time to put together all this information about these beautiful instrurments.

It is true that fountain pens can be seen as an outdated writing instrument but also true that for those who still hand write there is no other pen so enjoyable to write with as a fountain pen. I´ve been writing and collecting fountain pens for many years before being introduced to watch collecting.
By: Subexplorer

WristScan: Hi Drek! My pleasure to view and comment your nice shot. It doesn´t matter the tools but the final results: to cook a delicious food! (that´s my personal feeling anyway! Lol!)

I understand your point. The 44 mm and height of the case can limit the comfort in some wrists. But you can still enjoy it in special occasions. A great watch. Have a nice week ahead. Abel
By: Subexplorer