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Girard Perregaux: Very nice indeed, I love vintage GPs ! Probably the GP 11 or 11.09 inside, which were AS1475 movements

The difference between the 2 are the following: 11: screw balance 11.09: ring balance Thanks Ranftt for being a goldmine of information ! This movement was quite common to the alarm watches of this era. What is the diameter of this beauty ? Congrats !
By: montres1

Horological Meandering: Very nice pocket watch ! The movement is a clone of Ulysse Nardin's Caliber 22 !

Apparently the tools to produce the caliber 22 had been bought by a Frenchman who then sold them to the Russians in the 60's who just produced the caliber as is !! Credit ZEN (Forumamontres: Comment par un tour de passe-passe, un mouvement suisse est passé à l'Est ()  
By: montres1

IWC: They probably changed the pins to the steel shiny stainless steel version rather than the blasted SS titanium bracelet and would not admit their mistake !

If you see the SS version, the bracelet is much shinier than the titanium one (I am sure you know ) What is striking is that they probably replaced them and either the "technical department" does not know the difference between the 2 versions, or they deny their mistake... Either way it is a both fr
By: montres1

Horological Meandering: I think Frederique Constant is really a great brand ! Very innovative (they created their in-house movement before the ETA supplies crisis), yet very affordable !

The only bad point I would say is the overall "Breguet-like" feeling (hands, dials etc.). To me they should have try to develop their own personality. Apart from that their Perpetual Calendar is the cheapest swiss-made with in-house movement you can find, and really worth a try !
By: montres1