Jan 16, 2012,03:19 AM

The authenticity of a Panerai watch is expressed in its loyalty to the history of the brand and in the innovative research that ensures its technological excellence. The SIHH 2012 collection reinterprets the Luminor and the Radiomir with the most original technology and materials while recovering details of the Panerai story.

Here is a list of the new products (which will be posted following this main post) :





PAM 00399 : RADIOMIR 1940 – 47MM

PAM 00398 : RADIOMIR 1940 ORO ROSSO – 47MM

PAM 00422 : LUMINOR MARINA 1950 3 DAYS – 47MM



PAM 00425 : RADIOMIR S.L.C. 3 DAYS – 47MM

PAM 00448 : RADIOMIR CALIFORNIA 3 DAYS – 47MM (Special Edition LE to 500 pcs)

PAM 00449 : RADIOMIR S.L.C. 3 DAYS – 47MM (Special Edition LE to 500 pcs)


The history of Officine Panerai, which is the inspiration of each new collection, is the tale of an extensive pursuit of technical and aesthetic solutions combining the perfection of simplicity with the highest possible quality. Exploring the history of the brand involves the re-presentation of the shapes, functions and details that are authentic but as yet have not been rediscovered. In doing this the Panerai watches of today continue to faithfully recount the most exciting chapters in the history of an Italian excellence.

In the course of Panerai’s history, the case used in 1936 for the first prototype of the watch presented to the Royal Italian Navy was gradually developed to meet ever more closely the requirements of the frogmen in their heroic underwater deeds.

The first Panerai case had an elegant cushion shape and the strap was connected to it by slender wire strap attachments, formed by a metal rod bent at both ends and welded to the case. This arrangement exposed the attachments to the risk of being bent or broken by strong external forces, and as a result the commandos were in danger of losing an instrument of vital importance in the course of their missions.

The need to avoid this risk caused the Panerai engineers to experiment, from 1940 according to some sources, with new solutions to strengthen the structure of the case, paying particular attention to the strap attachments. The result of this research was the replacement of the wire attachments with more robust lugs, larger and milled from the same block of steel as the case.

The definitive transformation of the first cushion case, which today is offered by Officine Panerai with the name Radiomir (originally the name of the radioactive material which made the dial luminous), occurred gradually during the 1940s. The new case was distinguished from its predecessor not only by the different arrangement of the lugs, but also by the general modification of the sizes of the individual parts and the abandonment of the corners of the caseband, typical of cushion cases, in favour of one with flatter edges.

But the element which made the new case unique, and the one which today identifies the Luminor models (the name being borrowed from the tritium-based material which replaced Radiomir), is the bridge-shaped device fitted to protect the winding crown. At the centre of this device is a tightening lever which applies pressure in such a way as to compress the sealing ring of the crown without damaging it, thus optimising its water-resistance. An exclusive Panerai patent, this device enabled the watch to be water-resistant to a depth of 200 metres, an absolute record for the time, and it also provides the winding crown with protection against shocks or accidental rotation.

Even in the version with the bridge device with locking lever, the crown is one of the elements of the case most exposed to the infiltration of water as well as being subject to stress, and therefore to wear. The length of the power reserve, and therefore the frequency with which a hand-wound watch had to be wound up, was therefore a crucial element in its performance, particularly in the case of a professional instrument devoted to quality and precision.

The challenge of a long winding reserve, enabling the watch to run continuously for at least a week without needing any manual intervention, was met by Panerai in the 1940s by the adoption of a mechanical hand-wound Angelus movement, with a power reserve of eight days. Extremely solid and reliable, another characteristic of this movement was its very sophisticated finish.

With the adoption of the Angelus movement one of the distinctive elements of Panerai watchmaking was born: the dial with the small seconds sub-dial at 9 o’clock. This detail also met a particular requirement of the frogmen, who with it could check immediately that the watch was running, since the relatively rapid movement of the small luminous hand was very visible, unlike that of the other hands.

The eight-day power reserve has remained in the Panerai DNA and it is no coincidence that the first of the movements completely developed by the Officine Panerai manufacture in Neuchâtel was a hand-wound mechanical calibre, the P.2002, in which the power reserve of eight days is displayed by a linear indicator on the dial.

The circular mark with the inscription “otto giorni brevettato” (“eight day patented”wink which appears on the dial of some exclusive Special Edition watches is also a very fascinating element: it appeared for the first time on the dial of the Radiomir created in 1956 for the Egyptian Navy.

The present and the future of Officine Panerai are now based on the development of high quality in-house manufacture movements together with research into innovative materials. The collection presented at SIHH 2012 uses only manufacture movements and materials of finest performance and characteristics: stainless steel, ceramic and, for the first time, red gold.

Steel is the material par excellence for Officine Panerai. The Panerai watches created for the Italian Navy were made of stainless steel, a solid, reliable material which was also resistant to the extreme environmental conditions in which the commandos operated. Today steel is still at the core of every new Officine Panerai collection in its most corrosion-resistant grade, AISI 316L stainless steel.

The ceramic already used for several years by Officine Panerai is a special synthetic ceramic made by a complex series of working and finishing processes on zirconium oxide powder. The final result of these operations is a material which has a particularly uniform and even appearance combined with a high degree of hardness (up to five times greater than that of stainless steel), as well as being resistant to scratches, corrosive agents and high temperatures. These characteristics have made ceramic one of the materials of choice in the world of haute horlogerie.

Red gold is an alloy consisting of gold, copper and other metals, ideal for use in haute horlogerie on account of its excellent technical properties and elegant colour. The proportion of gold is 75% (18 carat), and other elements are added to it in varying proportions. The red gold used by Officine Panerai is 5Npt; this is a special alloy with an unusually high percentage of copper (24.1%), which gives great depth to the colour, together with a quantity of platinum of 0.4%, which helps to prevent any oxidation of the metal.

Since the launch of the P.2002 hand-wound movement with eight-day power reserve, which came out in 2005, the Officine Panerai manufacture in Neuchâtel has created a complete collection of movements with a strong aesthetic and functional identity that is faithful to the codes of the brand. Of great solidity and robustness but extremely sophisticated in the attention paid to their finish and details, Officine Panerai movements have a character of simplicity which is descended historically from the military function of Panerai watches: a simplicity of construction and functionality which can be achieved only through excellent research and development work, not to mention innovative aspect.

The collection presented at SIHH 2012 is a demonstration of the continuous work of developing new technical and aesthetic solutions in the field of manufacture movements. Presented here are the P.3001 and P.3002 calibres, developed from the hand-wound P.3000 calibre with a power reserve of three days, the distinctive features of which are the power reserve display on the back of the movement or on the dial respectively. Innovative too are the P.2002 and P.2005 movements offered for the first time in new versions distinguished by a particularly precious finish and original, novel aesthetic solutions.

Press Release

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Added PAM 448 & 449.

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 By: Kong : January 16th, 2012-03:49
Officine Panerai presents a new and unique watch: Tuttonero. With a Luminor 1950 case and the classic Panerai bracelet in ceramics, Tuttonero is made entirely of matt black ceramic: a watch with extraordinary aesthetic impact, which is faithful to the Pan...  

Pretty cool...remains me of the 359 [nt]

 By: psirbono : January 17th, 2012-14:32
No message body

If one forgets it's a Panerai....bla, bla..DNA..bla,bla

 By: sergio : January 19th, 2012-08:02
this is an incredibly HANDSOME watch.


 By: Kong : January 16th, 2012-04:08
Movement: Automatic mechanical, Panerai P.9001 calibre, executed entirely by Panerai, 13¾ lignes, 7.9 mm thick, 29 jewels, Glucydur® balance, 28,800 alternations/hour. Incabloc® anti-shock device. Power reserve 3 days, two barrels. 229 comp...  


 By: Kong : January 16th, 2012-04:25
A great speciality of haute horlogerie, the tourbillon regulator has been reinterpreted in a sophisticated and innovative manner in the new Luminor 1950 Tourbillon GMT Ceramica. The Luminor 1950 Tourbillon GMT Ceramica is a watch of great character, offer...  

PAM 00395 : RADIOMIR 8 DAYS GMT ORO ROSSO (Special Edition) – 45MM

 By: Kong : January 16th, 2012-04:39
Loyalty to its historic origins perfectly blended with elegance and sophistication: these are the characteristic features of the new Radiomir 8 Days GMT Oro Rosso. The classic aesthetic of the Radiomir, here in red gold in the 45mm size, is combined with ...  

I love the skeletonization of the P.2002 movement! I hope we see more of this

 By: AnthonyTsai : January 16th, 2012-10:51
in future models, especially with the P.9000 watches! Now the P.2000 movement is realllllly sexy now you can see more of it. Is this PAM395 the start of skeletonization for Panerai? I really hope it is! Cheers, Anthony...  

It's definitely nice...

 By: dxboon : January 17th, 2012-12:48
...but even if they choose to go with the larger plates for their P.9000 models in steel, I would be okay with that. Panerais have a legitimate tool watch history, and the more robust movement designs are not inappropriate -- as long as the price points d... 


 By: Jester : January 18th, 2012-03:00
that this is exceptional. I certainly hope to see more on the future models. Would be curious to see if there's any price premium being placed on the skeletonizing of the movement. I guess a comparison between the current list of 289 and 395, once availab... 

PAM 00399 : RADIOMIR 1940 – 47MM (Special Edition)

 By: Kong : January 16th, 2012-05:08
RADIOMIR 1940 - 47 MM Special Edition RADIOMIR 1940 ORO ROSSO - 47 MM Special Edition A new chapter in the history of the most famous watch designed for underwater military operations lives again in the new Radiomir 1940, two new Special Edition watches w...  

I guess this Panerai PAM399 will be the star of the year IMO

 By: AnthonyTsai : January 16th, 2012-07:10
This model will make many people happy! Thanks for posting the news Kong! Cheers, Anthony This message has been edited by AnthonyTsai on 2012-01-16 07:11:21...  

I second you opinion Anthony

 By: aldossari_faisal : January 17th, 2012-14:42
but are they serious 100 watch only?... thats even smaller than to describe it as a small number... Faisal

Agree Anthony , star of the show for me too

 By: dreamer8 : January 17th, 2012-16:38
But I can only dream for this piece. Cheers,dreamer

30m WR?!

 By: edwardwchang : January 16th, 2012-09:15
that 30m water resistance better be a mistake....

my guess is, the crown ...

 By: P@trick@Belgium : January 17th, 2012-10:11
maybe not screwn in .... which makes it vulnarable, can't see an other weak point on the watch as not to make it 100m waterproof as many others with a plexiglass and a saphir back ...............

What i think first

 By: sub : January 17th, 2012-12:27
about a Panerai is that it's a dive watch "from the depths of the sea" .... not from the beach

PAM 00398 : RADIOMIR 1940 ORO ROSSO – 47MM (Special Edition)

 By: Kong : January 16th, 2012-05:21
Unique edition of 100 units Movement: Hand-wound mechanical,exclusive Panerai OP XXVII calibre, base Minerva 1617, 16¾ lignes, 18 jewels, Glucydur ® balance, 18,000 alternations/hour. KIF Parechoc ® anti-shock device. Power reserve 55 hours...  

PAM 00422 : LUMINOR MARINA 1950 3 DAYS – 47MM

 By: Kong : January 16th, 2012-05:54
LUMINOR MARINA 1950 3 DAYS - 47 MM LUMINOR 1950 3 DAYS POWER RESERVE - 47 MM The Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days and the Luminor 1950 3 Days Power Reserve express the excellent combination of vintage design and technology which makes Panerai watches unique. Th...  


 By: Kong : January 16th, 2012-06:03
Movement: Hand-wound mechanical,Panerai P.3002 calibre, executed entirely by Panerai, 16½ lignes, 6.3 mm thick, 21 jewels, Glucydur ® balance, 21,600 alternations/ hour. Incabloc ® anti-shock device. Power reserve 3 days, two barrels. 208 c...  


 By: Kong : January 16th, 2012-06:21
The Radiomir, one of the icons of international haute horlogerie, lives again in the new Radiomir California 3 Days and the Radiomir S.L.C. 3 Days, two models which represent a tribute to the history of Officine Panerai and to the watch which has constitu...  

thanks for posting Kong

 By: Mystiqz : January 17th, 2012-04:59
this is my favorite out of the batch=D

Gettable piece but date spoil it for me

 By: dreamer8 : January 17th, 2012-16:36
Thanks Kong for posting. Cheers,dreamer

No date, consider 448 :-) [nt]

 By: Kong : January 17th, 2012-20:28
No message body

Thank You Kong.I like the 448 BUT

 By: dreamer8 : January 18th, 2012-01:49
it is an LE of 500. I had my name on a list with a Boutique since 7/911 when 390 was confirmed and I am still waiting for the call.The 390 Is LE of 2000. Cheers,dreamer

PAM 00425 : RADIOMIR S.L.C. 3 DAYS – 47MM

 By: Kong : January 16th, 2012-06:29
Movement: Hand-wound mechanical, Panerai P.3000 calibre, executed entirely by Panerai, 16½ lignes, 5.3 mm thick, 21 jewels, Glucydur ® balance, 21,600 alternations/hour. Incabloc ® anti-shock device. Power reserve 3 days, two barrels. 160 components. Func...  

my favorite

 By: brett_nyc : January 16th, 2012-12:14
This one is my favorite of the show. 373 is way out of reach and the 2012 SE with this dial will be next to impossible to get. I do hope they leave off the pig though on this one though. Overall it's interesting to see Panerai build out their vintage re-e... 


 By: edwardwchang : January 16th, 2012-09:19
looks like PAM390 is still king for those of us with slender Elven wrists

Great work Kong, thanks!! nt [nt]

 By: MichaelC : January 16th, 2012-19:45
No message body

PAM 00448 : RADIOMIR CALIFORNIA 3 DAYS – 47MM (Special Edition LE to 500 pcs)

 By: Kong : January 17th, 2012-06:33
For collectors and enthusiasts who are fascinated by historic details, Officine Panerai has created two exclusive Special Editions of the Radiomir California 3 Days (PAM00448) and the Radiomir S.L.C. 3 Days (PAM00449), each produced in an edition of only ...  

PAM 00449 : RADIOMIR S.L.C. 3 DAYS – 47MM (Special Edition LE to 500 pcs)

 By: Kong : January 17th, 2012-06:41
Special Editions Radiomir S.L.C. 3 Days (PAM00449) Unique edition of 500 units Movement: Hand-wound mechanical, Panerai P.3000 calibre, executed entirely by Panerai, 16½ lignes, 5.3 mm thick, 21 jewels, Glucydur® balance, 21,600 alternations/hour. Incablo...  

Now this is interesting

 By: BluNotte : January 17th, 2012-09:00
True DNA to the max! STephen

BluNotte...this has to be on your list!

 By: ocwatching : January 17th, 2012-13:32
unless you got the 373? I love the 449 and 448. I just need to clarify if this is Boutique only. Hope you are well Stephen!

Of course it is!

 By: BluNotte : January 17th, 2012-16:52
Do you know how long i'v been waiting for a 2533 hommage Phil? Since day one with Panerai! I didnt get the 373, would not cause it is not authentic ( As much as i love Platinum, but not for a Panerai, and the brown dial, ewww). Now , this with the blued h... 

Mission Impossible

 By: aldossari_faisal : January 17th, 2012-14:53
Cant get any better than this DNA... the Queens of the show .in here. Faisal

Yes mate!

 By: BluNotte : January 17th, 2012-16:53
What more could we all want? I 'd say a huge applause specifically only for the 449! Stephen

Curious about the pocket watch

 By: tom_hanx : January 17th, 2012-22:22
Do you happen to have some, Kong? Cheers

Don't have that, Tom ...

 By: Kong : January 18th, 2012-03:44
Got to wait for the field report ;-) Kong

The 449 left me disturbed....

 By: Ale (aka Fuciliere) : January 18th, 2012-13:44
....I'm going to need sleeping pills.

The photo is not representative to what will be this watch.

 By: amanico : January 20th, 2012-12:58
The dial may well receive a " Maiale "... End of the love story for me. Best, Nicolas

are you serious????? [nt]

 By: Miranda : January 20th, 2012-13:40
No message body

My contact at Panerai told me that it was useless to take pics of the 2 SLCs

 By: amanico : January 20th, 2012-13:44
Because the dial will receive some " aesthetical " modifications, and, among them, very possibly, a SLC ( Maiale ). Love breaker, isn't it? Best, Nicolas This message has been edited by amanico on 2012-01-20 13:47:22

Both, from what I have been told in Geneva, at the Panerai Booth

 By: amanico : January 20th, 2012-13:51
From a lady who knows her job... You imagine my deception... Best, Nicolas

Wow, if true, you have broken a lot of ristis' hearts...

 By: ocwatching : January 20th, 2012-18:37
One piggy a year is good enough no?

The means is one thing. The authenticity is another thing.

 By: amanico : January 21st, 2012-00:20
When 300 to 400 only are not questionnable, and that there are way much more on the market, the authenticity is the issue number one. The means are secondary, IMO. Best, Nicolas


 By: aldossari_faisal : January 21st, 2012-00:28
so the authenticity is an issue which is worse than i expected.... Best Faisal

In my naivety , I thought authenticity was only a problem

 By: dreamer8 : January 21st, 2012-00:49
with vintage rolex LOl. So if I read you correctly, there are far too many vintage panerai for sale compared to numbers produced ? Thanks. Cheers,dreamer

Correct. Way too many.

 By: amanico : January 21st, 2012-00:56

I don't see it as a problem

 By: donwest : January 21st, 2012-20:17
I've worked on many vintage Panerai and have a long list of details that allow me to say "authentic" is not a problem to determine. The miracle workers will never replicate the most intricate details or materials. So we can move forward with confidence wh... 

I heard the same sentence BUT only for the 2 watches presented

 By: patrickh : January 21st, 2012-05:38
under the external window of the booth. Not for the real 449 presented to Boutique employees. Hope so, Patrickh

I am confused...

 By: ocwatching : January 21st, 2012-14:22
can you clarify?

here is photo of pre prototype

 By: patrickh : January 21st, 2012-23:04
but this watch will not be the final version. Just for information. Here is a wristshot of the model which is on all official documents LE book, web site ... My favorite this year. PANERAI, please do not change it until launch. Patrickh...  

Mega Report

 By: Tony A.H : January 18th, 2012-05:47
THANK YOU for sharing. i'm Glad that i'm Not so Crazy about the New Release !! that's Equal to NOT Buying New Watches this Year.. the only 2 i like is the 339 which is way beyond my Means. and the other one is the 449 . sorry for being a bit Negative. Che...