Never see such on any chronograph even the entry level ones ....

Apr 23, 2021,16:32 PM

Not sure what Patek would say after examination. Good luck.

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What do you think happened to my 5370P?

 By: samwan : April 23rd, 2021-14:41
I got this watch three years ago and have worn it for less than 5 times. Then this happened.... I am totally baffled. Any advice on what I should do? ...  


 By: w220 : April 23rd, 2021-14:46
Possibly moisture damage? Do you store the watch in a moisture controlled environment when not in use?

respectfully disagree

 By: eric_s : April 23rd, 2021-14:48
notice where the problem is. it’s around the pinions for the hands. also moisture should not affect enamel like this. for a $250,000 watch should not occur.

To the extent it is around the pinions for the hands...

 By: JoshTheCanadian : April 23rd, 2021-15:00
Perhaps the moisture, or whatever it is, is coming up through the hole for the pinions? Do you have a picture of the case back? Under any circumstance, I am really sorry to see this .

He is not talking about the reflection of the fluorescent lights !

 By: Centurionone : April 23rd, 2021-18:01
If you enlarge the picture you will see the damage

My fault!

 By: lm6 : April 23rd, 2021-20:03
Sorry, now I see the problem. Do not have the knowledge to give an opinion of what the cause is or how it can be fixed.

Sorry Sam, maybe it is my eyes

 By: sham1 : April 23rd, 2021-15:01
but I could not spot the problem apart from a photo taken not at your usual high standards!

Sorry for not having been observant

 By: sham1 : April 24th, 2021-07:37
I see it now. How could this happen and I am curious how Patek will rectify this? A new watch will certainly not go amiss!

my assumption too

 By: VinnieD : April 23rd, 2021-15:12
strange nevertheless that it happens to enamel

Sorry about that -- it does look pretty bad! I'm no watchmaker and it's the first time I see a similar issue on a Patek, but it'd be very odd if the enamel were the problem, since it's literally supposed to last centuries.

 By: FabR : April 23rd, 2021-15:11
So perhaps some lubricant that leaked *on* the enamel from the movement? In any event, I'd advise you to bring it immediately to your AD or to a service center, so a Patek watchmaker can look into it....For sure, nothing you've done could have caused this... 

Sorry to see that, Sam

 By: George Gently : April 23rd, 2021-15:40
With all due respect, but if I were the owner of that watch, I would have worn it many times in those 3 years. Hope PP will find a satisfactory solution.

Looks like lubricant leakage

 By: chintu : April 23rd, 2021-15:59
Since the blotches are exactly around the pinions and also from the edge of the dial, I suspect this may be the lubricant leaking. Even that is surprising since these are synthetic lubes that stand all rigors of variation in temperature within a given ran... 

In the world of anything bad can be good....your watch is now developing "Patina", and will be piece unique....Auction house will love to promote it for you.

 By: Clueless_Collector : April 23rd, 2021-16:03
No, sorry to see that...I will be super pissed for that to happen and will send it back to get an answer, root cause and prevention....if it's not your storage issue.

have a closer look at your other watches in the same "safe" ....

 By: patrickh : April 23rd, 2021-16:12
I am confident PP will resolve and clean your entire watch.

I can’t agree on the lubricant theory

 By: cazalea : April 23rd, 2021-16:14
In the entire watch there are only very few tiny drops of lubricant and they wouldn’t migrate to the dial. I can only suggest a flaw in the dial making process OR excessive humidity in your storage. One of my GS dials looked like that and the previous own... 

Thanks everyone for the helpful comments...

 By: samwan : April 23rd, 2021-16:17
Although I bought the watch in Europe, I took it to the official distributor in Hong Kong because it was the most convenient channel. The service personnel there said they had to send the watch back to Switzerland but if I decided not to proceed after a q... 

WOW I am sorry about your horrible experience

 By: jim_94104 : April 23rd, 2021-17:01
that watch and what's worse, the arrogant customer service. I have been saving my entire life so that one day I can afford a PP. I think I can start looking at other brands now. Good luck.


 By: PalmSprings : April 23rd, 2021-19:37
I hope you realize customer service receives instructions from their manager/AD/Patek Philippe. She has to follow a procedure, that's it. If anyone is arrogant, it's Patek Philippe. It's a sad thing but that's how a lot of companies work nowadays. If this... 

Maybe it's just me...

 By: mdg : April 23rd, 2021-19:08
...but if someone spends that much on a watch, they should be kissing your ass big time : ) Btw, I assume the warranty had expired?

The HK distributor is owned by PP!

 By: eric_s : April 24th, 2021-11:01
Libertas Limited! I hope Thierry Stern reads this (or his staff) and takes some action of the horrible customers service being exhibited here.

Never see such on any chronograph even the entry level ones ....

 By: terenceho : April 23rd, 2021-16:32
Not sure what Patek would say after examination. Good luck.

Sorry to hear about this problem Sam !

 By: GLau : April 23rd, 2021-16:36
Hope Patek can fix it at no or minimal fee since it is not your fault.

30 m water resistance means only safe to wash your hands, and only for a short time safe, as you will know.

 By: COUNT DE MONET : April 23rd, 2021-16:43
Maybe you washed your hands for one monent "carelessly"? Maybe Patek thinks the same? Another mistske is: taking pictures of the watch in the snow: water and moisture is sucked into the case, when the case cools dow too rapidly, as the air inside the case... 

Sorry to see

 By: quattro98 : April 23rd, 2021-17:08
I'm disappointed to read the response so far.

Delamination of the clear laquer.

 By: Bill : April 23rd, 2021-17:16
I would have to subscribe to the theory of moisture intrusion. But i would expect PP to take into consideration this is not an abused watch. But like any item of value maintenance has a cost. Not saying this is your fault but the if they will return the w... 

That is a good question. I was thinking if they bake the enamel maybe they clear coat for protection.

 By: Bill : April 23rd, 2021-20:14
The technique involves grinding colored glass or enamel pigments to a talc-like powder, mixing it with water or oil (Patek Philippe usually uses lavender oil), and painting the resulting paste meticulously (sometimes using a brush as fine as a single hair... 

Bill, but then, the issue can perhaps be caused

 By: sery.vlk : April 24th, 2021-08:26
by flawed baking of the coat, and natural humidity inside the case?

Sorry to hear about your issues.

 By: russell996 : April 23rd, 2021-18:03
Hope there is a satisfactory soloution

First time I have ever seen this on an enamel dial.

 By: ChristianDK : April 23rd, 2021-19:07
From my understanding and what was explained to me at the Salon in Geneva the dial is polished enamel. So it is beyond me how this could happen. Did the enamel glass separate from dial base? Is it something sitting on top of the enamel? As you say, humidi... 

That's heartbreaking and shouldn't happen. I hope Patek will rectify this for you at no cost. It's really inexcusable and I agree

 By: emcquillan : April 23rd, 2021-20:39
With others who have said it seems to be a lubricant leak. Best of luck

It should be the oils

 By: yming : April 24th, 2021-04:06
Very unlikely due to moisture.. Regardless I think it’s unreasonable to charge you for what is likely a manufacturing defect.. I think it’s good practice to give the watches a wind every 3-6mths when not in use for long periods of time... This also makes ... 

surprised...enamel can't peel unless there is a lacquer or varnish on top which doesn't make sense !

 By: mahesh : April 24th, 2021-11:22
of course PP will replace the dial for a collector like you.... Best, mahesh.,

Sam, first of all congratulations on owning such an amazing watch! Seems to me the focus is all off here. You bought a very expensive application piece,

 By: patekova : April 24th, 2021-12:40
barely wore it, kept it in pristine condition and despite this a problem arose. The greatest likelihood is that the watch left the factory with a problem. But regardless of that and whether or not technically the warranty has expired, Patek should not be ... 

Oh dear I imaging all this is very distressing and frustrating for you ...

 By: HobbyCentric : April 24th, 2021-13:39
My suggestion would be to approach Patek directly in Hong Kong. I imagine Patek would have a direct presence in Hong Kong, with Hong Kong being such a major watch market and will many heavy weight watch collectors. The only definitive answer would be when... 

Take it to a PP boutique if you can

 By: Langeholic : June 15th, 2021-11:11
That’s a severe issue and one that should be covered by Patek whether the timepiece is under warranty or not. I find the PP boutiques better at resolving such issues than the AD’s. My 5370 jammed after only 3 years ownership too, they claimed I had overwo... 

Please watch the following video about PP's poor quality control

 By: bankeal : July 5th, 2021-10:31
Start watching at about 3:25 and the video is self explanatory, even though this is in Cantonese posted by someone in Hong Kong. Many will be shocked with Patek’s poor quality. There’s a new 5711 olive dial in there too.


 By: Poky : July 10th, 2021-11:11
I don't understand Cantonese but that doesn't look like a genuine PP; everything about the date wheel is wrong.

The olive green 5711

 By: yming : July 11th, 2021-02:30
has a new date font - I think the watch is genuine In any case we all know that the finishing of PPs watches (actually, most other brands) are quite substandard these days - mad rush to crank up production to meet the demands of a speculative bubble

Sorry to see that, how annoying.

 By: Poky : July 10th, 2021-11:21
That is moisture damage. I guess it would be difficult to determine whether the seal had been faulty from the beginning or the crown perhaps wasn't pushed in fully at some point. As high as the price for the repair seems to be but that is the going rate t... 

my case

 By: anaroku : September 26th, 2021-12:47
After raising this issue on this site, my AD also offered to send my purchased 5370P back to Switzerland for checking. There was no particular problem, but I entrusted it to my AD. It came back in about 3 months with the crown and pusher replaced with new...  

Very good of Patek

 By: chintu : September 29th, 2021-11:13
Glad to hear that Patek has dealt with the issue in the correct manner and ensured customer satisfaction.