speedy tuesday thoughts on a tuesday eve...

Jul 10, 2018,20:40 PM

Attached is a screenshot of email I received at 2:30 am today. Of course, I was in bed, asleep or not.

When the first speedy tuesday watch was posted for reservations, it was also in the middle of the night in the usa. When I discovered the posting the next late morning, of course the link to reserve that watch was already deactivated, as all of those watches had been reserved, with no commitment to buy. Within the next few days, after trying the link intermittently, I was able to get my name on the wait list, which of course was meaningless.

However, in months to follow I did get an email from "the desk" of CEO Aeschlimann, saying that although I would indeed not have any chance at purchasing that watch, because I was on this waitlist, I would be given priority for the next internet only offer that Omega proffered.

Needless to say, despite this "promise" made to me and presumably every other person who had gotten on the omega speedy tuesday original waitlist, I find it extremely bad form on the part of Omega to duplicate its disaster of an internet offering here. I assumed this promise meant something like I, and others on the waitlist, would be given an opportunity to reserve the (next) release (hours and even 1 or 2 days) before the internet offering was made available to the general public.

Clearly, this was not the case, and opening the watch up for reservation at 2:30 am pacific standard time in the United States today is (was) no different than when the original speedy tuesday was offered.

All to say, Omega changed nothing in its method from version 1 to version 2. But even worse, that email promise made to me and many others on the first waitlist was empty garbage.

Now, let me be clear. I like Omega. My father wore only two watches my entire life... an automatic constellation two tone from 1950s to 1991, and then a quartz two tone constellation from 1991 until his death in 2009. And I have both of them in my shoebox of sentimental stuff. I like Omega so much that my first nice watch that I bought was a steel Seamaster Master Coaxial released in 2014, and of which I got one of the first in March 2015, due to omega's slow production. I have a few nice watches now, but I still love and wear my Omega... I consider it the best modern reinterpretation of a classic vintage watch by any manufacturer.

Whilst I liked the original SpeedyTuesday, and might even have bought one if I could have, I would not want this "ultraman" version. Nor would I have reserved one, just to do so, if I could have, which I am sure many people do, especially since it requires no money down at all.

However, I can only shake my head and wonder how Omega can continue to make empty promises to hundreds/thousands of customers and not fall out of favor or lose the trust and business of people like me because of such huge blunders. I guess they just don't care. Pity...

For $7200, I'd rather buy the new Tudor black bay gmt and black bay 58 rather than one more of the hundreds and hundreds of speedmaster iterations. But that's just me.

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Today Ultraman tomorrow comic book heroes Marvel?

 By: Dmitriy : July 10th, 2018-23:06
I fully agree with you. I got a call yesterday from Omega boutique and was informed about the launch of the new Speedy Thusday at 10am. While I found the post page, everything was already reserved. Just like last year. Now we have to wait for another lett... 

which ever way...2012 isn't a limited edition....

 By: maverickmahesh : July 10th, 2018-23:22
Best, mahesh.,

no ?????

 By: Bruno.M1 : July 10th, 2018-23:50
just a copy past cause I'm too lazy to type it again This was my reply to a previous similar comment to this subject "Well I honestly disagree 100%. You have to look at the total production number. And talking about omega that is between 700.000 and 1.000... 

disagreements are always welcome...that makes us purists !

 By: maverickmahesh : July 11th, 2018-00:42
the logic of taking the total production of Omega is understandable. I consider it different for Omega & esp. for this product line because the entire line is crowded with 'LE' of different tweeks. take FPJ for instance, CB is close to 3k pcs & the annual... 

The question is: would they sell the same amount of this model if not LE?

 By: dedestexhes : July 11th, 2018-01:09
I think in reality, a not LE model might not reach the same production numbers as there were/are tons of variations. Imagine Patek makes a re edition of the tv screen chrono limited to 1000 watches.... they will be sold the same day! However the original ... 

The only possible result for you should be to Stop buying the brand

 By: nafetS : July 11th, 2018-02:24
This is what I did after my experience with Blancpain. As long as we keep buying after being treated like that, nothing will change. The Definition of luxury nowadays seems to be, that you pay a lot of money to be treated badly, just because it's exclusiv... 

To alienate the customer is one of the proven management principles of the "luxury" industry

 By: BjoernM21 : July 11th, 2018-04:08
Kapferer and Bastien list in “The Luxury Strategy” (p. 70f) “Dominate the client” and “Make it difficult for clients to buy” as two of these tactics. As long as this works, nothing will change (and the industry will believe in the saying "A sucker is born... 

+1000 new Tudor offerings over another Omega Speedy LE

 By: Joepny : July 11th, 2018-05:19
But I did like the orange accents of this new Ultraman and that would have been enough for me to reserve one, if I could. In reality on paper, these Omega watches with calibre 1861 leave a lot to be desired, PR not to high modern standards, WR is not enou... 

Indeed a pity most US collectors did not get a chance

 By: Bruno.M1 : July 11th, 2018-10:14
Would be better if omega made 3 badges 12.00 CET 672 watches 18.00 CET 672 watches 24.00 CET 672 watches In that case it would be more fair for the rest of the world. And they should test their platform first cause I know quite a few guys that ALMOST got ... 

That’s a good idea Bruno!

 By: Joepny : July 11th, 2018-12:12
😁Now you need to tell Omega and/or RJ Broer about it for the next Speedy Tuesday release in 2019. 😅 It sounds like Omega needs to invest in a more robust IT infrastructure. They have undersized their IT environments. No hard feelings from me for missing o... 

Just perfect! [nt]

 By: massimiliano : July 12th, 2018-05:21

Tudor Thursday! 😂

 By: Joepny : July 12th, 2018-03:52
It’s on my list to buy a Tudor soon, have to reward them for making appealing value-driven tool watches. Of course Tudor also plays the LE game (many past Black Bay editions).

I have had the same experience. Supposedly promised to be in 'pole position' for this release but amounting to a total failure.

 By: Velociphile - Mr Sunshine Yellow : July 11th, 2018-10:31
Always a fan of the brand, but after an earlier series of bad service experiences, I had reduced my Omega count to 3, and over the last year now to 2. This was one last chance. That is it for me with Omega. There are so many other brands out there to have... 

I got the same email last year after missing out on the 1st Speedy Tuesday watch

 By: reintitan - Watch Illuminati : July 11th, 2018-11:42
since it was released when my part of the world was asleep. I was also told via an email from Mr. Aeschlimann that I would get "priority" for the 2018 iteration of the ST watch. After a few weeks I thought nothing of it as all new pieces of the ST1 watch ... 

My experience

 By: oliver.mellors : July 11th, 2018-18:46
Here’s my experience: On July 5, I got an email from an asst. manager at an Omega boutique I have done business with in the past. It said that the New Speedy Tuesday would be launching soon, around July 10 and to let them know if I was interested to know ... 

"Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him...[Caesar was ambitious, and Brutus is an honorable man...]" Marc Anthony, Julius Caesar, Act 3 Scene 2. Wm Shakespeare

 By: remarque : July 11th, 2018-19:23
Here is the major issue: Omega had their email address book of those who were waitlisted for SpeedyTuesday_v1, and sent out an email circa January 2018 to those on said waitlist which promised a priority opportunity to reserve/purchase SpeedyTuesday_v2. T... 

They want growth in customer base...

 By: jonrus : July 11th, 2018-20:55
Keeping their earlier promise will only satisfy those already on the Omega camp. They need new blood to grow the brand.

New blood or increase revenue per user

 By: CastorKrieg : July 29th, 2018-01:20
I think we are nearing capacity as far as the luxury market can go in terms of volume, the best strategy would be to sell more to repeat customers - I doubt first-time Omega buyer would even know about different LEs.

Not only Omega but happens regularly elsewhere. Panerai to name one, I am sure Purists remember a special issue for

 By: kesharoo : July 12th, 2018-00:33
a site best remain anonymous. Watch companies don't care as long as whatever they make sells. In this case Omega can easily make one for whoever who wants one and is willing to pay for them. This come first serve first only attracts people buying to resel... 

By the way, I even checked my spam and certainly received no email such as yours, I

 By: Velociphile - Mr Sunshine Yellow : July 12th, 2018-08:56
...only have the original one from January PROMISING me I would be "in the FRONT of the queue" Velociphile


 By: Velociphile - Mr Sunshine Yellow : July 13th, 2018-00:59


 By: remarque : July 13th, 2018-08:12
#EpicPublicRelationsFail #CheckandMateOmega #DropTheMicMoment #WillAeschlimannRespond?

the thing is .... maybe they did

 By: Bruno.M1 : July 14th, 2018-00:45
What if they had 10.000 or 20.000 people on a list for this Ultraman? still a lot of them would not get it if they make only 2016 pieces

I have already raised this possibility above under my Shakespeare reference, copied again here...

 By: remarque : July 14th, 2018-14:06
"...Of course, were there more than 2012 on the ST_v1 waitlist, (the total number of ST_v2 being offered), then this would have created a whole other set of issues with which Omega might have had to contend. We shall never know how many were on the ST_v1 ... 

Omega shoots itself on its foot because of that Jan 2018 email...

 By: Greenwatch : July 16th, 2018-08:46
I want to give a benefit of the doubt but after repeatedly reading the said email, I came to the conclusion that it was a hollow promise and a public relation stunt that disappoint rather excite, anger instead of appreciate, roast and jeer more than toast... 

Apparently it was my fault....... lol

 By: Velociphile - Mr Sunshine Yellow : July 16th, 2018-09:46
(personal details redacted.) At least I got a reply. I checked and I received no GDPR mail. Probably caught and long deleted by my spam catcher. Velociphile ...  

I just got another email......

 By: Velociphile - Mr Sunshine Yellow : July 19th, 2018-12:52
Omega continue to impress 1 sent to wrong recipient 2 they checked I am not on the list. Great to know 3 sent me a copy of the email I never received. even better 4 “As soon as an amendment is available, we will let you know”. I’m taking that to mean my w... 


 By: remarque : July 19th, 2018-20:33
Fwiw, being the originator of this thread, no one from Omega has reached out to me, so you are clearly the favorite one!

Hmmm, Did you contact them? [nt]

 By: Velociphile - Mr Sunshine Yellow : July 20th, 2018-01:17

By which I mean, I've had it confirmed from Omega today by another email that they have

 By: Velociphile - Mr Sunshine Yellow : July 20th, 2018-08:18
put me on the waiting list for a cancellation. I'm so lucky, and I'm so excited. I'm hoping for #007.... hmm wrong character. How about #78 referring to his home planet or the IQ of the Omega marketing department