10 Years a Purists, 20 a Collector.....a HoroTale

Nov 14, 2017,09:59 AM

Howdy fellow PuristS of the Horological Shire,

this is somewhat a aggrandizement post as it is a sentimental one. Today, I celebrate 10th year on Puristspro. I actually joined the old PuristS forum in 2003/4, and was roped in by Dr. Bernard Cheong, a former moderator of this august site, for those newer members who do not know. I officially signed up as a member on 14 November 2007. In the first few years on PPro, I was as silent as a Fransican monk, and mostly lurking and reading. My total post count up to 2010, was like a shameful 35 posts, and I never started a thread. In late 2010, I became massively active, largely due to the huge PuristS crowd here and the active encouragement of MTF. In late 2011, I was made moderator and accepted into the horo-cabal of High Priest MTF and Lord Protector Thomas Mao. I took a stressful sabbatical from PPro in 2015 and 2016, after my daughter was born and I switched employers after a faithful 15 year service. My contribution here is somewhat negligible, as evidenced by my also embarassingly 7K with some change, when benchmarked against luminaries such at Amanico. Over the years, I have met many wonderful PuristS and fellow WIS. Notable among the Mods and Management team - Thomas Mao- for his understanding of the horology world, MTF - for his refinement and deep knowledge, Amanico - the fun bastardo smile- , FRX - super serious guy with a camera for a left hand and rumoured possessor of over one million wristshots, KIH - gentlement with a keen eye and a very personal PuristS story, AndrewLuff - Lord Orange and royalty, Bill - whom i met briefly on a clandestine Paris trip and a wonderful mind, Alec Yin - fellow Lamborghini owner and car nut.

In Singapore where I was born, breed and based, my fellow local mods - Kong, for his industry and ire humour, Robin - tirelkess and selfless, and a strange love for all things Montblanc, Stefan - who took over my old job as Community Liaison and the last of the gentlemen collector. Past alumni of Bernard Cheong, Jaw, SJX, who has moved on to greener pastures, for helping build the PuristS brand and their friendships. And of course the many Purists all over the world that helped me form my horological values and horned my PuristS instincts. PuristSPro has became a home, a refuge, especially during boring corporate hours!!There were some disappointments too. Certain characters took my hospitality for granted, and also the first and thankfully only place where I got scammed, over a Panerai!! Its also the place I ruffled a few feathers with my brand of horo-humour, and got into trouble for submitting an watch on a ladies ankle for the weekly wristscan, and for having the audacity to suggest that the weekly Wristscan be renamed Limbscan smile-

I have also met many wonderful sould outside the PuristS, and a few rascals, over the years....having met CEOs and MDs of big brands in big swanky ballrooms, to commercial ADs and gray dealers, to visiting small ateliers of Independent watchmakers....I am very fortunate to have made many friendships and been involved in many horo-events. I have visited huge manufactures from JLC to Hublot, visited horology museums, spent time with Indie watchmakers and developed personal friendships with some. I have been to Baslworld and SIHH, and the many watch fairs that pop up in between them. I have met many fellow Purists and WIS communities around the world from London to Hong Kong, joined brand specific clubs like Paneristis, and in turn hosted many collector visitors to Singapore. I have hosted many watch events and product launches regionally in South East Asia. All in all, horology for me has transcend beyond watch collecting into a lifestyle. I started a short lived local watch forum called WristLounge from 2009-2011. In 2014, I co-founded a horology blog www.deployant.com with two collector friends, one of them, Peter Chong, used to moderate Lange forum at "rival" Timezone. 3 years ago, I started a self named Instagram account : HORORGASM and that opened up a whole new world of watch collectors I never knew existed, and met horology social media personalities like mental santa laura and the indomitable Watchanish.

On the personal front, I became father of two and still gainfully married to the same SheWhoMustBeObeyed(SWMBO), who I met in 1997, the same time I started collecting watches. The good news is my crazy devotion to horology has influenced SWMBO and the kids, and since then, she has started her own collection and now have about 15 watches to her name. The bad news is there exist a divide in the household, SWMBO is into Patek, and was featured in local society magazine for Patek, along with my daughter. I am a Lange guy, and thankfully my son too (though he rate Casio G Shocks higher then Lange!!!!), and we appeared on local literature for Lange. And yes, I am still a #corporateslave and now being in my 40s, have given up hope of being a entreprenuer.

On the collecting front, I am pleased to announce more successes. the collection has ballooned at a faster rate than my expanding waistline. See below.

at this stage, I conclude my almost Academy Awards-ish speech. Kindly permit me some self indulgence, as I Iook back at a decade of PuristS life, thru the photos below:


my trademark - the era of ankle shots have arrived smile-

Celebrating Guy Fawkes night with twin wristing of MB&Fs. Twin Wristing has became a core feature of all Horo-GTGs in Singapore, where the punishment of not turning up double wristed could be as severe as removal of offending limb smile-

With MTF and FRX at Baselworld. Both are depository of horo-knowledge and history, I have learnt so much from them.  If you do not know which one is MTF and the other FRX, you should be expelled from the forum, if not executed by firing squad!! smile-

My fellow moderators in Singapore..Robin Wong, Stefan Ma and me, all with fancy headgears. The best people with no egos and willingness to serve the community, despite their hectic schedules. Robin is in the busy fast paced digital world and Stefan is in the demanding world of academia. We are missing Kong, our longest serving local moderator, who has been summoned by a bevy of beautiful young ladies behind us. Yes ladies, he is still single.

Me turning up at Singapore PuristS GTG held at a classy Japanese restaurant, located in a swanky hotel....and me turning up with a Iron Man mask, I must say the antic did raise a few security concerns with the hotel guards, but I contributed to the overall merriment of the event, if not to the cute waitresses in kimonos. Wristed with my beloved JLC Gyrotourbillon

Me in a Horo-Remorse pose, double wristed with Tudor Bronze...both the regular and the Bucherer, for another gathering. The usual post purchase pose


Me with the effervescent Jean Claude Biver; legendary in the past and still making horo-history; and highly intelligent and horology blue blooded Michael Tay, scion of the Hourglass family, in a fondue restaurant somewhere in rural Switzerland. Wristitng and fisting with what else, but Hublots.  I am NOT shaving my head......

with one of the smartest guy in the industry, also the most energetic...the superman Jerome Lambert, a PuristS favourite watch executive. He was boss of Jaeger LeCoultre, A.Lange & Sohne and lately Montblanc...all my favourite Richemont brands, and I must confess, partly due to his passion and drive. Congrats to his recent elevation to the post of Group COO for Richemont.

At a recent Sincere Fine Watches/Laurent Ferrier event where I was the guest speaker. A part of my horological life involves me hosting and sharing at some of these watch events or product launches. here is Christian Ferrier, son of Laurent, also designer and executive at the firm, Franck Giacobini, regional boss at DKSH, a huge conglomerate that has a watch distribution arm and Ong Ban, my mentor and shrewd CEO of Sincere Fine Watches

well....working for as back up singer for The Platters at a Parmigiani dinner. They wanted to end the event, but the guests refuses to leave, that's when i start singing...... smile-


Corporal Horo and Audemars Piguet board member Field Marshal Oliviero Bottinelli, at a military themed Charity gig. The watch industry has over the years increased its social responsibility quotient.

me and the lovely multi-talented multi-hyphenate TV presenter Anita Kapoor. Very smart, very beautiful, Mumbai born but Singapore based, she is a amatuer watch collector, and I was involved in the production of an episode on Lux Asia, talking about watch collecting and the rise of watch collecting clubs and communities, and what we look for in watches and brands. First time I went on TV for horology!

Mad Men antics of social media darling Anish Bhatt and Horo. After a night on in Singapore, we "pretend pee" on my Lamborghini. I started a campaign called #peeonlambo on Instagram just for fun, and it went viral. It was my silent protest against some fellow Lamborghini owners being too "car proud". Anish strikes me as a really serious and smart guy, behind that all fun and all play exterior.


Me hosting the Grandmasters tour 2013 in Singapore. over 300 people turned up, and I was overwhelmed by the level of interest in independent watchmaking. 
It was also held on my wedding anniversary, but the supportive SheWhoMustBeObeyed was very forgiving that night. Local retailer Hourglass actually celebrated for us, with a singer serenading from the floor above. Many PuristS turned up, coming in from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia (yes...PPlater....where are you these days??) With Kari Voutilainen, Laurent Ferrier, Philippe Dufour and Roger Smith. Vanney Halter fell ill, and couldn't attend. The event was publicized on the AHCI thread. In 2012, I was asked to co-mod AHCI sub-forum with the extremely intelligent and amatuer watchmaker himself Don Corson, probably the most technical guy among the moderating team.

Me with Max Busser, the most creative and personable Indie. 
I started collecting MB&Fs in the late 00s, and have seen the brand grow from strength to strength. I learnt alot about Indie economics from him. he is now looked upon as some sort of a big brother to all the Indies. His transition from big brand Harry Winston to Indie is well documented, and he started the highly successful OPUS series that gained then jewellery maker Harry Winston horological legitimacy

Merry making with Kari Voutilainen and Tim Gronefled at Baselworld. the KV Vingt 8 and the Gronefled Remontoire remains among my favourite classically styled Indie.

what happens when you ask Monsiuer Dufour to make a brand new Simplicity for the fifth year running...... smile-

Will be expanding on alot of the above plus many others in the AHCI forum, stay tuned.


Horoboy with his first Lange...a 1815 time only in rose gold, and attending his first Lange event aged 7

Horoboy with me at A Journey Thru Time, held in Kuala Lumpur.

I captured every watch on camera, for every major event of his life since he was born. Here winning gold at national Tae Kwon Do competition for his weight category, for the first time. #proudfathermoment.

Arrival of Horogal : I am a daddy, again....wristing Harry Winston Vianney Halter Opus 3

Horogal couple of weeks old, versus the giant Panerai Egiziano!!

Horogal : Nobody touches my Patek Philippe, NOBODY!!!!!


these are terrible shots......I was packing everything back into cases and back into the bank vaults. so please forgive me. I started with one proper watch in 1997. When I was a teenager, I bought from Singapore Chinatown a Titoni Airking, which i still have in the storeroom. Thereafter, I had a Omega which was handed down to me from my grandfather via my uncle who has no kids, which explains my love for Omega. In 1997, I started casually collecting, after i returned from UK and joined the work force. I had about a handful of watches, maybe 10, when I joined PuristS.....and the proverbial, there has been no looking back!! 

Thanks for "celebrating" my 10th anniversary with me, and indulging me with your patience in reading this long sentimental horo-drivel. Stay tuned next week when I collect a Chopard LUC, to celebrate this occasion. I leave you with this image....which i feel encapsulates the PuristS spirit, in more ways then one smile-

The Drunk Bastardos....(in)famous watch collector and former frequent participant on PPro, now a writer at Quill and Pad. One of my oldest friend in horology, and a renowned Indie watch collector. to my left are Peter Speake Marin and Stepan Sarpaneva. PSM I have known since 2008, and one of the nicest Indie watchmaker ever, period. He has a impressive CV from WOSTEP watchmaking school, to Somlo restoring vintage timepieces, to cutting-edge watchmaking at Renaud Papi. Not many all rounder watchmakers like him. Stepan is one free spirit and artistic guy, some say with a strange obssesion with the moon....and that the height of his brows has a direct correlation to the moon's distance to earth smile-

Best, Horo 

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This collection shots are the most scary I have ever seen

 By: watch-guy.com : November 14th, 2017-10:13
Thanks for your entertainment as well as serious input into this most magnificent and holy cabal known as the purists Long may you continue Julian

What can I say... I'm speechless

 By: tudorctin : November 14th, 2017-10:24
Your collection covers a large spectrum from independents to wellknown maisons. Congratulations and I can't wait to see your collection after another 10 years!

thank you sir.

 By: Hororgasm : November 14th, 2017-23:16
stay tuned for next Monday, as i collect a Chopard LUC to "celebrate" my 10th. best, Horo

Horo congrats on your 10th anniversary

 By: janef : November 14th, 2017-10:29
Mine is next year! Time flys! I follow your instagrams account.. i am certain you own more watches than what your “collection photos” suggested. I bet you already lost count, haha.. Thank you for your contribution to the wonderful forum. Cheers! Jen

howdy! many thanks!

 By: Hororgasm : November 15th, 2017-04:10
are you from Singapore too? let me know your IG nick. not many "old timers" from Singapore still visit the site, sadly. best, Horo

Ah dear Horo...

 By: andrewluff : November 14th, 2017-10:32
It is great to read your memoirs, however I think they are written only half way through your lifetime and plenty more to come I am sure... maybe this is just the first chapter? Thank you for the honourable orange mention... next time I see you I will cro... 

Knight of the Orange Garter?

 By: Hororgasm : November 15th, 2017-05:52

Ah you already have one...

 By: andrewluff : November 15th, 2017-12:40
I only wear mine at the weekend... but you got a nice skirt/boot combo going on there Horo!

Congrats on the milestone, and thanks for your many contributions over the years!

 By: MichaelC : November 14th, 2017-10:35
You have always been a tremendous asset here. Do I spot a salmon dialed 25770 cased chronograph? I had not seen that before. Awesome!

Hi Horo, huge congrats on your 10th anniversary ! I still remember the large GTG in the Japanese restaurant of a Singapore hotel and you brought the...

 By: GLau : November 14th, 2017-10:40
Iron man mask and allowed us to play with it ! With the mask on, I felt invincible ! With all your impressive watches, are you amassing a large collection or are you a watch retailer !? Just kidding ! LOL ! Cheers, Gordon

howdy Gordon...hope all is well!

 By: Hororgasm : November 16th, 2017-04:55
i almost forgot you were here!!! when are you visiting next? you around in HK in Dec? we have recently set up an office there. best, Horo

Hi horo, yes I am based in HK and going to ...

 By: GLau : November 16th, 2017-06:06
SG in late December ! GTG soon ? Cheers, Gordon

sadly, I will be in London and Rome for Christmas season with the family....

 By: Hororgasm : November 16th, 2017-06:37
I am planning with Robin, Stefan and Kong a possible early Dec GTG, if you can make it.... best, Horo

What a post and what a guy

 By: alphabeta81 : November 14th, 2017-11:00
We have never met but your past posts have influenced my collecting. Love the playful and down to earth nature you have, despite having the "toys and collection" that would inflate an ego. Great post and congrats on 10

Fantastic & fun tour of your memories

 By: Joepny : November 14th, 2017-11:12
I am totally convinced by the watches-on-ladies-ankles. Definitely should be a weekly thread! -joe

Did you see this, Blomman?!?!

 By: Padj : November 14th, 2017-11:19
You're an entertaining writer and story-teller, Horo. This was a joy to read. Congratulations on your Anniversary!

Much appreciated mate.

 By: Hororgasm : November 22nd, 2017-10:10
And thank you for your kind words. Best, Horo

Thank you sir

 By: Hororgasm : November 17th, 2017-11:58
Best, Horo

Congratulations and Thank you for being a inspiration for watch collecting! I must show your post to my "boss" , hahaha....

 By: Raymond_S : November 14th, 2017-11:56
I'm still super far away from being a collector. That is, by far, the most incredible collection I've seen in my life now....what an eye opener! How you can maintain or take care of all these? To be honest, I just need that Lange case, and I'll rest and p... 

I believe it's a good collection, In terms of diversity....

 By: Hororgasm : November 18th, 2017-11:29
But it falls short on some key metrics, that I have seen in other collections. Like HTSE's ensemble of militaries above. Some collectors friends if mine have a full vintage Rolex line up or some crazy number of Pateks. Nevertheless, I am most grateful for... 

Happy PuristS birthday dear Horo. A true collector post for your 10th birthday here. It was a delight to read it

 By: Alkiro1 : November 14th, 2017-12:05
I don’t know if we can call all these watches a collection. A museum should be more appropriate in my opinion 😁 Best wishes Alkiro

Thanks a lot for this superb post Kevin!

 By: foversta : November 14th, 2017-12:11
It is a very moving post, at least for me because it reminds us that everything is about people. Thanks for your passion and your activity Kevin! You bring a lot! Fx

Wow, very, very nice, I certainly hope..............

 By: trm_tca : November 14th, 2017-12:37
they never all need to be serviced at the same time

I pray so too

 By: Hororgasm : December 13th, 2017-11:10
I hardly wear a large majority. So remain unworn since new for prolonged period, this I must admit I can increase the servicing interval. Best, Horo

Congratulations Horo, we are so lucky to have you part of our Community...

 By: SALMANQ8 : November 14th, 2017-12:39
I always enjoy your posts and look forward to them. S

Huge congrats 👏🏼 great post to read

 By: Watchonthewrist : November 14th, 2017-13:46
Your collection is out of this world 😳. As a true indie brand lover i must say that your indie collection is just stunning 🤗. Hope one day to have a collection as yours 🙏🏻 please keep those posts comming . Love to read and see more 👍🏻

Congrats Horo

 By: thegrailwatch : November 14th, 2017-14:28
Thoroughly enjoyed your post and following you on IG.

thank you sir for the kind words.

 By: Hororgasm : November 17th, 2017-04:28
whats your IG nick? best, Horo

Same as here: thegrailwatch [nt]

 By: thegrailwatch : November 17th, 2017-08:12

Collecting can be so much fun: you show it

 By: COUNT DE MONET : November 14th, 2017-14:40
Congrats to your journey and thank you for this post that demonstrates your creativity and commitment as a Purist. A very, very strong collection there, Iron Man!


 By: patrickmaniac : November 14th, 2017-15:06
watch collection and others. But good to know you and see you’re back with a vengeance. Lol. Cheers PAt

thanks you Patrick.

 By: Hororgasm : November 19th, 2017-17:28
you have been here as long as I can remember!! always supportive! #puristsforever best, Horo

Many happy returns :),

 By: Adamska : November 14th, 2017-16:32
your hugely entertaining contributions are always highly appreciated! Cheers, Filip

thank you sir, greatly appreciate it

 By: Hororgasm : November 21st, 2017-06:05
best, Horo

Much appreciated sir

 By: Hororgasm : December 8th, 2017-08:55
Best Horo

greetings fellow sporean [nt]

 By: jim_94104 : November 14th, 2017-17:02

I NEED SO BADLY a Horo-like job in Singapore!!!

 By: marcelo : November 14th, 2017-17:40
LOVED Horoboy, Horogal and SWMBO! You're such a valuable asset for the PuristS, Horo! Best! Marcelo

A very excellent post that I enjoyed reading from beginning to end.

 By: psychotic : November 14th, 2017-17:48
Huge congratulations on your 10th anniversary! Alfred PS. Horogal's Patek possessiveness cracked me up!

Looks like my weekends

 By: Harry2 : November 14th, 2017-18:36

FOUR thumbs up, Horo!

 By: Rei : November 14th, 2017-19:05
I enjoy looking at your insta post everyday and of course reading this. Keep them coming

hey buddy, hope all is well

 By: Hororgasm : November 22nd, 2017-03:51
long time no speak!! hows life? does the HK Purists community still meet regularly? best, Horo

All good buddy!

 By: fernando : November 22nd, 2017-05:31
Some of us do meet regularly to shoot the breeze. Cheers Fernando

Horo hero!

 By: J.Sim1984 : November 14th, 2017-21:54
As others have mentioned, it's not just the insane collection of watches you've amassed, but the horo friends that you made along the way! Here's to another decade of hororgasms! J

much appreciated sir. are you based in Singapore?

 By: Hororgasm : November 18th, 2017-06:54
I am talking to Stefan and Robin and Kong on a Singapore early Dec GTG. best, Horo

I have no words....

 By: sc16 : November 14th, 2017-22:19
but still feel the need to say something.. Thank you for sharing this decade and a pleasure to see what you have achieved in watch collecting... what a dream. Happy 10th anniversary as a purist and happy 20th as a collector!

much appreciated. the Purists way has influenced me in may ways.

 By: Hororgasm : November 18th, 2017-06:00
are you based in Singapore too? best, Horo

Great, inspiring post!

 By: John : November 14th, 2017-22:43
Happy Anniversary.

Thank you John

 By: Hororgasm : November 19th, 2017-04:15
#puristsforever 😁 Best, Horo

Horo ...

 By: nilomis : November 15th, 2017-01:16
You are a legend or better THE LEGEND! Congratulations and I hope, one day, to see you face-to-face. Cheers, Nilo

Thanks buddy, Seeya next week

 By: Hororgasm : November 16th, 2017-17:31
Best, Horo

We should call you CrazyGasm. What a collection you built over the years. A great milestone, too, my friend.

 By: amanico : November 15th, 2017-02:24
It was a pleasure to meet you. And to have you on board. All the best, Nicolas

Happy 10Y! :) [nt]

 By: blomman Mr Blue : November 15th, 2017-02:55

thanks buddy

 By: Hororgasm : November 15th, 2017-06:36
best, Horo

Happy 10th anniversary Horo !

 By: jrwong23 : November 15th, 2017-04:44
Thanks for the many fond memories and laughter Brother . You are an inspiration to many of us ! Cheers Robin

cheers buddy....its always fun and laughter for us Singapore Purists!!!

 By: Hororgasm : November 16th, 2017-03:13
thanks for all your friendship and hardwork bro best, Horo

A huge congratulations and and inspiration for of us in the forum.

 By: Bill : November 15th, 2017-07:33
Stay classy my friend. Be cool and keep the flame burning strong. I am looking forward to the next ten years. Thank you for making this place sooo much more. Best Bill

Huge congrats

 By: donizetti : November 15th, 2017-10:29
What a post and what a horological portfolio. I’m speechless (well almost) - keep it up! Best Andreas

howdy Andreas!! Long time

 By: Hororgasm : November 21st, 2017-00:08
I remember you are amongst the earliest batch from the days when PuristS went PuristsPro. Thank you sir. best, Horo

Congratulations Horo, for a post in The PuristS style. I just looked to see...

 By: Ronald Held : November 15th, 2017-12:38
That I have been here almost eleven years.

Hi Ronald... Been a while

 By: Hororgasm : November 16th, 2017-12:02
You have been on the Purists as long as, if not longer, then me. This August forum has evolved over time.... Substance and layouts. and people come and go, sadly some so not return. I miss many of the old faces. But so good to have you lasting with us all... 

Thanks very much Horo. (nt)

 By: Ronald Held : November 16th, 2017-13:42

Happy anniversary!!

 By: eklektik : November 15th, 2017-13:13
Seeing your collection, you must spend more time choosing your watch than choosing your clothes!! A very nice set of pictures, Thanks for sharing all this with us! Best, É.

Kudos to you!!!

 By: CL : November 15th, 2017-15:56
Congrats and always wonderful to read your post. This post, in particularly, is AMAZING!!! Thank you for sharing such wonderful pix too *CL

howdy, long time!!!

 By: Hororgasm : November 17th, 2017-03:01
much appreciated!! not many old timer Singapore Purists left. are you coming back anytime soon? best, Horo

Probably next month...

 By: CL : November 21st, 2017-06:26
to have a warm Christmas

I'm moved beyond words...

 By: ThomasM : November 15th, 2017-15:57
Sorry for the late reply, was in the air on one of the few planes without internet connection for 16 hours... Thanks for your inspiration and support ... Cheers, TM

thanks mate for the guidance and support

 By: Hororgasm : November 16th, 2017-07:09
I will always remember you and MTF giving me low down on being a forum mod...."its like a cocktail function, and the forum readers are guests....." best, Horo

Congratulations Hororgasm

 By: Gelato Monster : November 16th, 2017-03:23
You have been an honesty and an admiration of this forum. Please continue sharing your passion with us. Thank you very much

Thank you very much!!!

 By: Hororgasm : November 19th, 2017-07:39
#puristspirit is very much alive, and kicking! Best, Horo

Sorry mate but...

 By: Mr Green : November 16th, 2017-05:33
Nobody touches my Patek Philippe, NOBODY!!!!! wins by a big ...huge margin Cheers and to many more! D

she is what SheWhoMustBeObeyed nicknamed "Little Chilli"

 By: Hororgasm : November 16th, 2017-06:15
but to me, always my little baby. best, Horo

Such a wonderful post

 By: Prodyutb : November 16th, 2017-05:34
A pleasure to read and a great feeling for a new joiner like me, from your own hometown! Here’s wishing many many more years of witty contributions from you. Hope we do meet up at some GTG soon. Brgds, Prodyut

Howdy.... Stay tuned for a early Dec GTG

 By: Hororgasm : November 18th, 2017-19:00
Would be good to meet up with everyone. Especially many new faces I haven't met and old faces for friendships renewed. Thanks, Horo

Ever considered going . . .

 By: Dr No : November 16th, 2017-05:38
. . . vintage? You really should, Kevin . . . it's a whole 'nother world. Warmest, Art

The passion and joy in horology is evident in this wonderful post

 By: NT931 : November 16th, 2017-07:18
Congrats K! Having been privileged to see part of your collection before, thank you, and to more good years of collecting!

Much appreciated. We met before?

 By: Hororgasm : November 17th, 2017-17:52
Are you based in Singapore. I need to put a face to the forum handle!! We are organising a Dec GTG, please join in? Best, Horo

thanks for sharing with us your an amazing decade of horological life...

 By: Stefan : November 16th, 2017-08:17
... well deserved to pen down a post to celebrate and reflect for another decades to come. I started my horological life later than yours, but I don't think I would make the same as yours in coming years. Well done and congrats once again for me being par... 

大哥, its been a priviliege

 By: Hororgasm : November 16th, 2017-23:57
i look forward to seeing you next week. best, Horo

Thank you for your pure PuristS post. Congratulations

 By: Arie - Mr Orange : November 16th, 2017-17:52
And I hope to learn from you more often.

Much appreciated mate. I will try to post more

 By: Hororgasm : November 19th, 2017-00:24
Best, Horo

thanks buddy, you are a star

 By: Hororgasm : November 17th, 2017-05:26
best, Horo

Insane, fantastic, superlatives all round

 By: Blourenco : November 17th, 2017-12:52
What a journey indeed!

Thank you sir.

 By: Hororgasm : November 18th, 2017-21:23
#longlivepuristsway Best, Horo

I showed this post to my wife....

 By: Rhyzen : November 17th, 2017-23:21
..... Her immediate reaction was 'Don't even think about it!' Impressive collection, impressive friendships, impressive words. Thanks for sharing so much with us, and here's to many more decades here in good health!

Howdy fellow Singaporean

 By: Hororgasm : November 20th, 2017-11:22
Most happy to share, and many thanks for your well wishes. Please bring your wife to the next Purist GTG, we as a community will convince her for you!! 😁 Best, Horo

Your collection is mind boggling. Good to know others have some kind of eccentricity similar to mine.

 By: geross : November 19th, 2017-01:21
Best wishes. please continue to indulge in your passion. Geross.

OOOPS, I truly apologize...

 By: Mike H : November 19th, 2017-08:58
...for having missed your post, and that was for sure the post not to be missed ! Thank God there is the weekend for checking and reading the ones that I missed. Many thanks Horo for your great contribution during these years and for this fantastic and in... 

Congrats!!! Very enjoyable read!!

 By: Tavio_George : November 20th, 2017-10:49
I own 4 watches, 2 of which are in your collection. I'm off to a good start!! Haha!! Continued success!!

The 45th Anniversary Snoopy and the CK2998...

 By: Tavio_George : November 20th, 2017-12:32
my others are a BLNR (I didn't see it your pics but it's possible you may have that as well!) and a PAM 000 (the watch that started my personal journey). Glad to see people like you having so much fun with this hobby...and keeping a very good perspective ... 

Snoopy n 2998 are great choices.

 By: Hororgasm : November 21st, 2017-13:24
I actually have two 2998, because both places I ordered the watch came thru with it. 😳 Best, Horo

Still reading you, Horo...

 By: pplater : November 23rd, 2017-05:52
...and still marvelling at your own special brand of madness! Congrats on the landmark. Cheers, pplater.

All Hail Nun!! [nt]

 By: Mr Green : November 23rd, 2017-09:13

NONE hail Nun! ;-)... [nt]

 By: pplater : November 23rd, 2017-19:29


 By: Hororgasm : November 24th, 2017-03:16
hope all is well down under. sadly, the madness hasn't stopped, despite my best efforts....and i blame a certain Mr Getz. best, Horo

Thank you sir

 By: Hororgasm : December 7th, 2017-21:17
Best, Horo

my goodness

 By: romulux : December 2nd, 2017-06:16
Just curious, has the thought of selling a few or "consolidating" ever cross your mind?

Many times...... But I am sentimental about metal!! 😢

 By: Hororgasm : December 13th, 2017-11:08
Thank you sir Best, Horo