Patek Philippe 5070 : An In Depth Review.

Dec 22, 2020,08:14 AM


When you're considering building a collection of fine Chronographs the 5070 is certainly a piece which comes or will come to your mind, along with some past or recent models such as the Lange Datograph, the Vacherons (Les Historiques / Malte / Patrimony), and the more recent Jaeger-Lecoultre Duomètre à Chronographe.

All these references belong, in my opinion, to the top class family of Chronographs, and each of them has its own personality, with its flaws and its qualities which will be revealed by an in depth comparison (competition?).

Since 1998, and the release of the yellow gold version with its black dial, till 2008 and the birth of the platinum, which replaced the White Gold and the Rose Gold models born in 2003, Patek Philippe offered us their vision of THE manual chronograph, through the 5070, or better said, the Patek Chronograph History goes on, as the Past is rich of some beautiful models.

The Beasts:

The Beauties (I would be happy to know who to credit for these 2 pictures)

And what to say about this pure marvel, aesthetically closer to the 5070, but including a rattrapante, I mean, the Reference 2512? (Sorry, here again, don't remember who to credit for this photo) :

Now that Patek Philippe discontinued this reference, and has just released its successor, the 5170, it is time to pay it an homage, and to have an in depth view on it.

So, we'll examine the watch in itself (I) and we'll compare it to its natural competitors (II) before closing this topic with some personal thoughts as for a conclusion.

I/ The autopsy of the 5070:

I will focus here on the white gold version, and will reserve my thoughts on the other versions at the end of this post.

Since its release in 1998, the 5070 was " felt " as a big watch, with its 42 mm diameter case.

It is funny to think about it, nowadays, as the " Horological Landscape " changed so much!

Despite the fact that it is one of the biggest Chrono among this prestigious category, the first word which comes to my mind is " Coherence ", when you have a look at the case, dial, case back and movement.

Let's detail each of these parts.

A/ The movement.

If I start with the movement, for once, it is because I think that it is one of the most important challenge on this watch, a challenge PP brilliantly won.

You know it all, the movement is built on a " Nouvelle Lemania " ebauche, reworked " in depth " by Patek.

The finish is conform to the Manufacture Reputation for a watch of this segment, with some pleasant handmade anglages, Cotes De Genève, and, as often with a Chronograph of this category, a kind of sculptural overall outcome, as shown on the picture above.

The " show " is also chromatic, with an interesting blend of darkened, shiny silver and golden parts.

Here, a view on the stylized central bridge:

And here, another intriguing detail, the polished " hat ", on the top of the column wheel ( at the bottom / right part of the photo ) :

Why this " hat " on the column wheel?

Is it an aesthetical purpose, or does it have some horological virtues?

While looking for some information on that matter, Jerome wrote on an article about the new PP Chronograph movement ( which also shares this particularity I never saw on elsewhere, AFAIK ) that it was for aesthetical purpose.

Here, no split seconds, nor Flyback, as this movement offers a simple chronographic function.

Do we need more?

If yes, there are some excellent alternatives, among PP watches, as the 5959, or the new Ratrappante, the 5950 A. If not, this 5070 is good enough!


This is a low beat caliber ( 18 000 vibrations per hour ) with a good power reserve ( 60 hours ), and superbly accurate, as I monitored it during one month, and it only gained 2 seconds per day...

This is not only a matter of finish, as PP reworked this Caliber.

Here is a quote from the official press files:

" The teeth of the going-train wheels have been re-profiled for smoother transmission of energy in the movement and constant mechanical precision, with new ratios from the centre wheel to the barrel contributing to the reliability and accuracy of the movement.

The movement retains the large Gyromax balance wheel with a high moment of inertia that guarantees its timing stability."

What you don't necessarily have in mind are the dimensions of the Cal CH 27 - 70: 27,5 mm big, for 5,57 mm high.

With such a diameter, we could think that the movement would be " sunk " into the 42 mm diameter case , and that is why I mentioned the " Patek Challenge ".

Remember that the new PP Chronograph movement, the Cal CH 29-535 PS is bigger with a diameter of almost 30 mm housed in a 39 mm case, which represents a difference of only 9 mm, instead of ...14, 5 mm for the 5070 case and movement!

PP won the challenge, as we'll see now.

B/ The Case Back:

Patek managed to integrate the small movement into the 5070 big case perfectly.

The trick?

Patek opted for a bevelled (bisauté, in French, as I'm not totally sure of the translation) multi level screw in case back, larger at the base, narrower at the top.

So, the visual impression is that the movement doesn't look so small, fills the case back in a coherent way, rather than being " sunk ".

That's pretty well done, as the real size of the movement is only noticeable if you compare it to other Chronos, which we'll see later.

C/ The dial:

Another consequence of this rather small movement can be seen on the layout of the dial, and especially on the location of the 2 counters, which are very centred, one of the major characteristic of the 5070.

Due to the size of the movement, it seems that it was impossible to not " centre " the 2 counters.

But is this problematic?

In my opinion, this specificity is part of the charm, on this watch.

Here, Patek used another trick to decrease the visual impact of the centred counters, with a tachymetric scale, just after the seconds indexes.

This way, the dial is perfectly filled and well balanced.

The only thing is that the counters " eat " the applied " 2 ", " 4 ", " 8 ", " 10 " applied numbers, which I find to be, personally, the only flaw of this superb dial ( note that the " 6 and the " 12 " are a bit smaller than the other numbers ) :

... To be compared to the latest 5170:

The applied numbers are not eaten, but the pulsometric scale is, and the smaller counters are not centred anymore...

Anyway, the 5070 in white gold is the only one to have darkened applied numbers, certainly to enhance the legibility on a white gold case matching with a silver dial.

The leaf hour and minute hands are sublime, and highlight the elegance of this dial:

D/ The case:

Every detail of a watch can be great, that doesn't necessarily makes a great watch.

The first feeling which comes to my mind is that the 5070 is a coherent and very elegant watch, despite its size ( 42 mm ).

It is a question of volumes, I think.

The ratio size / Thickness is excellent, here, as the case is 11, 6 mm high.

Therefore some details enhance this impression, such as the rectangular pushers, the well-proportioned crown, the multi level bezel, and the thin lugs.

A close up of the multi level bezel:

You will also notice that even the shape of the lugs make echo to the multi level bezel.

The obsession of the details...

The crown, bearing the Calatrava Cross, and the two rectangular pushers ( who could imagine round pushers on such a case? )

Now, the watch in all its beauty:

The alchemy is here, the small movement has been ingenuously used by Patek, letting show some hints, such as the 2 centred counters, and the watch is very well thought and conceived.

Look at it under different angles, you always have this feeling of coherence, elegance and balance.

The question which remains is to know if it would have been greater if the 5070 was 2 mm less big, ala 5970, which doesn't have these 2 centred counters.

Honestly, I think that it is not a big deal ,and more, once again, the 5070 has its own personality, its small flaws contributing to its charm.

The wrist test is the most important experience, to fully get the interest and strength of this Chronograph.

It is difficult to put in words, but the presence of the 5070 on the wrist is amazing, much more than into its double seal plastic package!


Casual or dressy, it doesn't matter, the 5070 is a polyvalent Chronograph.

Please note that I put the 5070P strap on my watch, as I am really attracted by the Blue / Silver Combo, the normal strap being black.

Cherry on the cake, the buckle, a simple folding one, nicely designed with this Calatrava Cross, which is, in my opinion, much nicer than the new buckles designed ala Tag Heuer.

II/ The 5070 facing its competitors:

As previously said, I will compare the 5070 to what I think to be its competitors, the Lange Datograph, the JLC Duomètre,and the Vacheron " Les Historiques " Chrono ( we will also quickly mention the VC Malte Chrono, as it was also released at the same time than the 5070 ).

May we really consider all of them as 5070 " competitors "?

Yes ...And no.

Yes, because they all belong to the category of " prestigious " chronographs.

No, because they don't all share the same degree of complications.

Let's see that...

A/ 5070 versus Datograph:

Born almost at the same moment- 1998 for the 5070, 1999 for the Datograph - these 2 superb chronographs share common goal, the release of an elegant chronograph, but in a different way.

Aesthetically speaking, first, as the 5070 and the Datograph are certainly and strongly linked to their respective brands.

The size is not the same, the perception differs.

Smaller than the 5070 (3 mm less), the Datograph offers a stronger, but not more elegant look, in my opinion.

The balance is present, on the Datograph, but not in the same way than on the 5070, with the Grande Date which composes a triangle with the 2 sub-dials located between 7 and 9 o' clock.

Therefore, the Datograph dial offers a contrast with the 2 silver counters, which receive 2 small heated blue hands.

The difference in size makes the Datograph look chunkier than the 5070, a feeling that is also enhanced by the larger and more curved bezel of the Lange Chronograph.

On the Datograph, the case is polished on the top and in the bottom parts, while the center is brushed.

On the 5070, all the parts are polished.

The pushers are more refined, maybe, on the Datograph, rectangular, but curved on the top.

So, as always, it is a matter of taste:

Some will prefer the simpler look of the 5070, others will be fans of the more sophisticated Datograph, and everybody will be right, here.

Personally, I would dare a point of view:

As for the dial: 1 to 1 between the 2 watches.

As for the volume of the case and bezel: + 1 to the 5070.

As for the shape of the pushers (and their feeling, too, when you use them) and the finish of the case: + 1 to the Datograph.

As for the presence on the wrist, it all depends on the size of your wrist, and it is really subjective, but I would rate the 5070 above the Datograph, for its perfect volumes (IMO).

Mechanically, I'd say that the Datograph is "uber" the 5070.

Not that much because of the Grande Date, even if the Lange is a nice one - not everybody would systematically care about the presence of a Date in a Chronograph - but mainly because of the movement:

Even if Patek did a great job on the nicely finished Lemania movement, they used an outsourced movement for the 5070 ( which is not the case anymore with the 5170 ), while, at the same time, Lange created a dedicated caliber for the Datograph, which is, to me, from an horological point of view, more interesting.

An in-house movement doesn't make it all... To be interesting, it has to be nicely made and finished, which is the case for the Datograph, as you can see on the picture posted above.

The level of finish is impressive on the Lange. Busy, maybe, but impressive.

Therefore, and to end with this comparison, I'd also add that the Datograph movement provides a more sophisticated series of complications, with the Grande Date and the Flyback, when the 5070 is a " simple Chronograph.

Personally, and for all these reasons, I would rate the German movement over the Swiss one, so...1 point for the Datograph.

At the end, the final score is tough:

Aesthetically, the 5070 wins, but the Datograph is very close, while this last one wins the game if we are on the horological ground.

B/ 5070 versus Duometre:

The Duometre came 9 years after the birth of the 5070.

Both are 42 mm big, and are the expression of a luxury classic Chronograph, but these are the only common points between these 2 watches.

With the 5070, no surprise.

The design of the whole watch, and especially of the dial is classic, conventional yet very elegant.

Elegant and classic, the Duometre is, indisputably, but the design is more original, as JLC managed to enhance the Chronograph function on the Duometre, to give it an equal importance, compared to the basic time, by a clear separation of the Time and the Chronograph.

On the JLC, the Chronograph is not just added, like on the Patek 5070, it is perfectly integrated to the watch, as if the watch was a pretext to release a nice Chronograph.

The finish of the dials, on these 2 watches, makes another interesting difference, with a Grained treatment on the Duometre, while the 5070 is smooth.

The bezel is more conventional on the Duometre, which also receives a brushed / polished case, like on the Datograph.

Mono or bi pushers?

Thin (11, 6 mm) or thicker (13, 5 mm)?

I would give the following score:

Bezel: + 1 to the 5070.

Height of the case: + 1 to the 5070.

Dial: + 1 to the Duometre.

Finish of the case, and of the dial: 2- 0 for the Duometre.

Aesthetically, even if these 2 watches share the same spirit, they express it in a different way, and they will each have their own fans.

I'd say that the Duometre is more refined, while the 5070 looks more coherent, with its 2 mm thinner case.

So, personally, I would rate on the aesthetical point the Duometre a bit, slightly a bit, above the 5070.

Now, if we compare the movements of these 2 lovely monsters. The Duometre clearly wins.

First, and mainly because in the 5070, the movement has been adapted for the watch, while on the Duometre, it has been specially created for this Chronograph.

The Cal 380 totally fills the case when, with the Cal CH 27-70, Patek had to use some tricks to brilliantly integrate it in the case back.

Then, in terms of conception, the Dual Wing concept of the Cal 380 (Two independent barrels, one for the Chronograph, the other for the Time is innovative, while the CH 27-70 remains traditional, not to say ...conservative.

The JLC Chronograph is a Foudroyante, while the 5070 is a simple one.

So, here, the differences are so important that the Duometre can't really be compared as a competitor of the 5070.

I'd rate the Duometre much above the 5070:

The finish seems to be a bit better on the Duometre, the conception and the " sophistication " of the JLC beats the Patek.

JLC: 3 - Patek: 0.

C/ 5070 / The VC "Les Historiques" or Malte Chronographs:

I will do a direct comparison between the " Les Historiques " Chrono and the 5070, as I own them both, and will mention the Chrono Malte.

The " Les Historiques " Chrono is really interesting to directly compare to the 5070, as the difference in size is significative (37mm / 42 mm), and is the consequence of the use of the same Lemania Chrono movement in each of these watches.

It is important to keep bin mind that Vacheron released its chrono circa 1994, 4 years before Patek, and that those 2 Chronos " lived " together during 5 years, before Vacheron changed it for the Malte Chronograph.

The " Les Historiques " has, in my opinion, a more elegant and dressier dial, almost sophisticated with this guillochage.

It is also more balanced, as the counters are less centred, without " eating " the minute indexes nor the applied numbers, and better proportioned, too, in my opinion.

Here, no need to use a trick to reach this goal.

Though, the leaf hands of the 5070 are more refined than the baton hands of the "Les Historiques".

So, 1 point for the VC dial, 1 for the PP hands.

As for the case now, it is difficult to make a decision.

The " Les Historiques " chronograph looks like a precious jewel, with the superb teardrop lugs, while the lugs of the 5070 are more conventional, still elegant.

1 - 0 for Vacheron

The Vacheron has a more homogeneous case, with a less important diameter, in regard of the movement size, but it is, visually, thicker, while the proportions of the 5070 case looks more harmonious, as shown on this profile picture.

The Maltese crown against the Calatrava crown...

1 - 0 for Patek.

As for the case back, the " Les Historiques " wins, as the movement is better integrated than in the 5070.

1 - 0 for Vacheron.

All this is of course very subjective, and each of us could indeed give another score to these beauties according to his own sensibility or preferences...

Now, if we speak about the Malte Chronograph, which had the same life than the 5070, as it was born in 2004 to be discontinued in 2009, things are even more difficult to find a winner, as both of them are identical in size.

Malte lugs, round pushers, that is a matter of taste, some will prefer, others won't.

The counters on the Malte Chrono are also centred, but smaller, and as on the "Les Historiques", they don't "eat " the indexes nor the applied numbers. (Pictures Courtesy Vacheron).

At the contrary of " Les Historiques " Chrono, it is visible on the Malte that the movement is small, due to the huge difference between the diameter of the case back, and the size of the caliber:

As for the movement in the Patek and in the Vacheron, it is, in both cases, a Lemania, finished by the 2 brands, and offering the same level of complication: No Date, No Foudroyante, nor Flyback, just a simple, but very nice chronograph.

As said, better integrated in the Vacheron " Les Historiques ", but more in depth reworked and revisited by Patek.

Indeed, it is very difficult to find a winner between these 2 true competitors.


There is a certain difference between the reputation, or should I say the " standing " on the 5070 and its horological qualities.

Presented as the marvel of the marvels, killing its competitors - but we saw that, in fact, only the VC Chronographs could be qualified as true competitors - the 5070 has indeed a lot of charm, and we could even think that its flaws are its qualities, added to the fact that Patek did an awesome job, here, to use such a small caliber without ruining the coherence, the allure of which is a big watch.

This is the magic of this Chronograph, when Reason is beaten by Passion, a kind of irrational love (sorry for the redundancy).

This has nothing to see with scarcity (it is not really scarce) nor value (the true value is in the eye of the lover, not on the eye of the flipper), this has to see with the feeling, difficult to put in words, when you try it on your wrist, when you can physically touch it, play with it.

There are nicer competitors, there is more interesting to see, horologically, but the 5070 is the 5070, a lovely, elegant, and very appealing watch.

Which 5070 to choose?

For once, I would say that the metal and the color of the metal are not a big deal.

I was very impressed by the platinum, with its awesome blue dial, and by the yellow gold, with a superb black dial, which is a pretty strange feeling for me as I am not at all a colored gold guy.

Though, the White Gold is my favourite, for its classic and very elegant look, but once again, this is only my taste, and some would perfectly prefer the warmer rose gold version.

I will end with a caution word or disclaimer: This review is my personal approach of this watch, MY Truth, and only My truth.

I don't have the pretention to think or to believe that this is anything else than a personal opinion on this Chronograph.

Hope that you will have pleasure reading it, nonetheless, and that it will be an opportunity to have an interesting discussion about Watches.



PS: I would like to thank here POY for his help on some Photoshop work (The 4 5070), and Jerome for the information he gave me about the 2512.

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Stunning chrono collection [nt]

 By: pendulum : April 20th, 2010-02:19
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Thanks. [nt]

 By: amanico : April 20th, 2010-13:06
No message body

WOW a titanesque and thorough research work, Bravo! As for the cap on the column wheel

 By: alex : April 20th, 2010-02:19
I believe it was first used in pocket watches as to prevent the column wheel from "jumping" whan the chronograph pushers were activated. Today it is more aesthetical than useful.

Thanks for your input, Alex

 By: amanico : April 20th, 2010-13:41
Can you tell us more about the finish on the VC Chrono movement, my friend? Best, Nicolas

Those chronographs are all stunning

 By: Dje : April 20th, 2010-03:59
Hi Nicolas, Thank you for this superb review. Even if it's expressing your point of view, it is very well made and can really help someone make his mind. As you can imagine I don't share all your opinions but all your opinions are totally respectable IMVH... 


 By: MiniCooper : April 20th, 2010-11:48
do you think that the PP finishing on all models is the same to Lange? thanks cheers

agree for a 5170 comparison with new 1815 chrono.

 By: patrickh : April 20th, 2010-11:53
I will follow with great interest this other report on these two 2010 novelties. Cheers, patrickh

The 5170 doesn't have a flyback... The 1815 does.

 By: amanico : April 20th, 2010-12:32
The true competitors of the PP 5070, are, mechanically speaking, the VC Chronos. They share the same base, they don't have flybacks. So, yes, the 1815 doesn't not have a Date, but its movement is almost identical to the Dato, and can't be considered a a t... 

in fact PP 5170 and Lange have in-house movement with 2

 By: patrickh : April 20th, 2010-12:59
different creations. Best Patrickh

Yep, that is their only common point.

 By: amanico : April 20th, 2010-13:08
Not sure of the rythm of the 5170...18 000 would make another common point... To be confirmed. Best, Nicolas


 By: MiniCooper : April 20th, 2010-12:34
good point on comparing the PP (even the new model) with the 1815.... cheers

Well, Jerome

 By: amanico : April 20th, 2010-13:06
There are a lot of things to say about the 5070 and the VC... I'm not really sure that the CH 27 - 70 is better finished than the VC movement. But yes, it seems that PP reworked and finished it, while VC " only " finished " the movement. As for the Dato, ... 

Well it depends...

 By: Dje : April 20th, 2010-23:06
Hi Nicolas, " I'm not really sure that the CH 27 - 70 is better finished than the VC movement. " The finish is not extremely different, and IMO the finish of the CH27-70 improved in time. The last ones are better finished than on the first 3970 for me. " ... 

Interesting rumour

 By: PoyFR : April 21st, 2010-00:43
Dje You say: ‘If only that could be true, but AFAIK VC does not finish the calibre, it is finished and assembled at Lemania, that's why the VC has the very same finish as the Breguet.’ I will not comment now as I am running at out time, but I will gladly ... 

Well, in-house Dressage on its own is approximately 11 hours

 By: PoyFR : April 21st, 2010-23:28
Copy/Paste from Vacheron Constantin Forum, article by: Alex Ghotbi 'To give you two examples of this, a plate for a skeleton watch can take over a day just to bevel, a tourbillon bridge requires over 11 hours of black polishing. In January, 100 caliber 11...  

Your link doesn't work

 By: Dje : April 21st, 2010-23:39
Hi Yves, Your link doesn't work but I found this one: That may explain an evolution? I was there in 2005 and I know what was told to me at that time. Things may have changed and obviously if they now produce the parts they certainly ... 

The link works perfectly, just in case here again

 By: PoyFR : April 21st, 2010-23:59 I have known Vacheron Constantin for a long time, many years. I can assure that there nothing that can remotely allow anyone to associate them with or as an assembler. Speaking of Vacheron Constantin is speaking about fine horology. ... 

full article here

 By: PoyFR : April 22nd, 2010-00:07
Article from Vacheron Constantin Forum / Alex Ghotbi Movement Finish: The True Mark of Haute Horlogerie At An age where powerful computer aided design machines can design any watch and where the whole industry is trying to go upscale, there is one major e...  

Great post....::))

 By: MiniCooper : April 22nd, 2010-11:23

Sorry but

 By: Dje : April 22nd, 2010-11:14
Hi Yves, Sorry but your second link still doesn't work (at least with my computer)! Don't worry I don't need such a lesson about Vacheron Constantin! I've looked closely at them for more than 20 years now. I certainly don't know all, but enough to not agr... 

No need to be sorry

 By: PoyFR : April 22nd, 2010-13:17
I fail to understand your sentiment when you say: 'I don ' t need such a lesson' I am far from the thought of giving a lesson to anyone, you included. I am sharing gathered knowledge on this topic, that is all you ought to here read. I would be sorry to l... 

By the way

 By: Dje : April 22nd, 2010-23:06
Hi Yves, You links work from my house but not from my office, I don't know why! Sorry about that. Cheers Dje

Yves, please see my reply to Amanico below

 By: ThomasM : April 23rd, 2010-09:07
click here Not directed at Alex Ghotbi or VC (I consider Alex a personal friend and he is, historically, the VERY FIRST PERSON to ever post on a PuristS forum, and as such, is an Original Purist Emeritus) specifically, but you and I both know that marketi... 

Only JLC has a history of true manufacture...

 By: AJ : April 23rd, 2010-08:19
Dear DJE, Only JLC has a history of true manufacture. Members of the grand three (PP, VC, and AP) do not have such history. VC is no exception. Therefore, writing, as you did, that "Vacheron Constantin is not historically a calibre maker..." needs some ba... 

AJ, since we are on the subject of historical facts (and exposing historical myths...

 By: ThomasM : April 23rd, 2010-08:54
Hi AJ, "Case in point is that all PP chornos prior to now used either Valjoux or Lemania movements. Because Valjoux and Lemania were specialist in chrono calibers and made the best designs." In fact the majority of PP chronos "in the golden age" were by P... 

...on historical facts

 By: AJ : April 23rd, 2010-10:43
Thank you for your input, TM, Indeed, Victorin Piguet should be included in the list of specialist firms that provided chrono calibers to PP. (Although, I was inder the impression that the majority suppliers since the 1960's were Valjoux cal. 22/23 and Le... 

This is fun!

 By: ThomasM : April 23rd, 2010-12:07
...on historical facts Date: Apr 23, 2010,10:43 AM - (view entire thread) | Share Adjust Font Size: >> - | + "Indeed, Victorin Piguet should be included in the list of specialist firms that provided chrono calibers to PP. (Although, I was inder the impres...  

Thank you Thomas, Yves, Nicolas, all others for this discussion!

 By: Dje : April 23rd, 2010-14:55
Hi, Now we have to meet with a bottle of Bas-Armagnac and all these watches to have a look at them! Cheers Dje

Now that's an excellent idea, Jerome.

 By: amanico : April 23rd, 2010-22:32
I'm sure that a bottle of " Bas Armagnac " will help us a lot ot feed the discussion about the finish of these fine( de fine ) Chronos... This time, let's just take our precautions and get some apsirin before! )) Best, Nicolas

I fully agree with what you write AJ!

 By: Dje : April 23rd, 2010-14:45
Hi, And that was not my intention to state anything about Patek Philippe in fact. I wrote like I could have done on the VC forum. Cheers Dje

As the in house finish of the movement by VC

 By: amanico : April 21st, 2010-23:45
When I prepared the in depth review on the VC " Les Historiques " Chrono, I did some searches and fell on 2 theories. One said that the finish was made by Lemania under VC specifications, as you said. Others said that VC finished the Lemania movement. I h...  

The problem with these discussions, Nicolas, Yves, is that this sub-discussion

 By: ThomasM : April 23rd, 2010-09:00
often violates a basic rule of discussion among intelligent, informed enthusiasts - the comments being batted back and forth DO NOT PROVIDE NECESSARY AND PROPER CONTEXT. In this case, the time frame of the comments. VC today probably produces much, maybe ... 

No problem here Thomas

 By: PoyFR : April 23rd, 2010-11:52
On the topic, to me whereas it is a Patek, Breguet, Vacheron, Omega and many others, the movement is a Lemania belonging to Breguet. So to me all of those Chronographs should be regarded for anything else than their branded cosmetics values, safe for Breg... 

Thank you, PoyFR

 By: ThomasM : April 23rd, 2010-16:10
I appreciate your friendship and I especially appreciate that you consider yourself a guest here; many of the "other guests" too often forget that. Fairness and consistency is the anti-thesis of hyprocrisy, and you know how I feel about hypocrisy... Cheer... 

Thanks to you and Jerome for your historical inputs.

 By: amanico : April 23rd, 2010-22:39
But we also were discussing about the finish of the " Les Historiques " and Malte Chronos, which use the same Lemania movement than in the current Patrimony Chrono, AFAIK. So, it was interesting, and not out of topic, to discuss about it, IMO. Best, Thoma... 

Very interesting review Nicolas

 By: patrickh : April 20th, 2010-05:13
I like your approach of these stunning chronographs. You share with us your love for all these "high" valuable watches. I re-read with pleasure your post and try to enter deeply in your photos. Thanks +++++ Wear yours in good health, for sure. Cheers, pat... 

Thanks for your nice words, Patrick

 By: amanico : April 20th, 2010-13:44
Yes, I love all of these 4 beasts, for what they are: Very fine Chronos. The comparisons have their own limits, indeed. But they all share the status of Fine Chronos. Best, Nicolas

Thanks a lot, my friend.

 By: amanico : April 22nd, 2010-10:59
I remember some of your tremendous wrist shots... Best, Nicolas

Fantastic ...

 By: Chris Meisenzahl : April 20th, 2010-06:05
My dream watch!!!

Thanks, Chris

 By: amanico : April 20th, 2010-13:51
Wish you the best in your hunt, and that one day, your dream comes true... I had to wait 6 years for it! BUT I got it, FINALLY! Best, Nicolas


 By: Bruno.M1 : April 20th, 2010-06:23
Ofcourse I wa slooking forward to this review. It took quite some time but now I see why For me, a BIG 5070 fan this is one of the best reviews I ever read. And I'm sure i will click this link many times in the years to come. Can't agree on all your point... 

Don't get me wrong, Bruno

 By: amanico : April 20th, 2010-14:15
As I warned, comparisons have their own limits. I said that the Dato and the Duometre could be compared to the 5070 only because the 5070 is claimed by many as THE best Chrono in the world, and because, of course it belongs to the category of Fine Chronog... 

Great Review

 By: Quan : April 20th, 2010-06:41
Thanks Nic to confirm on my right choise of 5070G ... LOL

LOL, Quan, my pleasure! [nt]

 By: amanico : April 20th, 2010-14:16
No message body

Well, so much fun to read this review, Nicolas!

 By: respo : April 20th, 2010-07:01
I know you have been thinking about these four chronos for a long time, and it is great to have a better understanding of your thoughts on these watches. I was dying to see your comparison of the Duometre and the 5070. I was surprised by some of what you ... 

Thanks a lot, Respo

 By: amanico : April 20th, 2010-21:45
That's the Beauty of our Passion: Everybody has its own Champion, among these 4. Some are better than others on some points, indeed, and wouldn't the Best of these 4 be a blend of each of them? The thinness of the PP case, the innovation of the Duometre, ... 

I salute to YOU ..... a wonderful report !!

 By: tic-toc : April 20th, 2010-07:32
Thank you to everyone who helped made this report, superb in everyways !!

Thanks a lot, tic-toc. [nt]

 By: amanico : April 20th, 2010-21:46
No message body

Fantastic work. A pleasure to read.

 By: VMM : April 20th, 2010-08:46
Thank you. Vte

Muchas gracias, Vicente. [nt]

 By: amanico : April 20th, 2010-21:47
No message body

Excellent comparative review!

 By: radone : April 20th, 2010-08:47
Thank you, Nicholas, for the detailed comparison. Useful reading for chronograph fans. There are two more chronos, in my humble opinion, that share the same pedigree with the ones in your analisys: Breguet 5237 and Roger Dubuis Hommage Chronograph. I only...  

Of course, I could have included some more Chronos

 By: amanico : April 20th, 2010-22:52
Like this R.D ,or the U.N Chrono Monopusher: Or THE Vintage Reference: The Longines 13 ZN or 30 CH, with the screw in case back, which are among the nicest ever made. There is always something subjective in this kind of review, indeed. And I'm very happy ...  

I will probably take the time to review it but...

 By: radone : April 21st, 2010-00:22
Unfortunately, even if it has the Louvelle Lemania mechanism, I am sorry to admit that it is quite a fragile watch. Please note that it comes from the beginning of the brand (my watch was first sold in 2002) and a higher quality of assembly is expected. I...  

I really love that Dubuis

 By: Bruno.M1 : April 21st, 2010-02:17
Indeed one of those 'other' super chronographs

Thank you, Bruno!

 By: radone : April 21st, 2010-07:56

Thanks, Radone.

 By: amanico : April 21st, 2010-07:53
Interesting picture of this familiar looking movement. Best, Nicolas

What a review, and what a comparison!!!

 By: KCLQMULKU : April 20th, 2010-09:30
All so similar, yet completely different! Fantastic! Do you have a particular favourite?

I love them 4, my friend.

 By: amanico : April 20th, 2010-22:53
As previously said, my favourite would be a mix of these 4 beasts. Best, Nicolas

Thank you so much for putting the time into this post......

 By: Miles151 : April 20th, 2010-09:55
It really makes very enjoyable reading and although based on your thoughts you have allowed the photographs to do the talking...... I happen to agree with you and think that it is the most beautiful chrono available and for me is much more appealing than ...  

That's a terrific thing, Miles.

 By: amanico : April 21st, 2010-00:13
I was the first on the list in France, for the 5070P. I never got it, and was never called by my AD. So, I had to come back to my first option, the G. But I had, several times, the opportunity to see the P in the flesh, and I must admit that it is dangero... 

Agree Nicolas, is it madness to aquire both???? As this would break one of my rules :)

 By: Miles151 : April 21st, 2010-00:43
I have tried very hard not to have 2 of anything in my collection but had to break it just the once for these 2 ....... So I think 2X 5070`s would be wrong for me... Kindest Miles....  

Rules are made to be broken, Miles... :) [nt]

 By: amanico : April 21st, 2010-07:47
No message body

re: 5070 An In Depth Review...

 By: DRMW : April 20th, 2010-11:37
Great post Amanico! Also thanks to Jerome and POY for their contributions! -MW

Thanks a lot, Ming. [nt]

 By: amanico : April 21st, 2010-00:13
No message body

=) ! [nt]

 By: DRMW : April 21st, 2010-00:14
No message body

Well my friend.....

 By: MiniCooper : April 20th, 2010-11:46
first of all thank you for this great report...... Your ideas/views are very interesting.... The presentation was superb.... I agree with your strap choice... almost perfect.... You could also consider a grey one (similar to Oliver's).... However I do dis... 

Well, PP

 By: amanico : April 21st, 2010-00:18
I still think that the PP 5070 shouldn't be compared to the Lange 1815 Chrono, as the movements are not the same ( dedicated for the Lange / adapted for the PP, Flyback for the Lange, not for the PP ). Same for the 5070 / Duometre ( Foudroyante, in this c... 


 By: MiniCooper : April 21st, 2010-01:30
Then, we should find another Lange chrono to compare it... lol As far as the duometre, I was referring to the finishing of the case, the movement is a different concept and thus not comparable..... Having said that, these kind of posts are very interestin... 

The finish of the Duometre case

 By: amanico : April 21st, 2010-07:51
Is brushed and polished, while the 5070 case is entirely polished. That's what I meant. As for the link about the Duometre and amvox II, I will have to do a search...When I have 5 minutes. Best! Nicolas

:) :)

 By: MiniCooper : April 22nd, 2010-12:15

Thanks a lot for the compliment, Nomer

 By: amanico : April 21st, 2010-00:20
I could have spent more time studying the famous Lemania movement which was used by PP and VC... But I didn't say my last word... Best, Nicolas

What a contribution - In depth is an understatement.

 By: emcquillan : April 20th, 2010-12:05
I think this detailed review and comparison with other chrono icons will be read and re-read many times over. Perhaps some of the comparisons may be imperfect as these icons have some different functions and expressions, but I'd certainly attempt to make ... 

Agreed on the imperfect comparison

 By: amanico : April 21st, 2010-00:23
The only comparison, at the end, is between the VC and the PP, not with the 2 other Chronographs. But they both share a same thing, or should I say Philosophy: The Vision of fine Chronographs from their respective brands. In that sense, the comparison is ... 

Nice review

 By: gqmagic : April 20th, 2010-12:18
Nice comparison with the others, I prefer the Vacheron and the 5170 visually as like you say the "numbers aren't eaten by the subdials". Though I'm sure you and the other owners of the 5070 don't mind All of these examples are classics.

I understand your point.

 By: amanico : April 21st, 2010-00:26
We can't go wrong with each of these marvels. I must admit that I would have much preferred to not see the applied numbers " eaten " by the 2 counters, but I can live with that. Best, Nicolas

great comparo mate

 By: Hororgasm : April 20th, 2010-13:44
love it, been sometime since i read a good comparison. chronos have always been my fav. thks mate for the extremely readable article and your views.

Thanks a lot for your nice words. [nt]

 By: amanico : April 21st, 2010-00:27
No message body

Thanks a lot, my friend. [nt]

 By: amanico : April 21st, 2010-13:56
No message body


 By: ThomasM : April 20th, 2010-14:01
Who makes your shirts, amanico? Love those cuffs! Cheers, mate! TM

E.Zegna... The Italian Style.

 By: amanico : April 20th, 2010-14:03
I'd better answer that, my Italian wife is just behind me... Best, Nicolas

Yes, the white one. Eagle eye, Thomas. [nt]

 By: amanico : April 20th, 2010-20:56
No message body

I only can say that...

 By: E.J. : April 20th, 2010-15:13
Me quito el sombrero ante usted, Señor! It´s a in-depth review and not mine I only can say that I´ve read all the interesting post. It seems a lot becoming from me, because this watches are out of my dreams (money is the problem). I only could admire them... 

They are all beautiful, Emilio.

 By: amanico : April 21st, 2010-07:46
We're at the Chronographs Champions League, here. Each of them can easily be a favourite, such as this awesome Datograph. Un dia, quizas? Best, Hermano. Nicolas

Thanks for sharing...

 By: Goh : April 20th, 2010-20:54
…a wonderful review of these iconic chronos. You views are interesting and refreshing. I have learnt much about the 5070 without ever seeing the watch itself in the flesh. I also like the comparison with its ‘competitors’ as I have handled the Datograph, ... 

It is one thing to see a watch alone,

 By: amanico : April 21st, 2010-08:01
It is much different when you compare them at the same moment and place. I think that it is the best way to fully understand and appreciate a watch, as it gives us some landmarks. With all the limits, of course, as we can only compare which is comparable.... 

Thanks, Nicolas.

 By: masterspiece : April 20th, 2010-21:48
I thoroughly enjoyed the review and the comparisons. The 5070 is one of my favorite chronos and, like you, I wish it didn't cut into or "eat" into the applied numbers. Thanks again. Aloha, Bob

It would have been better without, indeed.

 By: amanico : April 21st, 2010-14:00
That the 2 counters don't eat the numbers. It is a big deal for some of us, while others ( and I'm among this last category ) can live with. The funny thing with the 5070 is that its imperfections are its ..strength, in a certain way. How many chronograph... 

Such a detailed analysis on the 5070.....

 By: Huei : April 20th, 2010-21:57
Many thanks for such a great report. I have already bookmarked this line in my computer. James

The perfect review, with comparisons to top it off...

 By: patrick_y : April 20th, 2010-22:29
The Patek Philippe 5070 Chronograph is truly a benchmark among manual wind chronographs. It has a very well finished movement, a super-elegant and clean dial design, and the most gorgeous case among all chronographs (this is my opinion). I especially appr... 

Through this review, Patrick, I tried to

 By: amanico : April 21st, 2010-22:53
Speak about THE watch, give it Justice, when it is too often compared as an investment. What it is, that's more important than what it represents. I did some searches, here and there, and even if the 5070 is often mentionned, to my surprise, it has been r... 


 By: Baron - Mr Red : April 21st, 2010-01:55
This has to be one of the best posts for a very long time. About a year ago, I was curious as to what reference was viewed as a "favourite" for the participators on this site. I think there were hundreds of votes for top 3. The questin was not about which... 

Many interesting points in your answer, Joe.

 By: amanico : April 21st, 2010-23:22
" I'm really not at all sure what it is that makes the 5070 iconic. It just is ". That's the magic of this watch, or should I say of these 4 watches. Somtimes, indeed, feelings are more important than reason. Do we have to explain why we fell in love with... 

btw, does anybody has the 5070J

 By: Bruno.M1 : April 21st, 2010-02:13
this one is growing on me. And it is the only one I never saw irl. So some good pictures would be apreciated

Like you, Bruno, I searched for nice pics of the 5070 J

 By: amanico : April 21st, 2010-23:26
And I found nothing... I would like to, as the 5070 J amazed me a lot. The black dial, combined to the YG case, is stunningly attractive for a non colored gold guy like me. Best, Nicolas

I have à 5070J

 By: macfever : April 26th, 2010-00:17
You are welcome to come and mine if you want Eric

Where are you located, Eric?

 By: amanico : April 26th, 2010-00:22
If in France, we can easily organize a Photo Session... If in Belgium, then Bruno could easily do it. Thanks for your offer! Best, Nicolas This message has been edited by amanico on 2010-04-26 00:23:23

A brilliant read!

 By: =RWK= : April 21st, 2010-03:41
Dear Nicolas, Many Thanks for sharing your new 5070 with us. She is beautiful! Both I and my 5296G salute you and your excellent taste. I have greatly enjoyed your insights and fine photography. I will have to come to Paris for a visit, just to see and pl...  

Hello, Richard

 By: amanico : April 22nd, 2010-00:00
It will be my pleasure to welcome you in Paris! We'll arrange a photo session with your stunning 5296. Best, and thanks for your nice comments, my friend. Best, Nicolas

another comprehensive and outstanding review...

 By: FanFrancisco : April 21st, 2010-03:47
...Nico, really enjoyed reading this review, learnt somthing news (as always) from it and am appreicate for your attention in fine details along the side-by-side comparisons. i am still new in watch world, don't have much knowledge on chronograph, so far ... 

You're too modest, Stefan

 By: amanico : April 21st, 2010-14:14
With this kind of beauties, you will see how it is easy to learn fast... Take your time, learn discover, and enjoy! That is the most exciting part, in watches. Best, my friend. Nicolas

Outstanding job !

 By: DrStrong : April 21st, 2010-03:49
and great writ up my friend ! Cheers Jeff

Thanks, Jeff. Much appreciated. [nt]

 By: amanico : April 22nd, 2010-00:24
No message body

Simply remarkable

 By: PoyFR : April 21st, 2010-06:28
To being able to astatically compare those chronographs is a feast to the eyes. Of course apart from the PP and the Vacheron, they do not all fall in the same category, but to being able to see them together and having your point of views will surely help... 

I know your preference, POY.

 By: amanico : April 22nd, 2010-02:12
And as you perfectly said it, everyone will have a great champion to defend, among these 4 References. No winner nor looser, here. It was only fun and pleasure to prepare and to post this topic, my friend. There is place for objectivity, and to be honest,... 

Excellent review, Nicolas

 By: watchme : April 21st, 2010-09:02
I, too, wouldn't have placed the DuoMeter next to the 5070, but it sure does reveal how far JLC has come in dial design and movement finishing, and I know that more will come in the future as JLC openly competes with those it also supplies (whereas it did... 

I only did it, Dean

 By: amanico : April 22nd, 2010-02:17
Because these 4 Chronos are claimed by their respective brands to belong to the category of fine Chronos. And I believe this is a fact that they all 4 belong to this category. BUT on all points, aesthetical or mechanical, there is no neat winner, IMO. I a... 

Great comparative review...

 By: efftee : April 21st, 2010-11:25
...of the 5070 and its 'peers', Nico. I too agree with you on metal not being a concern with the 5070 (like the 5970) and personally prefer the G too.

My pleasure, efftee.

 By: amanico : April 22nd, 2010-02:19
It will really depend on your own preference: Understated or more contrasted...Here, no winner nor looser, IMO. Best, Nicolas

Thanks a lot. Much appreciated. [nt]

 By: amanico : April 22nd, 2010-02:19
No message body

Thanks a lot Nicolas for this excellent article.

 By: foversta : April 21st, 2010-13:45
I really appreciated the games between these high-end chronographs. We are on top of the pyramid with these watches. Funny thing to consider that the Patek, Breguet, VC and we can add the Dubuis share the same caliber but they are very different chronogra... 

Same motor, different " carrosserie ", indeed.

 By: amanico : April 22nd, 2010-02:36
And a different expression in fine Chronos, at the end, with each of one having its own personality. Will have to see the Breguet, as this is the one I know the less. Best, my friend. Nicolas

PP 5070: What a review & comparison

 By: hans_jorgen_1968 : April 21st, 2010-13:55
Dear Nicolas What a great in-depth review & comparison of some true 4 masterpieces into the world of finer chronographs I agree with many of your thoughts, but would like to add 2 comments: -I really like the "wide" case on the 5070. Reminds me a bit on t... 

I wish you get one, my friend.

 By: amanico : April 22nd, 2010-10:55
Any of them will make you happy, certainly. Best, and thanks for your friendly words. Nicolas

Was a great pleasure to read

 By: hans_jorgen_1968 : April 23rd, 2010-05:21
... But chronographs has for me been a "no go" area. To crowded watch, to much "non usable information". A plain 2-3-4 hand watch with maybe a date has been what i have been aiming at. These last Month has for me been an eye opener towards chronographs, a... 

Prize winning Nico!

 By: ArthurSG : April 21st, 2010-20:13
Where possible, I look forward to your detailed side-by-side of the 5070 and the 5170 if you are planning one. Fantastic article! COngrats my friend!

Not planning to get a 5170, Arthur

 By: amanico : April 22nd, 2010-10:58
Maybe another PP Chrono, but an automatic one...Maybe. Best, and thanks a lot for your nice words. Nicolas

Nicolas, my goodness, what a review!

 By: CaliforniaJed : April 21st, 2010-21:54
Yes, they are your opinions, but they are held in the highest regard by so many here, including me. Thanks so much for sharing them, and for sharing all of those photographs. Much food for thought there. Best, Jed

Nicolas, my sincere congratulations on a marvellous thread

 By: Topcat30093 : April 22nd, 2010-00:58
It was well worth the wait and though I don't pretend to understand everything that was discussed and even able to pronounce some of the technics. I have marvelled at the photos and the stunning craftmanship and detail of each of the Chronographs mentione... 

Be sure that I enjoy it a lot, Top Cat.

 By: amanico : April 22nd, 2010-13:54
The only thing I regret with it is that when I wear it, people say " Aaah;, this is the famous PP Chrono " when they should say the same about the 3 others... But hey, that must be the " rancon de la gloire "... Best, Nicolas

Hi, Jed...

 By: amanico : April 22nd, 2010-13:51
This is only my opinion, my friend. To me, it is difficult to glorify the 5070, or to bash it. It is as worth as the 3 others, no less, no more. They all are very worthy on their respective ground. That was the purpose of my post. Humbly. Best, my friend,... 

Hey bijo

 By: Asimut : April 22nd, 2010-10:43
Even I enjoyed this, and I don't even like chronos! Very well done! Asi

Are you talking to me?

 By: amanico : April 22nd, 2010-10:54
Wow, that's a compliment, my friend. Best, Asi ( Sit Down ). Nicolas

What a beautiful read it has been..

 By: moc : April 22nd, 2010-13:58
I had the pleasure to "play"with your chronos.I must say your post ,especially the comparisons part,was so clear and beautifully organized. Well done Nico.Your passion is Inspiring my friend. Of course I am new in the game and still struggle to "get" the ... 

Well, Mo...I applaud PP to have managed to make a piece of Art of this 5070.

 By: amanico : April 22nd, 2010-14:06
And you know that I, for one, am not speaking about its value, as it is a totally negative point for me. I don't even see the name of the brand on the dial. What I see is the watch in itself, and I must say that I also appreciate a lot the new Vintage 66 ... 

Does Passion need a reason?

 By: moc : April 22nd, 2010-14:12
Absolutely not my friend,You choose your girlfriend sometimes against what your mind and reason tells you ,,,,,,and you passionately love her. I am just a disciple trying to dissect and find a reason to everything still.So pardon my pragmatic wiew,what mo... 

Very well said, Mo.

 By: amanico : April 22nd, 2010-23:52

Sorry to say it here,but

 By: lutz : April 22nd, 2010-14:10
for me Lange and JLC are so much nicer.The 5070 totally lacks elegance,while Lange and JLC accoplished the task to make a chono that looks elegant too. I know this site almost seems to be a "5070 worship site " ,therefore I am prepared for Your critizism,... 

No need to be sorry, Lutz.

 By: amanico : April 22nd, 2010-23:58
It is always goood to hear some different sounds, sometimes. If not, it would be boring! I will certainly not criticize you, my friend. I don't think that the 5070 " kills " all the other Chronographs ", by far. But it is a matter of taste, some will love... 

Enjoyable read !

 By: Spiff : April 23rd, 2010-13:42
Once again, you've come up with a magnificient post ! Even if i don't share all your views on this watch (as if it matters ;-) ), many thanks for this excellent review of an iconic watch from PP. The cherry on the cake, excellence of your article has gene... 

The interest of giving my own point of view

 By: amanico : April 23rd, 2010-14:17
Was to create some interesting debate on the fine manual chrono movements, Spiff, certainly not that everyone agrees with my personal, hance partial analyzis, even if I tried to argue it the best I could. And I think we got an interesting discussion. The ... 

Outstanding report Nicolas......

 By: TonyR : April 23rd, 2010-20:20
Thanks for taking the time to post this. My favorite of the bunch is the Datograph, followed by the 5070, VC Malte Chrono, then your favorite the JLC. Good thing they make chocolate and vanilla! Tony

Agree, Tony.

 By: amanico : April 23rd, 2010-22:43
What matters is that we're mad about our favourite, whatever is OUR favourite. Passion is all! Thanks for your answer. Best, Nicolas.

Excellent review, great watches

 By: E.S : April 23rd, 2010-22:09
Nico, what a collection you have, Is AP and RM 11 comparable high end chronograph? If you have to choose among them, which one is your most favorite, : ))))))) just curious, seems you like the duometre more, thanks again Eddy

Thanks a lot, Eddy.

 By: amanico : April 23rd, 2010-22:48
Which AP are you referring to? If it is a ROO, no, I don't see them as my favourites, and can't see them featuring here, as to me, only a manual movement can compete with these " 4 aces ". Which leads us to the RM 011. Again, I don't count it among the pr... 


 By: dr.kol : February 18th, 2017-13:26
It's great to see it again on the front page and I need to read this once more very carefully. A fantastic review. Best, Kari

Good call dear Bill good call!!

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : February 18th, 2017-15:20
Still remember that cult post...7 years gosh.... So many people left and some many arrived some stayed for good Cheers D

Has it been that long ago?

 By: TdotBean : February 18th, 2017-18:40
Nah. The date is wrong is only 20 months ago. 2 years max. (I refuse to believe that we are getting older)

Thanks. Good read. [nt]

 By: Kit333 : February 18th, 2017-15:32

You made my Saturday afternoon Nico.

 By: Alex83 : February 18th, 2017-16:40
Thanks for this extremely well presented and thoughtful review of a cult watch and contenders. Really great topic, very interesting to the community as the number of views reflect (41k at the time of my post!!). Keep them coming! Alex

Well, You nailed it!

 By: Alex83 : February 19th, 2017-05:57
I own the 5070 and the Dato and it would be impossible for me to choose one of them over the other, they just complement each other! The 5070 is more intellectual and classic, the Dato is IMO more sexy and I like to dress it down with colorful straps as y... 

The Roger Dubuis is very elegant, too. The Vacheron Les Historiques is a jewel, the Malte is an alternative to keep in mind.

 By: amanico : February 19th, 2017-06:57
The good news is there are not that many chronographs in this category. How many? 5, 6? You already own the two most difficult to fund. The Duometre is the third one, in terms of funds. The Vacheron is below, and more affordable, the Dubuis. The absolute ... 

I missed the chance with the MB...

 By: Alex83 : February 19th, 2017-14:55
... Had it in my hands at MB Zurich, didn't pull the trigger, I might regret...this is what happens when you feel guilty about the (too) many watches you have! But life turns around, I will probably end up owing it, or another iteration, honestly MB being... 

Nicolas. You have put together a wonderful smorgasbord that we can now all feast upon

 By: timerider : February 18th, 2017-16:58
and tell you what bites and pieces appeal to us the most as we complete a very well thought out meal. The toast is in the opinions of all these watches and what the PuristS are seeing, feeling and knowing about each piece. Thank you very much for a great ... 

Whichever chronograph you'd pick...

 By: Horologically_minded : February 19th, 2017-00:34
Your review gets my vote! Thanks Nico for such a thorough and passionate write-up! J

My pleasure, J.Sim. [nt]

 By: amanico : February 19th, 2017-02:24

One of the best postings overall

 By: agyzace : February 19th, 2017-01:17
and a testament to your style, dear Nicolas Of all the options, tue salmon VC is my clear favourite, but as you said, everyone has his own truth and preferences. Thanks again for a marvelous posting, Alex

comparisons aside, there is no comparison . The 5070 stands alone and I think the white gold offers amazing value compared to the P

 By: : February 19th, 2017-01:33
Nico , an amazing body of work which is really appreciated. Thanks for all the hard work It us much appreciated Julian

W agree on too many issues!

 By: Baron - Mr Red : February 19th, 2017-02:43
Though would say when it comes to 5070s, "there can be only one" https://m.

You speak with the Heart, Julian. I like that a lot. In the Patek universe, I agree with you, the 5070 is a case apart.

 By: amanico : February 19th, 2017-06:45
And they didn't do better, at the exception, maybe, of the 5370P for its enamel dial and its rattrapante. A kind of " king of cool". And a very good one. All the best, my friend. Nicolas

Very comprehensive. In depth post Nico.

 By: geross : February 19th, 2017-02:13
Thanks for your post. The 5070 5170 are fine chronos from Patek. Cheers my friend. Geross.

Great article Nicolas

 By: Mark in Paris : February 19th, 2017-04:04
Every post with a 5070, 5110 or 5970 are great ones but this was very interesting reading your thoughts about it. I knew that article but wasn't on PuristSPro at the time it was posted I think. So I post now! This reference is a little legend on its own. ... 

Great post Nico

 By: beejo : February 19th, 2017-06:16
I have to wait for sometime before hunting a P,But it\'s worth the wait. Best, Ahmed

Outstanding review and comparisons dear Nicolas! Another...

 By: Subexplorer : February 19th, 2017-10:32
... Antological work from your plume... And camera! Awesome photography to illustrate your words! Of course all lovely and top timepieces! I have an special fondness for the PP, but any of them could make a happy man of me! The salmon dial against the whi... 

Threads like this one got me into watches

 By: brandon1 : February 19th, 2017-15:39
Thanks Nico for the amazing article and Bill for the bump. A wonderful discussion! Reminds me of my early days staying up all night pouring over every word of this and many other threads. Have a good week everyone! Cheers, Brandon

great writeup

 By: Ryan5446 : February 20th, 2017-05:28
it is a stunning watch. One of my favourites.

What an article!

 By: Arie - Mr Orange : February 22nd, 2017-07:16
Very nice, impressive and informative read!! Now let me firstly state that the 5070 is a beautiful watch, maybe an icon even. Personally I would love to own the YG with black dial because I feel the yellow gold makes it a bit more special in this period o...  

It certainly doesn't!

 By: Arie - Mr Orange : February 25th, 2017-15:09
(thank god for people with a sense of humor) ps Are you going to Zagreb as well?


 By: Arie - Mr Orange : February 25th, 2017-15:15
All the best sorting that out! I\'ll try to make it to Paris this summer when padj comes over (if I\'m welcome of course and all works out)

Re 5070 pp

 By: time4fun : March 19th, 2017-13:32
Fantastic i have read it many times than enjoy looking at my 5070r

The legend that is the 5070 ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : December 22nd, 2020-10:50
The 5070 was a big departure for Patek Philippe in design terms and especially the case size. My opinion is that it is both an important watch in the history of Patek Philippe and a beautiful chronograph. All the versions have a unique character but I dec... 

Lucky you. Thanks, Cpt.

 By: amanico : December 22nd, 2020-10:59

Many thanks 🙏

 By: Cpt Scarlet : December 22nd, 2020-11:43

+1 👍

 By: holdemchamp1225 : December 22nd, 2020-11:08

I must get some photos posted 🤔

 By: Cpt Scarlet : December 22nd, 2020-12:28

Nico, Your helpful article was part of my research prior to acquiring my 5070G.

 By: BigAppleBill : December 22nd, 2020-11:53
As with all watches, the 5070 has its positives and negatives. But I believe we ultimately decide to buy a watch because of its overall appeal to our eye, a certain magic that draws our attention. And in the case of the 5070 the whole is greater than the ...  

The WG white face 5070...

 By: MikiJ : December 22nd, 2020-12:12
My dream dress chrono, just love it. Maybe someday?

Thank you.

 By: Rick.On.Watches : December 22nd, 2020-15:47
I always enjoy reading a detailed post that makes me think deeper, see different points of view, and research further. I’m certain this was a tremendous undertaking, so a huge thank you from a passionate collector who learned a lot reading your post.

Merci, Nacelle.

 By: amanico : December 22nd, 2020-23:16

Thanks for this detailed review Nico and to the mods for bumping it!

 By: Fastwong : December 22nd, 2020-17:31
I hadn't seen this before but it was a really great read, the post and all the comments are just as interesting now as they were 10 years ago. Amazing really how not only the watches but the content that follows them are both equally timeless unlike, say,...