Hi All, “The Dream” watch (special meaning in several ways as explained below) has just came true for me ! Please allow me to share my utmost excitement. This reference is my biggest catch ever and I am now a truly satisfied Patek (enamel) PuristS ! :-)

Jul 03, 2017,11:58 AM

First, my dream has always been to get a Basel special edition rare handcraft watch with an enamel dial. This dream I have always thought would be impossible to achieve, but hey, it costs nothing just to dream, right ?

Second, this reference with its lion motif appeared pleasantly and unexpectedly in Basel 2017. I immediately felt that this lion enamel dial was destined to be the sibling to an earlier Chopard piece I had collected. After several years of admiring and finally acquiring the Chopard Urushi Jungle watch a little while back, I showed the Jungle to several friends (including staff members at my AD). Quite a few of them mentioned that the motif (especially the lion) must have been inspired by a Henri Rousseau painting. Not knowing much about Rousseau, I did some research and realized that they were referring to the painting “The Dream”, which was the last painting made by Henri Rousseau (a self-taught post-impressionist artist) before he passed away in 1910.

During Basel 2017, my AD was very thoughtful and alerted me to this 5089 handcraft enamel series named “Le Douanier Rosseau”. According to Wikipedia, Rousseau “was also known as Le Douanier (the customs officer), a humorous description of his occupation as a toll and tax collector.” Obviously I was intrigued and asked & also researched for more details.

This series consists of four watches, 052 The Lion, 053 The Owl, 068 The Leopard, and 069 The Bird. Performing more research, I found out that the Lion and the Bird were based on the painting “The Dream” whereas The Owl and The Leopard were based on the painting “The Hungry Lion Throws Itself on the Antelope”. Naturally, the meaningful one for me was 052 the Lion (although any one of these watches are very special) and started “The Dream” that my AD could get an allocation for me !

Owl photo is taken from the recent post by another PuristS

For this “Le Douanier Rosseau” series, there are six sets only. Yearly Basel handcraft watches are special editions produced in very limited pieces and I have thought that meant around 10 pieces or so. Anyway, the policy apparently is to allocate a piece each, rather a set each, for a single customer.

Third, while awaiting for the decision on the allocation, this reference was becoming a BIGGER dream because I realized that these dials are made by the world renown enameler Anita Porchet ! Reviewing images, I saw that the initials “AP” (Anita Porchet) at 8 o’clock of these dials. Ms Porchet is highly regarded in the watch world in making various type of enamel dials for big Maisons. For Patek enamel dial wrist/pocket watches, I believe that nowadays Ms Porchet is the only enameler (other Suzanne Rohr who works on enamel painting for pocket watches) whose initials appear on the dials.

Below are more photos of my “Dream” coming true ! This series is made with the champlevé enameling method under which engraving is made on the dial for the motif and then filled with enamel colors for rounds of firing. Hence, the surface of the dial is smooth and the effect is 3D because of the different colors are bursting to get out from the grooves. The color gradation is excellent and there are quite a few shadings of various colors. The enamel work on this piece is the best out of my humble collection of watches with enamel dials (Patek and Ulysse Nardin).

At first when seeing the watch for the first time, I noticed it was a solid case back. Upon closer inspection, I found out that it had an officer case with a great design for the very discrete hinge mechanism, same as reference 5227.

Final wrist shot to end this long post ! LOL !

What are your thoughts (including likes and dislikes) on the Lion and this Rosseau series?



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Yes, an emerald / green will also match the enamel dial well. However, my thinking is that emerald / green would match the vegetation well but would drown out...

 By: GLau : July 5th, 2017-09:54
the Lion, which is the main feature of the watch and it is not a water animal. LOL ! Cheers, Gordon

Oh wow!!!

 By: sham1 : July 3rd, 2017-12:11
Really happy for you Gordon that you managed to acquire this rare and lovely enamel piece. I know you have a passion for enamelled pieces, be it world maps or these unusual lion ones. Kudos to you my friend!! Do you know many did Patek make of this? I rea... 

Thanks Sham ! Only 6 pieces made for each of the lion, leopard, bird, and owl.

 By: GLau : July 5th, 2017-09:58
yes, each piece is piece unique due to the enamel ! Cheers, Gordon

beautiful piece enjoy it

 By: dchaccour1 : March 20th, 2018-11:13
where did you get the figure of 6 sets from?

Hi, my AD told me that each motif had 6 pieces for the Rousseau series. Also a recent comment by a PuristS on the..:

 By: GLau : March 28th, 2018-10:04
2018 rare handcraft series 5089 was that they range between 2 to 6 pieces per motif. -

thanks [nt]

 By: dchaccour1 : April 1st, 2018-02:28

Found a nickname

 By: brauner : July 3rd, 2017-12:17
"Simba", Swahili for lion. Patek Simba

Hi brauner, What a smart nickname ! "Simba" - I love it !

 By: GLau : July 5th, 2017-10:02
Please share other nicknames. Cheers, Gordon

Beautiful piece.

 By: russell996 : July 3rd, 2017-12:22
Many congratulations on such a stunning enamel watch.

Hi Alkiro, well put "Lion King" ! LOL !

 By: GLau : July 5th, 2017-10:42
Yes, with the hunter case, I should engrave its name: Simba, the Lion King ! Cheers, Gordon

Excellent 😉

 By: Alkiro1 : July 5th, 2017-10:47
Best wishes Alkiro

Hi Nicolas, thanks for your kind words !

 By: GLau : July 5th, 2017-10:44
While I am not sure I am the king of enamel, I am now certain that I am King of my own watch collection ! LOL ! Cheers, Gordon

Thanks Joe ! I feel like a ...

 By: GLau : July 5th, 2017-10:46
...kid alone in a candy store spending his whole savings and having no regrets ! Cheers, Gordon

Thanks watch-guy.com ! IMO, this particular series intertwines three things...

 By: GLau : July 6th, 2017-07:54
1) horology, 2) enamel art, and 3) art in terms of the Rousseau painting. Cheers, Gordon

Huge congratulations, Gordon!

 By: Pretty Boy : July 3rd, 2017-13:17
I'm glad that you have been able to collect your PP enamel dream watch. Best, Volker

Hi Volker, thank you ! This was truely...

 By: GLau : July 6th, 2017-07:55
a dream coming true ! Cheers, Gordon

wow the watch is beyond cool!! congratulations!! For the chopard..

 By: christianch : July 3rd, 2017-13:26
if you got it an an auction I was also considering bidding but I didn't....enjoy it and wear it in good health !! Christian

Hi Christian, thanks, the watch's cooling effect is long lasting ! LOL ! For the Chopard Jungle,

 By: GLau : July 6th, 2017-08:00
yes, I did buy it from an auction in Hong Kong late last year. Fortunately for me, you did not bid against me ! FYI, My original post on the Jungle www.watchprosite.com / Cheers, Gordon

The Patek is better looking than the Chopard. My biased opinion.

 By: geross : July 3rd, 2017-13:27
Go Gordon the discreet hinge cover is very classy. I admire your artistry. Warm regards. Cheers. Geross.

Hi Geross, to me both my "children" are lovely. However, deep down inside, there is a...

 By: GLau : July 6th, 2017-08:02
favorite one ! Although you can guess, I shall keep it inside of me just to appear to be fair. Cheers, Gordon

Congratulations Gordon

 By: patrickh : July 3rd, 2017-13:39
Anita Porchet had created a living enameled painting and the Lion's eyes are very expressive. Enjoy and wear it in good health. I suppose the Chopard's Lion is a little bit jealous now ;-)) Best, Patrickh

Hi Patrickh, Yes, the funny look from the Lion's eyes is so comical ! One look and they carry me into...

 By: GLau : July 6th, 2017-08:06
"The Dream" ! LOL ! Between the two lions, they are liking to fight it out, just like a take-over for a lion pride ! Cheers, Gordon

That's a wonderful piece of art and...

 By: Mike H : July 3rd, 2017-13:53
...what an excellent match with the Chopard one that makes a superb pair. Big congrats Gordon, really happy for you you could make your dream come true. Enjoy it and wear it in the best of your health ! Mike

Thank you Mike ! My experience in my horological journey thus far is that serendipity does occur. I never thought in...

 By: GLau : July 6th, 2017-08:13
my wildest dream (pun intended) that the Chopard Jungle would to a matching Patek "The Dream" enamel watch. Interesting how one piece leads to another. Again, I now await to see what this 5089G-052 will lead me to next. Cheers, Gordon

A piece of art.

 By: beejo : July 3rd, 2017-13:58
Congratulations for acquiring such a piece,Such a nice feeling when you get a watch you have dreaming about for a long time. Best, Ahmed

Great enamel watch and lucky owner..

 By: wolter : February 18th, 2018-18:47
This post has been removed because it is in violation of PuristSPro terms of conduct. ...  

Yes Raymond, well put ! A museum piece which hopefully someday it might appear in MOMO next to the painting !

 By: GLau : July 6th, 2017-11:07
You are correct in that dreams do come true, and I truly have worked really hard to pay for this Lion ! LOL ! Cheers, Gordon

Congratulatiom on your grail!

 By: PP5170G : July 3rd, 2017-14:17
I have always been fascinated by enamel dial not only from Patek but also the ones from Vacheron Constantin. This one is a great piece, love the cure and the details of the colours. Amazing! Best.

Thanks PP5170G ! The gradation from one color to another is also excellent. My favorite thing on this enamel dial is that...

 By: GLau : July 6th, 2017-11:11
the Lion and its surrounding look just like the painting that inspired the creation of this reference. Cheers, Gordon


 By: PP5170G : July 6th, 2017-11:47

Hi Russ, glad you like the background behind this piece ! Its history is what...

 By: GLau : July 8th, 2017-00:27
makes this watch a meaningful catch for me. Cheers, Gordon

Gordon you are true master of enamel dials here on WPS

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : July 3rd, 2017-14:33
Kudos and congrats D

Thank you D (Mr Green) for your kind words !

 By: GLau : July 8th, 2017-00:32
I admit that I am a big fan of enamel dials, but a long way away from being a master. Need to work harder so that I could afford to collect more to become a master ! LOL ! Cheers, Gordon

Thanks Alfred ! This lion was a...

 By: GLau : July 8th, 2017-00:34
challenging hunt , and well worth the efforts ! Cheers, Gordon

Thanks Seconds ! I feel most...

 By: GLau : July 8th, 2017-00:35
fortunate & lucky to have this enamel painting in the wrist ! Cheers, Gordon


 By: Seconds : July 8th, 2017-01:32
I am so glad you have this enamel painting on your wrist, I think it was meant to be ...Regards Seconds.

Hi Seconds, whether it was meant to be or not, it was really...

 By: GLau : July 8th, 2017-09:58
serendipity in the true sense of the word ! Cheers, Gordon

Never really took to enamelled watches

 By: stevenokes : July 3rd, 2017-15:13
Until now! Enjoyed reading of the history and craftsmanship and totally jealous. Congratulations. Both watches will give you endless pleasure.

Hi stevenokes, great that you liked the post !

 By: GLau : July 8th, 2017-00:40
Hope that you will now pay more attention to these rare handcraft watches and enjoy your time following them. Look forward to you collecting watches with enamel dials. Cheers, Gordon

Gordon a huge and I mean HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!! on your acquisition of the lion watch! Also, an incredible review!!

 By: patekova : July 3rd, 2017-15:35
While I love the concept of Patek's enameled time only watches, often the scenes/artwork fall a bit short. Others are excellent. A handful are spectacularly beautiful and executed with an extraordinary artistry. This latter group is as good as it gets in ... 

Hi Patekova, many thanks for your kind and thoughtful reply !

 By: GLau : July 8th, 2017-01:34
You are correct in that Patek Basel watches with enamel dials represent excellent artisanal work but motifs are often more subjective. Hence, I am so pleased that I got this particular Rousseau Lion because it satisfies my criteria in terms of (no particu... 


 By: Mark : July 3rd, 2017-16:03
description of your journey and the payoff. These elegant enamel pieces are likewise so thoughtful and detailed. For me they bring a lot of joy seeing these dials. Thank you for sharing.

Hi Mark, you are most welcome and thank you for reading about my hunt (pun intended) for the Lion and how "The Dream" came true!

 By: GLau : July 8th, 2017-01:39
Now with all the excitement I must rest for a while before figuring out what the next journey shall hold. Cheers, Gordon


 By: Mark : July 8th, 2017-02:32
And I am excited about where that takes you. I'm in Singapore, and one day I would love to just sit with you and hear your whole journey and development in this passion from your perspective. In any case, I have truly been enjoying your incredibly conside... 

Hi Mark, sure, let's meet in Singapore when I am there next !

 By: GLau : July 8th, 2017-08:44
Do you have GTGs with the Singapore PuristS ? Cheers, Gordon

Hi sake, thank you! Yes, The Dream came true but...

 By: GLau : July 8th, 2017-01:42
it seems so surreal ! Cheers, Gordon

Big congrats on this acquisition Gordon!

 By: beerstyle : July 3rd, 2017-17:36
I'm hard put to say which one I like more, its like having to choose between supermodels Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima, but both watches are excellent works of art and I mean it in a most literal sense

Thank you beerstyle! Supermodels vs watches: ummm...

 By: GLau : July 8th, 2017-01:46
although I consider myself a true PuristS, I am human after all ! LOL ! Cheers, Gordon

love the watch

 By: andrew_sg : July 3rd, 2017-18:13
very unique. I remember seeing a Rousseau painting in Moma which moved me, next to Van Gogh's Starry Night. that enamel piece is a true grail watch! Enjoy! ...  

Hi Andrew, apparently "The Dream" also resides in the MOMA along with the painting you posted (Lion and the gypsy - I think)

 By: GLau : July 8th, 2017-01:55
Perhaps next time when you are in MOMA, you could see The Dream and let us know what you think of the painting. Cheers, Gordon

Thank you Mitch. The title "King" belongs to

 By: GLau : July 8th, 2017-01:59
the two lions ! They can fight it out to decide who shall be the overall KING for wrist time ! I am simply the humble servant to / caretaker of the Kings. Cheers, Gordon

Hi Kev, thank you ! I am still ...

 By: GLau : July 8th, 2017-02:54
stunned by the stunning enamel work and cannot notice the time when I look at the dial. Cheers, Gordon

Thanks crown comfort ! The Lion ...

 By: GLau : July 8th, 2017-02:57
comes alive in this enamel jungle ! Cheers, Gordon

Hi Luis, thanks and I am going to put in more efforts to become ...

 By: GLau : July 8th, 2017-02:59
the MOST enthusiastic enamel lovers that you've ever known ! LOL ! Cheers, Gordon

Congratulations Gordon!

 By: Time to watch : July 4th, 2017-02:04
A beautiful dial, a great review and a special watch indeed. Enamel dials are a niche in the watch world, specialized and poetic. For those who can appreciate the artisanal skill and quality they showcase, it's a dream come true to find and acquire one. I... 

Thank you H for your kind words! This journey has thus far been a blast ! Hopefully one day, we...

 By: GLau : July 8th, 2017-03:03
can have a GTG with your watches with engraved dials and mine with enamel dials ! Cheers, Gordon

Thanks dufourism ! The siblings are happy to have each other and are ...

 By: GLau : July 8th, 2017-03:27
jockeying for wrist time ! Cheers, Gordon

Amazing article from a true enamel lover!

 By: traineract : July 4th, 2017-07:14
The champleve enamel work is so fine! And that combined with one of my favourite recent developments, the really nice officer caseback (like the one on the 5227). It's a fantastic addition to your enamel collection!

Hi traineract, thanks for your reply ! The officer case back is...

 By: GLau : July 8th, 2017-03:43
really well designed. It was a pleasant surprise for me to see it used in this reference. I am really impressed with how the handle and hinge are so well "hidden", as this "hidden" theme matches how the Rousseau lion is hiding and stalking in the enamel j... 

Thanks dom007, the realization of "the dream" coming true has...

 By: GLau : July 8th, 2017-03:47
NOT yet sunk in for me ! I am still in a dream ! Cheers, Gordon

Excellent. Superb. Fantastic Acquisition!

 By: patrick_y : July 4th, 2017-09:06
Knowing your love for lions, a Rousseau painting miniature is exactly the prescription for you! Now, we just have to track down the actual Rousseau painting! A true Purist you are! Thank you for sharing with us the following of your dream, which contains ... 

Hi Patrick, thank you for your kind words !

 By: GLau : July 8th, 2017-03:53
Yes, this Rousseau lion was the perfect prescription to treat my psychotic sickness for artisanal (lion or not) watches ! Just not certain now whether my psychological state is stable or not. LOL ! Please send me photos of "The Dream" when you visit MOMA!... 

Big congrats!! Gordon.

 By: joenghenry : July 4th, 2017-09:12
Your lion cloisonné rare handicraft has dwarfed the enamel dial of all versions of 5131. Best, Henry

Thank you Henry ! The Rousseau Lion is now pouncing on the ...

 By: GLau : July 8th, 2017-04:06
5131G to get on my wrist ! LOL ! FYI, this enamel piece was made with the champleve method, which involved engraver digging grooves into the dial to form the motif and the enameler (who may or may not be the engraver) filling the grooves with enamel work.... 

Big congrats on your...

 By: Stefan : July 4th, 2017-09:35
... fantastic addition which make up a great pair with your chopard. Stefan

Hi Stefan, thanks ! Hope to see...

 By: GLau : July 8th, 2017-04:11
you next time in Singapore! Cheers, Gordon

Huge congratulations Gordon

 By: Mark in Paris : July 4th, 2017-13:46
I can imagine your pleasure and how it must look like in real. Thank you very much for sharing the background and your journey in that field, the way you acquired it, what you like about it etc... This is something that is indeed very rare (artist, techni... 

Thanks Mark ! I really to ...

 By: GLau : July 8th, 2017-04:18
appreciate having this piece ! Patek totally got this Rousseau series done perfectly in terms of history, meaningfulness, and best enamel work with the renown enameler Anita Porchet ! Glad that your enjoyed my post about this unexpected journey ! Cheers, ... 

Truly an amazing watch! HUGE HUGE congrats landing this awesome piece!!

 By: KC_HK : July 4th, 2017-21:05
The "lion"is the highlight of the Rosseau series in my opinion! The color gradation and the details on this watch by Anita is truly stunning! Can't wait for our next GTG to see this watch in person!!! Wear in good health my friend!! Keith


 By: Vwong : July 4th, 2017-21:56
Congratulations on such a rare piece! I learned a lot about enamel dials by reading your post

Hi Vwong, it was my pleasure to share with you my dangerous journey which was full of ...

 By: GLau : July 8th, 2017-04:34
fierce Lions ! Glad that you learned more about enamel dials and I hope that you are becoming an enamel lover as well ! Cheers, Gordon

Thanks Keith ! Yes, GTG ASAP !

 By: GLau : July 8th, 2017-04:30
You must see the enamel work by Anita Porchet in the metal ! I am thinking of charging you an entry fee to help me pay off my credit card bill for this watch ! LOL ! Cheers, Gordon

What a piece!

 By: gigi : July 4th, 2017-22:58
And what a story! Congratulations! And thank you for the insightful experience 😊 Best G.

Hi gigi, very happy that you had a good read !

 By: GLau : July 8th, 2017-04:58
I enjoyed very much writing and sharing my story with the PuristS community ! Cheers, Gordon

I had the privilege

 By: sham1 : July 6th, 2017-01:53
to handle Gordon's Chopard Urushi watch last night and would like to say that I was pleasantly surprised that the watch looked a lot better in reality. Unfortunately, Gordon only has two wrist ( a pity!! ) and wore his favourite 5131G on his left wrist an... 

Hi Sham, finally we had our GTG ! Thank you for...

 By: GLau : July 8th, 2017-06:53
giving a positive vote to the Chopard Lion and Jungle ! Hope to see you soon ! Cheers, Gordon

I've learnt more about art from this article than from anywhere else

 By: rnaden : July 7th, 2017-02:51
Superb write up, Gordon, and congratulations on acquiring this beautiful art piece. You'll have to let me see this in the metal at our next meet up - the Chopard jungle blew me away. It is so different in the metal where the dimensions and colors really c... 

Hi Rchard

 By: sham1 : July 7th, 2017-03:04
excuse my ignorance please but how do I PM you to arrange a GTG

Hi Sham, you need to click on Richard's icon which will enable...

 By: GLau : July 8th, 2017-10:00
You to send PM to him. Cheers, Gordon

Thank you Richard for coming all the way down for our GTG and your great response !

 By: GLau : July 8th, 2017-07:00
Very happy that you enjoyed my story ! Your feedback on the Chopard Jungle is spot on ! It holds its own quite well against the Rousseau Lion ! Let's have you over to my city to meet the Lion siblings in the concrete jungle ! Cheers, Gordon

Let me work something out :-)

 By: rnaden : July 9th, 2017-00:41
Stay tuned!

Thanks JJnBB. The enamel work looks...

 By: GLau : July 8th, 2017-20:40
better in the metal. Cheers, Gordon

Amazing, personal story

 By: alwoo888 : July 9th, 2017-23:58
that really highlights the extent of your passion, Gordon. Thanks for sharing. The pictures have their similarities, but I'm curious about how the two different techniques, urushi and enameling, compare, not having had the opportunity to see them side by ... 

Hi alwoo888, thanks for your kind message ! Both champleve enamel and Japanese hand painted laquar are rare handcrafts and are both amazing !

 By: GLau : July 17th, 2017-07:54
Both have 3D effects and very vibrant in terms of colors ! IMO, the enamel work by Anita Porchet is more difficult because the dial needs to be filled with enamel powders and then fired at 800 degrees Celsius over several stages. Each stage runs the risk ...  

Thanks for the very insightful response

 By: alwoo888 : July 20th, 2017-23:37
You can't simply compare different dial types just on appearance alone, can you? Have to understand the difficulty, effort and skill that goes into each to fully appreciate the differences. Must have been really exciting for you to hear comments from Anit... 

Hi alwoo888, Sorry for the late reply as I missed your response ! My" insightful" comments were possible because they were based on information provided by our PuristSPro moderator...

 By: GLau : August 10th, 2017-00:31
patrick_y who spent time with Anita Porchet at the exhibition and asked insightful questions ! Apparently for certain pieces (for Patek and/or other brands), Anita combined different enameling methods on one dial ! One such example is the below pocket wat...  

Owl or Bird

 By: avatarian74 : October 12th, 2017-02:15
Really love the comments. Which enamel piece, the Owl or the Bird should I get, based on the difficulty/complexity of the enamelling technique? Thanks. ...  

Further to my reply to your other post and thinking more about your questions, key matters to consider in your decision would be:

 By: GLau : October 12th, 2017-03:59
1 - although both are made with the champleve method, the Bird, similar to the Lion, has thinner and longer leaves which IMO are more challenging to make 2 - which Rousseau painting you wish to be associated with ? The Owl (as I mentioned in the other pos... 

Thanks Gordon for your very insightful reply:

 By: avatarian74 : October 12th, 2017-06:47
Congrats for owning the Lion timepiece of the Rousseau collection, it's really the nicest piece of them all, if I were offered it, it will be a no brainer for me. IMO, I find the Bird plain and bland, though the overall dial has more red, and definitely t... 

Hi Chris, you are most welcome ! Please explain...

 By: GLau : October 12th, 2017-06:57
what you meant by you still need to be allocated. Best of luck ! Cheers, Gordon

Very nice photos

 By: watch-fan : July 10th, 2017-08:48
Gordon, Thank you for the nice photos and detail information. Love to read your post. I want to thank your early information that helped me to get my 5077. Real like your nice wrist shot. I hope I can view your Simba in real in the near future. Have a gre... 

Hi watch-fan, you are most welcome and I am glad that you have enjoyed my posts !

 By: GLau : July 17th, 2017-07:34
Let's see some wrist shots of your 5077 when you/your wife gets it ! Yes, my Simba and your 5077 needs a GTG ! Cheers, Gordon

Lovely dial! .nt.

 By: enjoythemusic : July 10th, 2017-15:55

enjoy it beautiful watch beautiful piece of art

 By: dchaccour1 : July 18th, 2017-13:16
i was also lucky to get the owl

Hi dchaccout1, yes, I saw your post on the owl ! This bird is very well made !

 By: GLau : July 18th, 2017-19:10
I saw another owl at an AD. The color gradation on the evening sunset scenario is done extremely well ! Enjoy your piece ! May I ask under what occasions have you worn your "owl" ? Cheers Gordon

only to take a wrist shot ...

 By: dchaccour1 : July 18th, 2017-22:11

Hi dchaccour1, thank you for your honest answer of the occasions for wearing your owl is to...

 By: GLau : July 20th, 2017-01:29
"only to take a wrist shot" !! Same for me ! LOL ! Perhaps we should have a GTG so that we have a special occasion for us to wear them so that the siblings may meet for the first time ? Cheers, Gordon

Certainly worth the read

 By: Greenwatch : July 18th, 2017-22:21
My first time to scroll a long post on enamel dial and admiring the history and the story of Gordon on his quest to this piece. Fantastic catch! Certainly you have the best of both world - an excellent enamel painting that you can carry on your wrist anyw... 

Hi Greenwatch, Glad that you had a good read ! These enamel dials are...

 By: GLau : July 19th, 2017-16:06
really great pieces of art work. Furthermore, the fact that wastage could occur during each stage of firing just makes my appreciation greater for each finished piece. Cheers, Gordon


 By: tom2517 : July 21st, 2017-07:34
On the special piece, and one done by AP no less.

Thanks tom2517 ! The Anita Porchet factor certainly...

 By: GLau : July 23rd, 2017-15:31
makes this Rousseau Lion much more desirable IMO ! I keep wondering if Anita did not make this dial, then what the enamel work would be like for this Rousseau series. Cheers, Gordon

So true.. call it the Anita Porchet cachet (pun intended)

 By: alwoo888 : July 30th, 2017-00:11
PATEK-ROUSSEAU-PORCHET - a hat-trick if there ever was one! Seeing as you're so passionate about your Rousseau, you may want to consider changing your avatar from the Chopard lion to the comical Rousseau lion, which has so much more character and personal... 

Hi alwoo888, the PATEK-ROUSSEAU-PORCHET is definitely a...

 By: GLau : July 31st, 2017-22:24
Wayne Gretzky type hat-trick ! Below is the Rousseau Lion (Simba vs Leon) staring out of the the plants to seek Anita Porchet, his "mother" ! LOL ! The lion is definitely a male because it has mane ! Look carefully in the attached photo. Cheers, Gordon ...  

Aloha, Gordon.

 By: masterspiece : August 1st, 2017-21:00
Nice trick to play on me at lunch at Grand Central. First the Chopard Urushi, which I admire and then WHAM! You hit me with this Dream piece! LOL I'll never forget it. LOLOLOL Aloha, Bob

Hi Bob, I purposely wanted to ...

 By: GLau : August 1st, 2017-21:56
slowly introduce you to Rosseau Lion by letting you see the Chopard Japanese hand painted lacquer jungle first. Otherwise I was afraid that you might have gotten a heart attack with the Rouuseau Lion scaring you ! LOL ! Cheers, Gordon

Wow! Amazing dial. It really is like having a Patek Philippe Rousseau on your wrist.

 By: doublesix : August 2nd, 2017-18:30
It's amazing how Porchet was able to capture and recreate the essence of the Rousseau painting in enamel. Truly a work of art! I must pay more attention to these enamel pieces which seems to be your personal franchise. Thanks for educating us as I now hav... 

Hi doublesix, you are most welcome ! My post is all about sharing...

 By: GLau : August 3rd, 2017-22:47
my passion rather than eduction. However, if you learn something, then your acquired new knowledge really makes me happy ! Do go for an enamel piece if you can because they are just so wonderful interns of The required patience and efforts needed to creat... 

The 3rd piece comes

 By: gtecwatch : August 4th, 2017-23:39
Dear All, Hope to share my one to all of you. And let the collection complete soon ...  

Hi gtecwatch, huge congrats for getting the Rousseau leopard and thank you for sharing !

 By: GLau : August 5th, 2017-14:39
As expected, the enamel work of your piece looks fantastic ! The brown strap, assuming that it comes with the watch, complements the leopard very well ! If you have time, please do create a separate thread to share more information and knowledge about you... 

Interesting tidbit

 By: tom2517 : August 17th, 2017-04:42
Just learned something today, how come Anita Porchet sometimes sign AP and other times sign A Porchet on the dial? It is because Anita has two apprentices working for her. Pieces that the apprentices worked on will have AP, pieces that Anita worked on exc... 

Yes tom2517 it is an interesting piece of information! IMO Key is that...

 By: GLau : August 18th, 2017-05:03
AP is involved ! How did you find out about this ? Cheers, Gordon

Through Hermes

 By: tom2517 : August 18th, 2017-10:52
AP does a lot of work for Hermes and I have recently bought two art craft watches from their Paris flagship store and now they are trying to sell me an exclusive AP watch and also told me the difference between AP and A Porchet.

Very unusual design, Congrats !

 By: k2luxury : August 18th, 2017-04:15

Thank you K2 ! In addition to being very usual, the dial design and enamel work respectively are ...

 By: GLau : August 18th, 2017-06:01
highly meaningful with a "Dream" Rousseau motif and very well made ! IMO, This usual reference appeals to several audiences: Patek collectors, Rousseau collectors and lovers of enamel dials. Cheers, Gordon

Nah green would be perfect [nt]

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : November 9th, 2017-16:11

Yes, a green strap will match the vegetation background very well ! Since the focus of the dial is ...

 By: GLau : November 11th, 2017-05:34
the Rousseau lion, perhaps a darker brown strap might even be better ! Cheers, Gordon

Hi Baron, blue strap ? Thanks for this unusual suggestion.

 By: GLau : November 11th, 2017-05:31
I do not know if the background colors will be complementary to the blue. Let me test it out and revert. Cheers, Gordon

At least the blue strap will match the...

 By: GLau : November 11th, 2017-05:55
black parts of the dial !

Take a look at a colour spectrum

 By: Baron - Mr Red : November 11th, 2017-06:06
In photography there is a marching spectrum that shows which colours work particularly well together. Blue and orange are very complimentary

As you requested Baron, here is the Rousseau lion testing out blue shoes.

 By: GLau : January 3rd, 2018-08:00
The strap is from another brand and happens to be dark blue. So what do you think? Which one works better, brown to complement the Rousseau Lion or blue to match the combined color scheme for the dial ? ...  

you have the brown underneath the blue.... which distorts it for my eye.....

 By: Baron - Mr Red : January 3rd, 2018-08:14
.....to give a view I think i would need to see it with the correct lug width strap and without the brown underneath

You are a one tough customer. :-)

 By: GLau : January 3rd, 2018-08:19
I do not have a proper Patek blue strap to put on it

look at Miles's 5970.....he just switched to the combination of white metal and blue strap with a salmon dial.....

 By: Baron - Mr Red : January 3rd, 2018-08:22
.....and it looks awesome. But, at the end of the day, its just my personal taste.

The blue strap works well with the green leaves and black background. On the other hand, the brown strap augments ...

 By: GLau : January 4th, 2018-09:29
the Rousseau Lion well and since Lion is the main focus of the dial, I think the brown strap is better overall.

What a deju vu!!!

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : January 3rd, 2018-08:22
When I saw eyes of Simba on top of Patek forum. I was sure I saw this post then I realized it keeps resurrecting for half a year. Cheers P.S. Still vote for green

Mr Green votes for the green strap ! LOL !

 By: GLau : January 3rd, 2018-08:39
Agree the green will match the green leaves well !

Hi Gordon. What are your thoughts on enamel pieces based on well known works of art versus original creations?

 By: alwoo888 : November 15th, 2017-22:06
I've seen some pieces based on famous art, but probably not a whole lot - my guess is original pieces outnumber 'replicas'. However, your post seems to have elicited some pretty positive and enthusiastic responses. Do you have any feelings about one versu... 

Hi alwoo888, you posed an excellent question ! IMO, the more the merrier because...

 By: GLau : November 17th, 2017-08:56
it will generate more interest in enamel dials and possibly promote more people who will study the art of enamel ! The issue issue is what meaningful paintings will be used for the motifs ! Cheers, Gordon

Gordon, superb post! [nt]

 By: Miranda : January 4th, 2018-10:28

Thank you Miranda ! Glad that ...

 By: GLau : January 5th, 2018-08:21
you had a good read ! Cheers, Gordon

There are connoisseurs and there are connoisseurs. You are certainly the latter!

 By: KCLQMULKU : January 4th, 2018-10:43
Breathtaking piece, and I have nothing but awe, lots of likes, and certainly no dislikes.

Glau, I thought about you today since I saw the Dream in real

 By: Tyo : March 9th, 2018-20:15
quite an impressive painting ...  

Thank you tyo for thinking about me ! Here are what I bought when I went to MOMA to see “The Dream” !

 By: GLau : March 18th, 2018-11:52
Now I own both the Lion and the “painting” ! LOL ! Cheers, Gordon ...