Tank must de cartier Limited of 50pcs

Sep 11, 2022,16:35 PM

The limited edition Tank must de cartier Ref.WSTA0064. 50 pcs were made exclusively for the Geneva boutique renovation in 2021. Black dial, Black Crown, and engraved case back.

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Congratulations on getting this one ….

 By: Cpt Scarlet : September 11th, 2022-16:49
It’s a stunning Cartier and very rare. Thank you for sharing it with us on the Cartier forum. Best regards Captain

That is just delicious!

 By: KURT_DAVID : September 11th, 2022-17:01
Congratulations. Kurt.

Very elegant.

 By: Esharp : September 11th, 2022-17:12
Is it SS or WG? Is the bracelet original or your own addition? I assume the movement is quartz? Best E.

Beautiful piece and amazing picture

 By: Mohannad (aka Riddler) : September 11th, 2022-17:56
You really captured it well and that bracelet is πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Superb shot!! A wonderful Cartier you share here!

 By: Subexplorer : September 11th, 2022-18:14
Thank you!! Abel

Stop! Your beautiful wrist shots are driving me crazy!

 By: R. Goodfellow : September 11th, 2022-19:12
First, the Reverso, then the Fity-Eight and Historiques Triple Calendar....

Mabrook, looks great on bracelet

 By: SALMANQ8 : September 11th, 2022-21:36

Congrats and looks stunning with the bracelet!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : September 11th, 2022-22:47

What a cool watch, large size?

 By: mikephuvie : September 11th, 2022-22:50

Fantastic look

 By: Mr.Gatsby : September 12th, 2022-04:27
Congrats on the watch. What bracelet is that? Best Gatsby