An evening with Montblanc (and Ferrari)

Mar 18, 2023,06:03 AM

This week we attended a local presentation of the new Montblanc Ferrari Stilema SP3 Limited Edition 599 fountain pen. An artisanal writing piece created by Montblanc and Ferrari that pays homage to the new Ferrari Daytona SP3. 

Photo courtesy of Montblanc

The new Ferrari Daytona SP3 celebrates the victory in the 24 hours of Daytona of 1967, in which the Scuderia took the first three places following a series of  defeats to Ford’s GT40 the previous year in Le Mans, Daytona and Sebring, and survived an attempted buyout by the American giant.

Photo source: Internet

Designed by the awarded designer Flavio Manzoni, from Ferrari, there will be 599 pieces made, with 100 already reserved for Ferrari owners. 

The design is monolythic, non cylindrical, with a cutaway front and a translucent resin rear blade made to look like the rear lamps of the Ferrari Daytona SP3. The exterior is made of brushed Titanium. Inside, the converter, hold and nib are made of 18 karat, solid white gold. The feed is smooth. The barrel cover slides out to expose the loading piston shroud,  shaped to look like the car’s transaxle with its cross section on the shape of the emblematic star of Montblanc. 

The writing piece and the actual mechanism feel grippy and solid, with a satisfying texture and clicking sound upon sliding the barrel cover and actuating the shroud of the piston of the converter. 


The pen is weighty but it feels well poised and balanced in the hand. It has no clip, though it will be provided with a specially designed carrying pouch. 

The heart of this fountain pen is all Montblanc but, unlike its predecessors, it is a Ferrari design for Montblanc, rather than a Montblanc design for Ferrari.  Some collectors will see it as too radical a departure from previous Montblanc designs. Nonetheless it is a unique addition to the line of Montblanc / Ferrari collaborations and in my opinion quite collectible. 

The recommended retail  price in Europe will be 30500 euros. 

It was an interesting and competent product presentation followed by a fun dinner in a lovely setting. 


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Thanks for the report and the great pictures!

 By: GWIS : March 18th, 2023-06:24
It’s certainly an interesting design but for 30500 Euros I would rather have a watch! All the best, Jon

I completely agree!

 By: InHavenPro : March 18th, 2023-06:34

even a few watches

 By: Bruno.M1 : March 18th, 2023-08:20


 By: Jaccard : March 18th, 2023-11:33
These fountain pens are out of my purchasing power, but it is fascinating to see and handle these marvels and I can completely see why two guests in our small party put their names down for them.

A beautiful pen that I’d love to write with…

 By: ArmisT : March 18th, 2023-09:44
but I was flabbergasted by the RM-level pricing. It must be in part to make sure they go to true aficionados.


 By: Jaccard : March 18th, 2023-17:47
I really liked it, although it does look quite unique and technical for Montblanc. I thought the reference to the transaxle was very clever and nicely executed.

I like fountan pens, and this one is quite intriguing. However.....

 By: Moka-Tiger (Ron) : March 18th, 2023-10:30
At that price point, well, not in my league price wise at all. I guess MB is catering to Ferrari owners, i.e., the people who can afford Farrari cars, perhaps(??) I do like the design, but......

As a long time collector of artisan fountain pens I must say that this is the worst designed pen they produced imho

 By: penfriend : March 18th, 2023-12:25
Saw it some months ago when it was shown together with the whole range of new products for 2023. Simple collaboration piece with Ferrari but really no Montblanc-DNA shown here. Technically nicely done but that is it. Re the price: this is hilarious! Usual... 

yep, asked the head of production why they did that

 By: penfriend : March 18th, 2023-15:40
no satisfying answer - because this pen was designed by Ferrari they picked that nib :-(

Nib (prototype sample)

 By: Jaccard : March 18th, 2023-15:45

Unfortunately I have to agree with you ... A lazy pininfarina design, similar looking pens can be found for few hundred euros.

 By: als1678 : March 18th, 2023-13:48
No Montblanc DNA whatsoever. The pricing is solely based on how expensive the car is. I have the silver Enzo Ferrari pen which at a fraction of the price looks infinitely more interesting.

Thanks for commenting

 By: Jaccard : March 18th, 2023-14:31
I am not a collector, but I am a fountain pen user. I was given a black Meisterstück when I was 16 and it has remained in constant use since. I can see why the design is polarizing for pen collectors.

Very nice! Thanks for sharing!

 By: patrick_y : March 18th, 2023-14:59
My last pen was the Borghese, which I really like!

Being a fan of all things Mont Blanc

 By: Thomas_3 : March 18th, 2023-20:19
I have seen this being teased on the MB website and was curious. Thanks for the pictures and writeup. Did I read the price right, 30,500 Euros?? That's $32,000+ in USD, I'll pass!

Yes! I was surprised with the price tag!

 By: patrick_y : March 18th, 2023-23:09
There are a lot of other nice pens to buy with that kind of a price tag!