Thanks Alkiro. It was fun to piece together the review

Apr 17, 2017,22:15 PM

Having to write a coherent review together with the associated pictures takes more effort than I thought. I hope this write-up serves its purpose...

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Grand Seiko SBGA011 "Snowflake" : an In-Depth Review.

 By: skyeriding : April 17th, 2017-08:11
What a dial. Released in 2010, the Grand Seiko SBGA011 remains one of the iconic timepieces in the GS product lineup and needs little introduction. It is often referred to as the "Snowflake", due to the notable white textured dial like snow. As Baselworld...  

Thanks for sharing

 By: mahesh : April 17th, 2017-08:34
your thoughts & the pics of GS ! The pics are extremely great and captures the details well. Good write up too. Best, mahesh.,

Thanks for this great review and stunning pictures

 By: SvB : April 17th, 2017-11:55
They made me love my \'snowflake\' even more than I already did

Thanks Alkiro. It was fun to piece together the review

 By: skyeriding : April 17th, 2017-22:15
Having to write a coherent review together with the associated pictures takes more effort than I thought. I hope this write-up serves its purpose... Regards, skyeriding

Well played!

 By: Alkiro1 : April 18th, 2017-13:59
Best wishes Alkiro

What a review!

 By: KMII : April 17th, 2017-13:34
And the pictures You have outdone yourself yet again! Do I understand it correctly that this is your latest addition to your collection? In that case congratulations are in order!

Thanks KMII, yes it is

 By: skyeriding : April 17th, 2017-22:18
I was hugely driven due to the revision that I disliked. While a SBGA125 was my initial dream, its unavailability drove me back to the Snowflake. I believe I'm starting to prefer the dial over the Blizzard... At the least, an attempt at a review is what I... 

A great review at any rate :)

 By: KMII : April 18th, 2017-04:54
And again, congratulations on a watch excellently chosen

I believe the snowflake is much more unique...

 By: travelller : May 25th, 2017-04:34 least I've never seen anything like it before whereas the "Blizzard" - although surly well-executed, has a more "familiar" appearance... . Enjoy your snowflake


 By: travelller : May 25th, 2017-05:17
*The Yachtmaster (SS w/Pt dial) comes to mind and while not in the same class, Omega's GSOTM - both using platinum "dust" IIRC. Again, I place emphasis on the term "familiar" and [certainly] not "same"

I went looking for a snowflake...

 By: travelller : June 23rd, 2017-18:09
...and "only" found the blizzard... !?! What can I say... . I am still a bigger fan of the snowflake-dial's texture but the SBGA125's case/lug geometry and box crystal won me over... ...  


 By: skyeriding : June 26th, 2017-09:15
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 By: cazalea : April 17th, 2017-16:10
We are not worthy but it is worth trying on a strap (with the right fit on the end) Cazalea ...  

Thank you Cazalea,

 By: skyeriding : April 17th, 2017-22:21
As a dress watch guy, I'd love to try a strap eventually. However I'd like to do it safely with the proper tool, I still like the bracelet, and also I feel due to the lug sizes it may look a little too bulky relative to the strap width... I will likely ta... 

A great review! And superb pictures!

 By: stromer : April 18th, 2017-00:47
As the Snowflake is the one GS that might make it into my small collection one day, I was thrilled to see your detailed and comprehensive review. Thanks a lot for that! Best, Martin

Thanks for the detailed review

 By: benlee338 : April 18th, 2017-04:27
Among the best I have read in puristpro so far and your pictures are excellent. I do not yet own a Grand Seiko but I have friends that do and I have the chance to try one on. I have to say the finishing is certainly impressive. However, I am curious to kn... 

Thanks ben for the praise.

 By: skyeriding : April 18th, 2017-05:57
Take my words with a grain of salt, as I do not own anything of a category within the Trinity/ALS range etc., and have little experience handling them in person. My opinion is that GS excels particularly in certain facets, while understandably has to comp...  

Now that's BIG

 By: cazalea : April 18th, 2017-11:27
After reading that you'd uploaded full size images, I went to my iMac and found a 27" diameter Snowflake! Just a comment about movement finishing - the Spring Drive can be finished in many different style, depending on Seiko's choice - it's not that they ...  

Late response from my side,

 By: skyeriding : April 22nd, 2017-01:13
I find it difficult to put into words, but perhaps its Seiko's design cues for the movement that I feel is underselling itself? For instance, the hi-beat GS models I feel could be done more interestingly. The bridges all have no anglage at all - machined ...  

Speaking of mvmt-finishes and your initial interest in the SBGA125...

 By: travelller : May 25th, 2017-05:01
...correct me if I'm wrong but the finish is more traditional with the 125's movement , or am I mistaken?

T4S - very interesting to know! [nt]

 By: travelller : May 25th, 2017-04:39
No message body

textured paper

 By: tom2517 : April 18th, 2017-11:42
Correct me if I am wrong, but I read somewhere that someone from GS has indeed said that the dial was originally meant to be a representation of white textured paper. But since the name snowflake was taken on by the market, GS just went along with it.

The "Snowflake" nickname

 By: cazalea : April 18th, 2017-12:10
GS Dealer 1 says: "The dial, for which this reference is monikered, is famous for having undergone a 9-step process to produce a finish resembling fresh snow. However, there doesn't seem to be a pure consensus about the exact inspiration for the dial. Som...  

I remember

 By: tom2517 : April 19th, 2017-00:54
the person who said it was based on textured paper was not a GS dealer, but rather someone at the GS manufacture. Anyways it's not important, if one day I ran into that article again I will post the link.

Thanks for a very

 By: halkcb : April 18th, 2017-18:06
incisive and comprehensive report on the "snowflake". Your photos are so well shot and show such great detail.I wish i could have your skills to highlight the "Blizzard",both in text and photos! Many thanks once again and enjoy your watch! best

Thanks halkcb,

 By: skyeriding : April 22nd, 2017-00:52
I was strongly drawn to the Blizzard over the Snowflake due to the case shape but when I started liking it, it was already long gone... Nevertheless, I haven't had a watch yet that has given me such pleasure until the Snowflake came along! Regards, skyeri... 


 By: Charilaos : April 20th, 2017-10:00
Happy owner of this beauty!!!!!! Spend most of the time in my wrist and takes out from rotation other "heavy" names!!!!!! ...  

Thanks for your delicate review and there's one question

 By: calatravayang : April 28th, 2017-00:24
Hi skyeriding, I'm also a happy owner of this snowflake.........'s brother SBGA001. Although I preferred the snowflake dial quite a lot by many close-up photos, I changed my mind after seeing them in life. The delicate sunbursted cream-colored dial of SBG... 

Thank you Chia Ming,

 By: skyeriding : April 28th, 2017-09:44
As far as I've had it for the relatively short time so far (around a month), I don't really notice the date wheel shifting around; even giving it a few shakes or nudging it with the quickset date. I do notice however, that the date wheel sits relative "de... 

That's quite strange

 By: calatravayang : April 28th, 2017-16:34
Initially I also thought it was due to a visual illusion caused by different view angles. However, I'm sure it's not soon. It doesn't influence by any motion nor vibration neither. I've tried to "reset" the date by quick-set, but nothing changed. The only... 

I had one for about a year - one of the very first SBGA001 - and saw no misalignment that I can recall

 By: cazalea : May 25th, 2017-10:29
The photos from that time confirm this (yes, I was excited to get this watch and drank a great bottle in self-congratulations) Looking at the layout of the movement I see nothing unusual in the date change mechanism, so either it's a fluke or perhaps the ...  

Thanks for your experience sharing

 By: calatravayang : May 25th, 2017-10:49
The only thing I confirmed is the issue I mentioned doesn't result from different viewing angle. I'll point out this issue during maintenance and seek for the answer.

Excellent review - T4S!

 By: travelller : May 25th, 2017-04:10
The SBGA011 (/SBGA211) is on my short-list and this review just moved it a few notches up the list... Awesome photos / macros. I couldn't do without my (Canon) EF-S 60 2.8! Cheers!

Thanks travelller

 By: skyeriding : May 25th, 2017-09:57
Best to handle them in person if possible - you'd never know what you'd find that you'll like! Especially with GS and their unique dials, they are appreciated much differently in real life versus still photos. I did manage to handle a SBGH037 which I'd ha... 

New vs Old Dial

 By: benlee338 : May 28th, 2017-04:10
Hi skyeriding, I am curious to know what is your take on the old vs new dial for this model? As you know, the new dial will only have the GS word and logo. It does have the effect of making the dial looks slightly less balance, as some have opinion.

I've seen some random pics of the new SBGA211...

 By: skyeriding : May 28th, 2017-11:20
The first time I saw the SBGA211 which will supersede the old one, it was the immediate driving force to jump for the SBGA011. Now that I look at it again, it doesn't seem too bad but I still much prefer the older dial of the 011. It has a sense of more m... 

I agree

 By: benlee338 : May 28th, 2017-22:34
The 011 is more "balanced" for lack of a better word.

I only just managed to read your review in its entirety...

 By: rnaden : May 29th, 2017-06:24
Great review, which is what I can say, with some really amazing close ups to illustrate the points. I'm thinking hard about adding a spring drive and this is now at the top of my list, thanks to your very well composed review. I suppose I have to act fast... 

Thank you Richard,

 By: skyeriding : May 31st, 2017-07:30
To me the grail is still a SBGA125, but that is long gone. Nevertheless, I appreciate the design of the 011 snowflake more and more especially after doing the review. Give a think about it especially if you want to buy new as I don't know how long before ... 

Thank you for the amazing pictures and analysis!

 By: jh8cw : May 29th, 2017-21:03
I'll try to take a few close up shots with my iPhone 6s and upload some pictures of SBGA211 and provide a few close-ups of dials! The snowflake rotates in with 2 other watches for the working days and is a true keeper! I originally aimed at trading in a w... 

I share most of your sentiments jh8cw...

 By: skyeriding : May 31st, 2017-07:49
With regards to case, the lugs definitely are chunky, which is why I feel aesthetically it works better on bracelet than a strap (which might not flow too well given the size). As a strap guy most of the time, this one made me like bracelets - though I ma... 

I own 1 too

 By: William M aka Mr.Lume : May 31st, 2017-17:54
I was blown away by the sheer comfort & level of detail on a Seiko. Never in a million years did I think I would spend that kind of $$ on a Seiko.I took a chance & purchased 1 sight unseen from Toppers & I'm sure glad I did. Like you I'm a str...  

I'll probably try some Camille Fournet straps when I've some money put aside.

 By: jh8cw : May 31st, 2017-18:57
They allow for the building of custom straps, custom thickness, etc. I can let you all know what they recommend for the dimensions.