Oh that would be the Bezel thingamajig

Dec 16, 2012,19:07 PM

Seriously though it the Bezel retaining spring (166.077).



Omega 600 Ploprof Parts catalog

Omega 600 Ploprof Parts catalog

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The Omega 600 Ploprof and The Cousteau Divers.

 By: Bill : December 16th, 2012-12:49
I came across this pictures of the Omega Ploprof in action on the wrists of Cousteau in conjunction with Comex and the legendary Jacques Cousteau, Omega conceived and developed what was probably the first waterproof watch designed and built solely for th...  

. . . just as Boone . . .

 By: Dr No : December 16th, 2012-15:05
. . . was less appreciated than Newman . . . . . . but it remains a toss-up as to who had the more powerful and compelling role in Hombre. Everyone loves Paul, but there are those of us who appreciate Richard equally. ...  

Omega 600 Ploprof Full set

 By: Bill : December 16th, 2012-13:37
Here is what the civilian Ploprof looks like. Still has some nice character. Bill ...  

Frist time I am called a Dr. Usually

 By: amanico : December 16th, 2012-14:24
All those I meet need a doctor... ;) Best, Vlad.

Uuuurghh ??

 By: bimbeano : December 16th, 2012-15:02
Where are my pills ? :-)

The full restoration of the Omega 600 Ploprof

 By: Bill : December 16th, 2012-15:06
It takes a lot of work time and effort to complete the vintage journey. And you want it to be a solid as the day it was born. Here you can enjoy the journey of her restoration. Please be sure to follow the story to the end of the page. It will get excitin...  

fully behind you on the destro's Bill.

 By: G99 : December 18th, 2012-05:46
lovely description of the watchmakers error :) G

Proplof destro's

 By: Bill Sohne : December 18th, 2012-08:41
Hi Bill The "RARE" destro's .... Everytime I hear someone describe a watch that way I think of going to Peter Luger's and getting a steak for two ( for myself!). The destro 600m is not rare.. Any 600m can be converted. The dial feet are at 180 deg apart f... 

Dont worry Bill, we wont...

 By: G99 : December 18th, 2012-08:47
Dont worry Bill, we wont tell anyone else so it remains secret :) G On 18 Dec 2012 16:41, "www watchprosite" *Alert from:* www:watchprosite > *Posted By:* Bill Sohne (registered) on December 18th, 2012 - 08:41 > > *Title: Proplof destro's > * > > *

I agree 100%

 By: Bill : December 18th, 2012-16:38
There is no such thing as a Destro version of the Omega 600 Ploprof. Just guy trying to hype the uninitiated into thinking there is something special or unique and trying to extract more cash from them. But as we know there will always be people that will... 

Its a bit like a...

 By: G99 : December 19th, 2012-00:55
Its a bit like a guy i used to bump into on ebay years ago. He had great artistic licence and described a hand wind seamaster 600 as 'the dive watch worn by Jaque Cousteau'. I really hate people like that and used to email his bidders if he had misdescrib... 

Thank you for these pics from the history. I have one question if you don't mind.

 By: Ruckdee : December 16th, 2012-17:42
In this pic... ...what part is that thin, long and curved piece of metal below the bezel and above the crown? Ruckdee ...  

Oh that would be the Bezel thingamajig

 By: Bill : December 16th, 2012-19:07
Seriously though it the Bezel retaining spring (166.077). Best Bill Omega 600 Ploprof Parts catalog ...  

According to ex Comex divers...

 By: DrStrong : December 17th, 2012-06:50
...the ploprof also had technical issues. But indeed it was tested, in particular during Janus II ...  

thanks for the pics Bill

 By: G99 : December 18th, 2012-05:38
i personally prefer the ploprof and love its design and solidity. i sold mine as i dont think it is an easy watch to wear in normal clothing, but as a dive watch it is one of the best. i cant understand why, as far as i'm aware, no company like comex, too... 

A couple more, just because...

 By: pplater : December 20th, 2012-15:34
[sorry - don't know who to credit] Cheers, pplater. ...