It's well deserved, Jack.

May 11, 2007,12:33 PM

Chuck, this is one of the greatest compliments of my career as a horological writer. . . May 10, 2007,18:02 PM By: Jack Forster (registered)

Eh, it's well deserved, Jack.

. . . you are universally recognized as THE definitive authority on the Web for the Speedmaster- and not just the Moonwatch but the various Marks in all their incarnations, and your resources are now and will remain for the forseeable future not only the most definitive on the 'net informationally, but also among the most pleasurable to read.


Well, I don't know about all that... And in any case this will likely change quickly when Marco Richon's new book hits our eagar hands and blows us all away. I personally feel more in my element talking about the Mark Series, the Teutonics, the c.1045 and the other variants (Speedsonic, Flightmaster, Bullhead, 125) than the moonwatch. Yeah, the Moonwatch is great and interesting but the real fun is in all the variants!

The difference and distinction between my minor forays at putting electrons into HTML form is that I'm coming at it from a Chrono-Driver's or Chrono-Collector's, or even Chrono-Archeologist's point of view. Your effort[s] is[are] from an angle where I don't feel I possess ability/knowledge/expertise in... Your approaching the topic from the Chrono-Doctor's or Chrono-mechanic's point of view.

I mean I can critique the usability of various dial layouts, and appearance aspects, but I doubt anyone will be seeing me discuss the mechanical merits of the lever-cam vs. the column wheel other than one looks nicer and one is more avidly sought by many.

I have been reading your writings on the Speedmasters literally for years, and they are a model of accuracy in research

Well, I'm not sure I would go _that_ far...

I do from time to time, at times anyway, try to pencil in the aspects of the terrain which we don't have firm solid information on, even prematurely, and I have been known to express a theory or two which doesn't necessarily hold up upon the discovery of new information. Case in point and it's resolution [at least for now].

and in a world of stolen and unacknowledged sources your scholarly scrupulousness and clarity about attribution is a model for all of us. 

Well, from the start I have never seen what one gains from trying to pass off someone else's work as one's own, nor have I been able to see what one loses by not giving credit where credit is due. Nothing in this day and age is created in a vacuum. Ok, well maybe someone has me on the Segway! Few things in this day and age...

To be complimented by you on an article I've put together on the Speedmaster is truly a privilege.

Eh, good work is complemented, this is clearly good work and beyond that!

The article is the property of and its disposition is at their discretion, but I'm hopeful it will find a permanent home .

Don't be surprised if I don't make a PDF archive for my personal use!


Cheers and once again, very well done! -- Chuck

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The Right Stuff: Inside the Omega Speedmaster Professional - Part 2

 By: Jack Forster : May 8th, 2007-01:05
The Right Stuff: Inside the Omega Speedmaster Professional By: Jack Forster Part II: Anatomy of a Legend. Like many watches that have a rich cultural as well as horological history (the Rolex Submariner springs to mind) it's very hard to actually see the ...  


 By: Chromatic Fugue : May 8th, 2007-09:47
Jack, this is exactly the sort of lucid technical explanation of this watch that I've been hankering for, and it's simply fantastic! - Jon

Thanks Jon!

 By: Jack Forster : May 10th, 2007-17:47

Jack this deserves a standing ovation!! A Masterpiece!! Congratulations and Thank you>>>

 By: MARCOS : May 8th, 2007-11:30
This is a work to be in a book! Together with part 1. I enjoyed part 1 when you mention the "labia types", IIRC, that was funny! Best regards, Marcos

God Bless You, Jack! ;-) nt

 By: Chris Meisenzahl : May 8th, 2007-12:25

Hi Chris- just a little. . .

 By: Jack Forster : May 10th, 2007-17:49


 By: Moses : May 8th, 2007-15:23
Together with Part 1, a splendid achievement!

this revives a dilemma for me

 By: Chromatic Fugue : May 8th, 2007-19:12
I've been putting off buying one of these because I couldn't choose between the "traditional" Speedy Pro with the hesalite front and solid back and the "sapphire sandwich" model with the display back. Finally, in previous posts, Jack and John had both per... 

I'm also now interested in the 'sapphire sandwhich' but...

 By: Andy : May 9th, 2007-01:34
does anybody have any pics of the profile of the front crystal..?? I'd like to know if the shape is the same as the curved beveled edged plastic or if it is flat like on a Rolex for example. Outstanding report too.....any benefits to the plastic or metal ... 

Hi gents, I believe the crystal is domed on the sapphire as well. . .

 By: Jack Forster : May 10th, 2007-17:54
. . .it's a lovely watch, and the fact is that it's really value added to be able to ogle the works through the caseback. I think functionally the nylon brake actually slightly has the edge on the metal one (of course, I have no authoritative evidence of ... 

what Jack made me do ---

 By: Chromatic Fugue : May 11th, 2007-15:54
Got this earlier today: the classic, no display back, but I'm cool with that. I'll just bookmark Jack's article for easy access to the greatest article ever written on this movement. Thanks again, Jack!...  

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Now all you need to do is perform. . .

 By: Jack Forster : May 11th, 2007-19:14
. . . the traditional ritual of new Speedmaster ownership. Rent "Apollo 13" and crack open a bottle of your favorite single malt (if you're me ;-) ) and wait with bated breath for the mid course correction burn scene ;-) . Or alternatively, play the Speed... 

I'll try the drinking game

 By: Chromatic Fugue : May 11th, 2007-21:44
and the only suspense will be whether I can write a coherent post afterwards. Looking forward to it!

Simply fabulous - Thanks Jack (nt)

 By: Velociphile - No longer in the building : May 9th, 2007-02:23

Avec plaisir, V. . .

 By: Jack Forster : May 10th, 2007-17:54

Thank you Ron!

 By: Jack Forster : May 10th, 2007-17:54
Look forward to seeing you in NYC again one of these days! Jack

Me too, Jack. (nt)

 By: Ronald Held : May 11th, 2007-05:16

Sensational, Jack! Incredible clarity, detailed pictures,

 By: SteveG : May 9th, 2007-07:14
comedic attitude, what more could one ask! thanks!

I can take credit for

 By: Jack Forster : May 10th, 2007-17:56

Jack, you just topped yourself!

 By: Valentin Blank : May 9th, 2007-07:56
Dear Jack Thank you so much for this wonderful article! I enjoyed every line of it and I learned a lot more about my favourite watch. For example, your notes about the dial are so enlightening. They explain what I have never bothered to measure/analyse bu... 

brilliant, nice job! (nt)

 By: ei8htohms : May 9th, 2007-18:43

Exceedingly well done Jack! I hope you have it archived!

 By: Chicagoland Chuck Maddox : May 9th, 2007-18:58
I'd be happy to host an archive on my site if that would be helpful! Cheers! -- Chuck

Chuck, this is one of the greatest compliments of my career as a horological writer. . .

 By: Jack Forster : May 10th, 2007-18:02
. . . you are universally recognized as THE definitive authority on the Web for the Speedmaster- and not just the Moonwatch but the various Marks in all their incarnations, and your resources are now and will remain for the forseeable future not only the ... 

It's well deserved, Jack.

 By: Chicagoland Chuck Maddox : May 11th, 2007-12:33

Simply outstanding!

 By: Rrryan : May 9th, 2007-21:43
Wonderful article, well-researched and beautifully written. Well done! If I might be so presumptuous to add one more detail, the material used for the chrono brake is more specifically known as Delrin. Regards, -r This message has been edited by MTF on 20... 

Thanks so much! I'd read it referred to as such. . .

 By: Jack Forster : May 10th, 2007-18:03
. . .but couldn't confirm it through the Omega tech docs I had to hand. Best regards, Jack

Even at a 2nd reading >>

 By: MTF : May 9th, 2007-23:01
it was just as good as the draft reading Thanks! MTF

Bloody marvelous, Jack!

 By: Laurence G : May 9th, 2007-23:27
I've spent the week reading up everything I can find about this legend and I might just buy one myself. That said, this opens up a thread of considerations like open-backed cases to collectors' editions as opposed to the regular models sold in the boutiqu... 

Great read - thank you [nt]

 By: MGM : May 10th, 2007-04:49
No message body

Great post Jack ....

 By: Bill Sohne : May 12th, 2007-11:39
Hi Jack i just want to say thank you for such a deep article. Out in the internet you do not come across this caliber of work too often. Best regards Bill Sohne

Ditto . . .

 By: Dr No : May 12th, 2007-18:12


 By: Kelly M : May 16th, 2007-21:46