A one pan pasta dinner

Jan 03, 2021,17:00 PM

Creamy baked ziti. Contains pasta onion garlic Kalamata olives crushed tomatoes marinara sauce with basil And red peppers

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Yummy :-)

 By: MikiJ : January 3rd, 2021-17:23

i am drooling

 By: Gelato Monster : January 3rd, 2021-18:01

Have you heard my philosophy of life before, Tony? . . .

 By: Dr No : January 3rd, 2021-21:25
. . . "Drive German, eat Italian, and drink Mexican - you can't go wrong." ...  

And marry/date all three at least once 😇

 By: redcorals : January 4th, 2021-07:09
No message body

I've heard of...

 By: patrick_y : January 4th, 2021-13:19
Drive Italian (I'd go for the Lamborghini Huracan), eat Italian, and drink Italian (I'd go for less tannic wines)! But yours sounds much more attainable! One thing for sure, can't go wrong with Dr. No!

Oh, I've been wrong before, Patrick. Ask . . .

 By: Dr No : January 6th, 2021-07:51
. . . any of my former girlfriends. ...  

So far so good...

 By: patrick_y : January 6th, 2021-15:22
Drive German. Check. Eat Italian. Check. I haven't found any Mexican beer I like (but I haven't tried many different ones yet) and tequila doesn't agree with me (I might get a reaction from it) so I'm sticking with IPA from Carlsbad, San Diego, only an ho... 

It looks

 By: Jari from Finland : January 4th, 2021-03:47


 By: patrick_y : January 4th, 2021-13:15
I don't know how some places do it, but the noodles are still al dente somehow. What's the secret to that? I once had a baked lasagna where the noodles were perfectly al dente. I really like my pasta al dente. At one point, I even thought of investing in ...