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Automotive: Oh man yer killin' me with this one Mike! I ran into this guy once and have a bunch of pics of this crazy thing that I took with my 16mm Minolta spy camera (thank God I had a camera with

me!). Now, I "thought" he said it was powered by a Dino V6 but your further comments connected to the Andrea have me wondering if this isn't powered by a Dino V8? At any rate I remember how poor those same single piston Yamaha brakes were on my (strong) FJ-1200, but on this? Massively insufficient!
By: InDebtButOnTime

Automotive: Great pics Mike! Didn't realize Lombard St is closed to traffic now. Glad I got to cruise if a few times. In the early 90s I rode my Yamaha FJ 1200 up HWY 1 to the motorcycle GP races at

Laguna Seca and spent a lot of time at that vantage point of the Cork Screw. I remember watching John Kocinski (250cc GP champ that year) go down it doing a wheelie the entire way. Left turn-right turn with the front wheel never touching the ground! Also remember watching Dan Gurney go through it in
By: InDebtButOnTime

Automotive: I had forgotten about that "thermometer-speedometer"! My dad had a 1960 Super 88! Boring Brown. We also had a '64 F-85 station wagon. Boring green... it was a V8.. not sure if that

would have been the alloy one sold to Rover (do you know Mike?). That was the first family car I drove (when lucky enough to). Pops sure wasn't about to let me take out his cream white '62 Coupe de Ville Caddy. I was never into giant American barges but that Caddy was classy and cool. I was into sma
By: InDebtButOnTime