Photos and review of my new RO Double Balance Wheel Openworked

Apr 28, 2019,06:26 AM


As promised, see below some better pics of the 15407ST I received a few days ago after a multi-year wait, as well as an initial review.


This is my first RO, so I'll talk a bit about the overall model. The design is very angular and sharp, however, still surprising comfortable to wear. I would say that it's a bit harsher than the Nautilus (I own the 5990), almost as if Genta did the RO as the ebauche and the Nautilus as the final product... However, some may argue that the Nautilus is a bit softer. In my mind, they both have their merits, but I think the Nautilus is slightly more elegant while the RO has a tougher, more industrial design look. The size is great at 41mm, which is around my sweet spot. You can see it on the wrist (I have an average sized wrist) below:

One can certainly not argue that this is a discreet watch. As a matter of fact, it's a bit flashy. This, I believe is caused by the combination of a very shiny treatment of the steel on the bezel, inner bezel and bracelet, with the openwork and the gold parts. It's not too outrageous, but it's still somewhat more aggressive than what I'm used to wear. This my collection below for reference:

From top left to bottom right: Lange Triple Split, Patek 5270P, IWC Portugieser Perpetual Calendar 75th Anniversary, Lange 1 Time Zone in Platinum, Patek 5990/1A, the RO, Vacheron Quai de l'Ile, Panerai Luminor Monopulsante 8 Days GMT PAM317, and Blancpain Fifty Fathom Ocean Commitment I. 


What is certainly most striking is the quality of the finish of the openwork. It is simply outstanding! The skeletonized bridges display several gorgeous inward angles, polished to perfection. The contrast in color is also quite amazing with at least four different metal treatments that range from almost black around the mainspring, to silver, through a gun metal grey for the main bridge.The gold hands, balance wheel, balance wheel bridge, going train, oscillating weight, and markers finish the overall look of the watch. See some close ups below:

For once, the front side is more interesting the back side smile.

Final thoughts:

I really like this watch. It's a true pleasure to look at the time and I noticed I tend to do it very often in the course of the day smile. I'm quickly getting used to both it's outsized personality and the rather industrial design look of the RO. My one, small, nagging criticism is the small movement compared to the size of the watch when viewed from the back. It looks a bit lost in there... It's not a big issue as the view from the front is spectacular indeed. I hope you will enjoy the pictures. Bets, David

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Thanks Nicolas!

 By: David_S : April 28th, 2019-06:53
I'm still extremely happy with it but at this level, we should be allowed to nitpick and nag like old wives.

Of course! ;) [nt]

 By: amanico : April 28th, 2019-08:27

Thanks Seb! [nt]

 By: David_S : April 28th, 2019-06:53

Thank you for the review. I didn’t know that one was hard to get too

 By: Tyo : April 28th, 2019-08:20
I also appreciate your collection, every uses you might need is covered.


 By: David_S : April 28th, 2019-12:43
Yes, it’s very tough to get, maybe also because I’m a new AP client. Thanks for the comment on the collection. I may still need a true dress watch (maybe a VC two hands in platinum). And a Gshock...

A stunning work of art.

 By: mrds : April 28th, 2019-09:28
I love this tension between the industrial, somewhat raw design and the excuisite finishing! Not a huge fan of what AP does in general, but with this piece they did everything just right. Thanks David for sharing this beauty with us. Regards, Daniel

Thanks Daniel!

 By: David_S : April 28th, 2019-12:45
I agree that there are few pieces in the current AP catalogue that I find truly tempting, although I do like the black ceramic QP quite a bit...


 By: M4 : April 28th, 2019-12:48
The Royal Oak and your collection are top. M4

Thanks M4. [nt]

 By: David_S : April 28th, 2019-13:57


 By: Mikesr  : April 29th, 2019-07:48

Thanks a lot Mike! [nt]

 By: David_S : April 29th, 2019-08:13

Great candid review and photos! [nt]

 By: NewEnglandWatch : April 30th, 2019-08:59

Thanks you! [nt]

 By: David_S : April 30th, 2019-09:18

The Lange TS, PP 5270P, 5990 and this RO....all supposedly

 By: Clueless_Collector : April 30th, 2019-18:02
”hard to get” or boutique only client but you have them....amazing feat. Care to share how you achieved this? It is only logical if your AD carrying all 3 brands 😂 Congratulations to a stunning new watch and collection, David.

Thanks a lot Raymond

 By: David_S : May 1st, 2019-00:39
I used an old trick that I hesitate to share: patience! TS at an AD, waited a year. I ordered immediately after it was announced at SIHH. 5270 at the Salons in Geneva and RO at the AP boutique. For the RO, I put my name on the list about 3 or 4 years ago.... 

David, thanks for a wonderful photo set and your insight.

 By: MichaelC : May 1st, 2019-06:14
I'll never forget when I purchased my first AP, a silver dial rubberclad in 2001. To have that watch on my wrist, I was mesmerized by the crafstmanship. The Royal Oak Openworks demonstrates a real mastery of craftsmanship. As Dad says, you can pay more bu... 

Thanks Michael! [nt]

 By: David_S : May 7th, 2019-01:26

Great review and pics

 By: Colin W : May 1st, 2019-15:11
Totally agree movement looks spectacular from the front but a little lost from the back - overall a great piece of mechanical art for the wrist.

Very nice pictures and review.

 By: benlee338 : May 5th, 2019-07:54
I have the same watch and it's a keeper. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Descartes!

 By: David_S : May 8th, 2019-02:24
It's a unique watch indeed.