Rolex Vintage Brochure - Skin Diver handbook.

Nov 07, 2021,20:57 PM

I thought I would do another exposé on spotting the non genuine examples as I am seeing more showing up for sale.  In pictures online it is very hard to spot the fake.  As in my last report pixels from reproduction copier/photo copy can only really be seen with a loop or solid close up pictures.  The magnification / shrinkage is a little easier to spot when looking at a photo of these brochures show up on the big auction site.  So this will help you spot the real vs the fake Rolex Skin Diver Brochures.

Rolex Skin Diver handbook
Rolex Skin Diver handbook

Looking closely you can see that on the real brochure the tank is clearly visible and on the reproduction copy/fake the tank is cut off.  In addition the reproduction is actually slightly smaller.  Due to the copier compressing the image to keep the resolution the resulting image is slightly smaller and when cut the result is as below.  This can be see from picture if large enough.  This is a way to try and analyse the document if you don't have clear close-up images that are a dead give away that a photo copy the pixels that are blurred.

Look closely at the visible full tank profile
Look closely at the visible full tank profile

From a distancs they all look good
From a distancs they all look good

Up close very obviously this is real and printed with ink
Up close very obviously this is real and printed with ink

Above the process used in ink printing results in clean edges.  Below the photocopy is made of pixels rather than on a printing press you have a completely different result.

Pixels are clerly from a reproduction using a copier
Pixels are clearly from a reproduction using a copier

Below the ink is slightly worn but there is no doubt this is from a printing press done in ink but has aged.  The edges are still far more defined that a copy

Original ink printing
Original ink printing

Below you can see the two images side by side and the copy/fake is obvious.

Top is real and bottom is a reproduction
Top is real and bottom is a reproduction

Reproduction pixels are clear evidence
Reproduction pixels are clear evidence

clear ink printing - real
clear ink printing - real

As I had previously said.  To faithfully reproduce these brochures it is a costly effort using a printing press and ll the tools necessary to reproduce original looking.  You would have to set a press run of thousands and these would not be economical as the market is that big for these documents.  However a photocopy is super cheap and easy to dupe the unsuspecting collector.

I hope this help you avoid these small mistakes.  It is obviously no a big deal as the old brochures are nice item to enjoy in a complete set. 

Final note.  There is also a guaranteed way to know if the Vintage brochure is real without seeing.  Now you are wondering how the hell.....

Smell it.  The original always has a musty old paper smell.  It is the chemical breakdown of compounds within paper that leads to the production of 'old book smell'.  Never fails but means you need the paper in your hand but by then you can do the visual inspection.


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bravissimo !!!

 By: marcello pisani : June 11th, 2015-22:53
well done .

I never know if these info are enjoyed.

 By: Bill : June 11th, 2015-23:33
I guess i am a little obsessed with these details. I make people smell and test my theory and they think I am a little $$%%$$ But I love this stuff. Bill

this is the correct approach also ...

 By: marcello pisani : June 11th, 2015-23:52
for all watches details !

Thank you

 By: Le Monde Edmond : June 12th, 2015-02:56
Bill- this is again very helpful. And yes the smell test is a very useful trick indeed. An expert taught me that last year. Best Edmond

Time to break out your sets and do the smell test.

 By: Bill : June 12th, 2015-07:17
In general sets are usually a genuine package. Bill

A great post with useful tips, Bill.

 By: Tank-OZ : June 12th, 2015-05:01
Still much to learn about VR for me. This kind of information is very useful for someone new to VR. After acquiring my first VR recently, a 1968 no date sub 5513 MF, I'm now in the hunt for a GMT Master 1675 and Red Sub 1680. Any useful tips from you is a... 

Your Rolex 5513 MF is a great looking watch.

 By: Bill : June 12th, 2015-07:35
For the Role 1680 Red Submariner you have a great reference right here on the site. The Rolex 1675 GMT has a big fan club here so please share your targets with us. When you get the bug for the Rolex Gilt models this report is a good starter. There are m... 

Another great thread from a great lover of Vintage Rolex

 By: shou.biao.kuang : June 13th, 2015-01:59
You have never cease to amaze me (and us ) with your depth of knowledge and understanding of vintage Rolexes. I love the "smell" test especially ! LOL Thanks for sharing these valuable information here. These info are scarce and hardly available freely. I... 

Thanks for the kind words

 By: Bill : June 13th, 2015-09:46
It is a crazy hobby but great one to share. Bill

You can clearly see another problem.

 By: Bill : November 7th, 2021-23:01
Can spot the fake. Look at how much sky is Visible to the right of the flag ...  

Very informative…

 By: Cpt Scarlet : November 7th, 2021-22:20
Thank you Bill.

Typesetting is another clue.

 By: John-E-Mac : November 7th, 2021-22:28
The spacing between the letters (kerning) is more exact on modern typesetting generated with software. Vintage was done by hand. Look at the word “diving”. ...  

Very true.

 By: Bill : November 8th, 2021-15:50

Thanks for sharing

 By: alexxelor : November 9th, 2021-09:24

Thanks a lot dear Bill for another interesting post related with original and fake brochures. This Skin Divers brochure has an special fondness for me as I got one copy around...

 By: Subexplorer : November 10th, 2021-14:11
... 1964/65 when I was a very young lad giving my first steps (first web footed steps!!) in scuba diving and I got mine answering a Rolex ad in the venerable "Skin Diver Magazine" which offered it to the readers. Regrettably I can´t find it now though I f... 

Wow Bill!! You got them book binded!! I did the same for years!!

 By: Subexplorer : November 11th, 2021-03:53
I was very lucky to meet Mr. Jim Auxier one of the two founders of Skin Diver Magazine in February 1966. I also met Jeane and Ed Dowd writers of same magazine in same date. I have so many fond memories of that magazine! Absolutely agree with you that it w...