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Jun 11, 2015,23:31 PM

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Rolex Vintage Brochure - Skin Diver handbook.

 By: Bill : November 7th, 2021-20:57
I thought I would do another expos é on spotting the non genuine examples as I am seeing more showing up for sale. In pictures online it is very hard to spot the fake. As in my last report pixels from reproduction copier/photo copy can only really be seen...  

bravissimo !!!

 By: marcello pisani : June 11th, 2015-22:53
well done .

I never know if these info are enjoyed.

 By: Bill : June 11th, 2015-23:33
I guess i am a little obsessed with these details. I make people smell and test my theory and they think I am a little $$%%$$ But I love this stuff. Bill

this is the correct approach also ...

 By: marcello pisani : June 11th, 2015-23:52
for all watches details !

Thank you

 By: Le Monde Edmond : June 12th, 2015-02:56
Bill- this is again very helpful. And yes the smell test is a very useful trick indeed. An expert taught me that last year. Best Edmond

Time to break out your sets and do the smell test.

 By: Bill : June 12th, 2015-07:17
In general sets are usually a genuine package. Bill

A great post with useful tips, Bill.

 By: Tank-OZ : June 12th, 2015-05:01
Still much to learn about VR for me. This kind of information is very useful for someone new to VR. After acquiring my first VR recently, a 1968 no date sub 5513 MF, I'm now in the hunt for a GMT Master 1675 and Red Sub 1680. Any useful tips from you is a... 

Your Rolex 5513 MF is a great looking watch.

 By: Bill : June 12th, 2015-07:35
For the Role 1680 Red Submariner you have a great reference right here on the site. The Rolex 1675 GMT has a big fan club here so please share your targets with us. When you get the bug for the Rolex Gilt models this report is a good starter. There are m... 

Another great thread from a great lover of Vintage Rolex

 By: shou.biao.kuang : June 13th, 2015-01:59
You have never cease to amaze me (and us ) with your depth of knowledge and understanding of vintage Rolexes. I love the "smell" test especially ! LOL Thanks for sharing these valuable information here. These info are scarce and hardly available freely. I... 

Thanks for the kind words

 By: Bill : June 13th, 2015-09:46
It is a crazy hobby but great one to share. Bill

You can clearly see another problem.

 By: Bill : November 7th, 2021-23:01
Can spot the fake. Look at how much sky is Visible to the right of the flag ...  

Very informative…

 By: Cpt Scarlet : November 7th, 2021-22:20
Thank you Bill.

Typesetting is another clue.

 By: John-E-Mac : November 7th, 2021-22:28
The spacing between the letters (kerning) is more exact on modern typesetting generated with software. Vintage was done by hand. Look at the word “diving”. ...  

Very true.

 By: Bill : November 8th, 2021-15:50

Thanks for sharing

 By: alexxelor : November 9th, 2021-09:24

Thanks a lot dear Bill for another interesting post related with original and fake brochures. This Skin Divers brochure has an special fondness for me as I got one copy around...

 By: Subexplorer : November 10th, 2021-14:11
... 1964/65 when I was a very young lad giving my first steps (first web footed steps!!) in scuba diving and I got mine answering a Rolex ad in the venerable "Skin Diver Magazine" which offered it to the readers. Regrettably I can´t find it now though I f... 

Wow Bill!! You got them book binded!! I did the same for years!!

 By: Subexplorer : November 11th, 2021-03:53
I was very lucky to meet Mr. Jim Auxier one of the two founders of Skin Diver Magazine in February 1966. I also met Jeane and Ed Dowd writers of same magazine in same date. I have so many fond memories of that magazine! Absolutely agree with you that it w...