La Monegasque Chronograph

Feb 15, 2014,20:58 PM

I was lucky enough to buy the limited edition, there is a different movement. The only dissatisfaction is the slightly larger case.

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 By: michaelliu : February 15th, 2014-21:19

Huge congrats!

 By: Jester : February 15th, 2014-21:24
The RD78 movement featured on the Limited Edition La Monegasque is absolutely exquisite. The micro-rotor moving is a joy to look at. Frankly given the relatively small price premium between the regular production model and the LE ones, I don't see why one... 

Gorgeous piece

 By: Spellbound : February 15th, 2014-22:08
What a fabulous acquisition. A watch that would look perfect at the Casino de Monte-Carlo. Great pictures too. Thanks for posting ... Dean

An excellent piece...

 By: Ornatus-Mundi : February 15th, 2014-23:15
very joyful and with the fantastic RD78 movement (automatic chronograph where you can actually admire the complexity of the chronograph!). It has just the right amount of extra spices that makes me prefer it over the RD680. One would not expect a differen... 

Awesome Dubuis and congrats on a fine purchase!

 By: AnthonyTsai : February 17th, 2014-09:45
Fabulous pictures too and wear it in the best of health! Cheers, Anthony


 By: secretlife : February 17th, 2014-17:06
I had the good fortune of meeting one of these "in person" and I must congratulate you on a truly stunning piece! This watch is totally not my "type" but I would have to be in absolute denial if I say I was not tempted... I never understood the point of a... 

The movement is amazing!

 By: tudorctin : February 18th, 2014-10:50
Congratulations! Constantin

Splendid mouvement and superb photos.....

 By: Sandgroper : February 20th, 2014-04:37
Thank you. Cheers Francois from Down Under

Very nice Roger Dubuis

 By: Bill : February 22nd, 2014-14:16
Great pictures that really capture the watch. Now we would like to see a wrist shot. Wear it in good health. Bill

Been looking for this watch. If you ever want to sell it please reach out to me. Thanks, Todd (

 By: tab999 : March 10th, 2023-01:14
What a beauty! Been looking for this watch. If you ever want to sell it please reach out to me. Thanks, Todd ([Email address suppressed for privacy])