Jul 27, 2022,13:58 PM

She will, of course, get a new colorful strap very soon. Best, V.

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Many thanks, my friend!

 By: Pretty Boy : July 27th, 2022-14:09


 By: keks : July 27th, 2022-14:11
huge congrats! sublime piece!

Many thanks, keks.

 By: Pretty Boy : July 27th, 2022-14:14


 By: penfriend : July 27th, 2022-14:19
I admired this watch at W&W for the blue of the ocean - it is a very nice dial and a surely must for a WT collector

Many thanks.

 By: Pretty Boy : July 27th, 2022-14:43


 By: tempus : July 27th, 2022-14:21
Enemal dials one has to see in person. Gorgeous! Huge congrats πŸŽ‰ Best Tempus

Thanks a lot!

 By: Pretty Boy : July 27th, 2022-14:44

Fantastic watch!

 By: Geo : July 27th, 2022-14:28

Thank you.

 By: Pretty Boy : July 27th, 2022-14:44

Fantastic addition to your collection - congratulations!

 By: als1678 : July 27th, 2022-14:33
Those enamel pieces are really special, but I was wondering what you thought about the new 5230P if you had a chance to see it in person?


 By: Michael Reilly : July 27th, 2022-14:43
Wow wow wow 🀩

Many thanks. πŸ‘

 By: Pretty Boy : July 27th, 2022-15:08

Thank you so much.

 By: Pretty Boy : July 27th, 2022-15:06
IMO, 5230P is very attractive and the best 5230 yet. Certainly a watch I would consider buying if I didn’t have the chance to get 5231s.

Amazing and beautiful. What a great acquisition.

 By: EdTonkin : July 27th, 2022-14:46
Congratulations and enjoy! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks a lot, Ed.

 By: Pretty Boy : July 27th, 2022-15:08

Thanks a lot, my friend.

 By: Pretty Boy : July 27th, 2022-15:09

Such a pretty watch for our pretty boy ! Huge

 By: GLau : July 27th, 2022-14:56
congratulations V ! The dial looks SO SO good !!πŸ‘

Many thanks, Gordon.

 By: Pretty Boy : July 27th, 2022-15:09

 By: pw927 : July 27th, 2022-15:07
Gorgeous watch. Enjoy it!!!

Thanks a lot.

 By: Pretty Boy : July 27th, 2022-15:09

Bravo πŸ‘ Epic!!

 By: PP888 : July 27th, 2022-15:44
Amazing NWA!! Love the colors and can’t wait to see it on your new strap. Wear it in good health!!

Many thanks! πŸ™

 By: Pretty Boy : July 27th, 2022-15:49

Thanks a lot, Bill.

 By: Pretty Boy : July 27th, 2022-15:50


 By: patrick_y : July 27th, 2022-16:05

Many thanks, Patrick.

 By: Pretty Boy : July 27th, 2022-16:09


 By: Pretty Boy : July 27th, 2022-16:22


 By: chris7509 : July 27th, 2022-16:08
She is superb ! I can relate, once you have tasted enamel dials, it is hard to go back :p

Thanks, Chris. So true!

 By: Pretty Boy : July 27th, 2022-16:09


 By: Time to watch : July 27th, 2022-16:09
A lovely addition, a beauty. May you enjoy it in good health always.

Thanks a lot. πŸ™

 By: Pretty Boy : July 27th, 2022-16:10

Many thanks!

 By: Pretty Boy : July 27th, 2022-16:21

πŸ™ Thanks a lot.

 By: Pretty Boy : July 27th, 2022-17:21

Big congratulations! I had the chance to try one on and I must say as beautiful as it looks in your images it is even better in person.

 By: patekova : July 27th, 2022-17:28
I also like, that unlike 5231J which basically has the same map as 5131J, the 5231 G is a different map. Additionally, I think the off center printing of "Patek Philippe" makes it different and more special. Enjoy! Best, Patekova

I absolutely share your sentiments, my friend.

 By: Pretty Boy : July 27th, 2022-18:51
The strap choice is a bit harder for me though compared to J. I hope it will turn out well.

I think there are a multitude of colorful straps that might work well for you. Obviously it’s all a mater of personal taste. Originally I had an obvious choice (blue) on my 5131G.

 By: patekova : July 27th, 2022-19:34
Then I went to a for lack of a better description for a bluish silvery gray which I like quite a bit. It is a Patek strap, but I don’t recall its descriptive name. I look forward to seeing what you choose. I am confident that whatever you choose will look...  


 By: socal to az : July 27th, 2022-17:37
Green or blue strap would be epic!


 By: Pretty Boy : July 27th, 2022-18:56
Blue would be a good and safe choice. Green I got already on 5231J. So it’s going to be ….. ...  

Thanks a lot, Moritz.

 By: Pretty Boy : July 27th, 2022-18:56

Congratulations πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

 By: FRAMII : July 27th, 2022-18:23
A beautiful watch. Will hopefully get a new PP end August maybe you can guess which one πŸ˜‰

Thanks, my friend.

 By: Pretty Boy : July 27th, 2022-18:57
πŸ€” 5990/1R

Okay then, 5231G?

 By: Pretty Boy : July 27th, 2022-18:58

Good guess 😏

 By: FRAMII : July 27th, 2022-19:02

Top. πŸ‘

 By: Pretty Boy : July 27th, 2022-19:11


 By: whatmakesmetick (andrea) : July 27th, 2022-18:45
You got yourself a real gem, wear it in good health!

Grazie mille, Andrea.

 By: Pretty Boy : July 27th, 2022-18:57

Many thanks. Got a green strap on my 5231J so I will opt for something different.

 By: Pretty Boy : July 27th, 2022-20:16
I will post a picture once I have changed the strap. Not sure whether it will look good so let’s wait and see. πŸ˜‰ ...  

Beautiful piece!!

 By: pfang56 : July 27th, 2022-20:10
Thank you for sharing - enjoy!!! Can't wait to see a photo with your multiple WT's Cheers Peter

Thanks a lot, Peter.

 By: Pretty Boy : July 27th, 2022-20:19
Will do once I have the new strap. The standard blue strap looks a bit boring.

Thank you so much!

 By: Pretty Boy : July 27th, 2022-22:41

Thank you very much!

 By: Pretty Boy : July 28th, 2022-12:26

Thanks, Geross.

 By: Pretty Boy : July 28th, 2022-12:26

Many thanks πŸ™.

 By: Pretty Boy : July 28th, 2022-12:44

Many thanks, Henry.

 By: Pretty Boy : July 28th, 2022-12:45
Just turn your dream into reality. πŸ˜‰

Thank you. πŸ™

 By: Pretty Boy : July 28th, 2022-12:45

Cheers. Happy friday !

 By: Ping.Timeout : July 28th, 2022-22:36


 By: Pretty Boy : August 2nd, 2022-14:50

Literally and figuratively wrist art

 By: Billfav : July 28th, 2022-15:51
Such a beautiful timepiece. I do have a question, as I understand it these are application pieces? Can one specifiy northern or southern hemisphere when ordering? Wear it in the best of health and thanks for sharing it.

Many thanks. It’s a so-called application piece but nevertheless a standard product in PPβ€˜s catalogue.

 By: Pretty Boy : July 28th, 2022-17:15
The map varies only with the metal of the reference. Here are photos of my 5231J and 5131/1P. Let’s see which parts of the world will be depicted on 5231R and P. PS: I doubt that we will ever see again a map as good as the one on 5131/1P. ...