Jaeger Lecoultre Master Chronograph Sector Dial.

 By: amanico : November 20th, 2022-21:35
As we discussed some sector dials, here is another one which is worth some interest, the Master Chronograph issued in 2017, to celebrate the Master Control 25 years. 

Nicely balanced, without date, and charming. 

This is one of these very good watches from these last 5 years. 



Beautiful balance on the dial with a strong presence from the case. Awesome.

 By: Bill : November 20th, 2022-21:37

I am stupid not to have jumped on it...

 By: amanico : November 20th, 2022-21:38

How many times have we said that to ourselves? 😆

 By: Andy_Mac : November 21st, 2022-07:46

I don't count them anymore. :)))

 By: amanico : November 21st, 2022-08:54

I love the sector dial MCs

 By: andrea~ : November 20th, 2022-21:39
I would personally aim for the master control date, but this one is just as nice

The problem with the Master Control Date is the... Date. It ruins the sector dial...

 By: amanico : November 20th, 2022-21:42

I know...

 By: andrea~ : November 20th, 2022-23:25
but I don't mind the added functionality and I'm into the simplicity of the three hands with a date

Aaah, in this case, it is made for you!

 By: amanico : November 21st, 2022-04:45

Oh yes this chrono is perfect and a great sector dial.

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : November 20th, 2022-21:53

I knew you would like this one. ;)

 By: amanico : November 20th, 2022-22:00

It's hard not too! Cheers!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : November 20th, 2022-22:34


 By: amanico : November 20th, 2022-22:34

One of my favs too from recent lines. Should have gotten it when I got a chance but ended up getting a Rolex at the time that I eventually got bored of and departed with instead.

 By: vallura : November 20th, 2022-22:07

Too bad!

 By: amanico : November 20th, 2022-22:08

Agreed — beautiful sector dial offering from JLC; also agree about the date window being a spoiler for the time-only version.

 By: orahu : November 20th, 2022-22:08

From the 3 Master " Sector ", the Chrono is the purest, indeed.

 By: amanico : November 20th, 2022-22:09

Perfect without the date and seconds subdial!

 By: KCLQMULKU : November 20th, 2022-22:17

+1. Thanks, mon ami.

 By: amanico : November 20th, 2022-22:33

Oh how nice if there were current releases like this one.

 By: ArmisT : November 20th, 2022-22:19
This must have been popular at the time, I imagine.

Well, lukewarm welcome, at that time.

 By: amanico : November 20th, 2022-22:34

This is very nice. Don’t think I’d seen it before.

 By: RabidManatee : November 21st, 2022-00:50

Maybe you just forgot?

 By: amanico : November 21st, 2022-06:40

Yes, I think you are correct.

 By: RabidManatee : November 21st, 2022-22:17


 By: amanico : November 21st, 2022-22:41

I recall being very close to acquiring one of these compelling pieces, but I prefer a chronograph with a running seconds subdial.

 By: BigAppleBill : November 21st, 2022-02:29
I also agree that the simpler version would be spectacular without the date window.

Yes, without the Date, the " time only " would have been my favorite, too.

 By: amanico : November 21st, 2022-06:40

Lovely JLC. A date would be superb!!

 By: nasseriq : November 21st, 2022-15:07


 By: amanico : November 21st, 2022-16:26

You make the watch look nicer than I remember it Nico!

 By: ChetBaker : November 23rd, 2022-20:02
When I tried it on a couple of years ago I found the dial a bit cold and sterile. I went to the AD ready to pull the trigger but left feeling underwhelmed. Now you made me wonder if i’d just een in a  bad mood that day smile
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