=D great gift!

Aug 12, 2022,09:09 AM

I have a few friends in this field who have been drawn to Lange.

A cardiologist from America with a lange pulsometer, and a anaesthesiogist from Singapore with a Richard Lange. But they never wore it to work for fear of damaging/losing it during critical emergencies. When asked, they said they only wore it during dinners or locum settings, when they are certain their hands won’t see action on the given day.

There are some MDs here who wear Omega to work. One I know, wears a seamaster chrono often. It must be the anti-magnetic movement and rugged nature which compels them to wear it. Interestingly, the 15,000 gauss idea was introduced to Omega by an MD, according to a few sources.

I once saw a AP ROO on a friend doing CPR. He didn’t have time to take it off. “Nevermind the scratches, his life matters more”.

About 10 years ago, on this forum, this St Gallen piece was quite popular. It has a unique cross-shaped seconds hand, allowing quick pulse taking (shortens time needed to wait for second hand reach a reference point)

The St Gallen
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Ball had a few ventures into some interesting collaborations with MSF; as did Seiko (Astron) and Nomos. Quite nice but not perfect yet as they were cosmetic features or devoid of features (Nomos). Form must follow function.

And Sinn, came up with the EZM12, which functions are a pulsometer without a chrono. It has a cross shaped second hand. Quite a bulky piece, but it won’t withstand magnetism.

Quite cool topic. I wish Omega created a dedicated piece to medical professionals which can withstand MRI magnetism, has a pulsometer, and is lightweight and fuss free. The most recent has the Speedmaster CK2998, however, the movement is not anti-magnetic. 

What is your favourite piece designed for medical professionals? 

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Omega Specialties Museum Collection - The MD's Watch

 By: biw : August 8th, 2022-13:33
New to me. Something different from my Speedies. ...  


 By: Cookies : August 8th, 2022-14:08
I can imagine carrying a vintage doctors bag, wearing a bowtie, coat and bowler hat. And this will complete the look. Other watches good for the vintage MD look are 1) Rolex Cellini Prince (the rectangular doctors watch) 2) A deadbeat seconds watch 3) A f...  

I'm not sure how useful a pulsometer is, but it's cooler than the more common tachymeter.

 By: quattro98 : August 10th, 2022-14:51
I can't imagine palpating a pulse and pressing a chrono pusher without taking the watch off and holding it like a stopwatch.

Good question

 By: Cookies : August 10th, 2022-15:29
One can use his left hand (if the watch is on the left), the palpate the pulse, and the right hand will be free to operate the pushers.


 By: quattro98 : August 10th, 2022-16:13
I vaguely remember thinking through this in the past and coming up with the same approach. I suppose it becomes second nature to those who actually use one in practice.

Actually there could be a better innovation

 By: Cookies : August 10th, 2022-19:13
A deadbeat zero-reset monopusher. Ok, in these days, they rely on electronic devices to take the pulse. But if one has to go analog, yes any quartz watch will do. To go fancy and real fit-for-purpose in an analog way, would be a zero-reset button where th... 

Any chronograph also provides a second hand that starts at zero.

 By: quattro98 : August 10th, 2022-21:49
Although it's fun to think about these, I think the best solution is simply a watch with center seconds and precise hour (5 second) markers rather than numerals without any tick marks. It's easy to wait for a 5 sec period and count for 15 sec.

That’s right

 By: Cookies : August 13th, 2022-11:32
15s intervals are a great solution.

That’s how I would use it.

 By: biw : August 11th, 2022-04:28
It would certainly draw attention to the watch as well.

The 1815 chrono certainly!

 By: greyshorology : August 12th, 2022-08:40
I am an MD and my father (also an MD) gifted me with a 1815 chrono boutique edition to celebrate graduating medical school. Such a meaningful and beautiful watch.

=D great gift!

 By: Cookies : August 12th, 2022-09:09
I have a few friends in this field who have been drawn to Lange. A cardiologist from America with a lange pulsometer, and a anaesthesiogist from Singapore with a Richard Lange. But they never wore it to work for fear of damaging/losing it during critical ...  

Counting for 15 secs and multiplying by 4 is the typical way to assess heart rate and respiratory rate.

 By: biw : August 12th, 2022-11:14
That is why everyone's respiratory rate is charted as a multiple of 4 - 12, 16, 20, 24 etc.

That is one of my Grails!

 By: biw : August 12th, 2022-11:10
One day I'll gift myself. Also, one day it will be one of my son's.

Stunner! I love it!

 By: andrea~ : August 8th, 2022-14:50

It is one of the nicest museum series. Yellow gold case with brushed flank, very nice.

 By: hoseachandra : August 8th, 2022-16:19
38 mm case size is perfect too. Too bad the price is out of my league.

Hello Biw! Congrats on your beautiful "MD Watch", Number 10 chronograph from the "Omega Museum Collection". Its looks exudes vintage vibes and I love it for that, specially the use of Breguet numerals and...

 By: Subexplorer : August 8th, 2022-19:46
... hand set. Overall a very elegant and classic presence on the wrist. Its movement 3203 has been subject to some critics among aficionados (it´s the same movement used for the Speedmaster 1957/2007 50 Years Commemorative model) but I personally had no p...  

Looks amazing on the wrist my friend!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : August 8th, 2022-20:59

Great catch!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : August 8th, 2022-21:00

That's pretty.

 By: quattro98 : August 10th, 2022-14:50