Sorry I am not an expert but personally I prefer the larger one here

Nov 13, 2023,13:13 PM

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Expert opinions please

 By: Sukan : November 13th, 2023-13:11
Hi guys, I’m looking forward to complete my humble watch collection with the last TLC. I have already owned JLC (43*25mm) and new Tank Américaine (44*24mm). My wrist is 6.5”. Small TLC is the closest to the original size. Can’t decide which one to get……… ...  

I like the smaller size best, but difficult to tell in "up close" photos. The smaller one may be quartz (may or may not be relevant to you)

 By: David H : November 13th, 2023-13:16
I don't think you can go wrong, and remember whichever you get will have different appearance if you change straps. Good luck! Tank Louis are great

You re the only one

 By: Sukan : November 13th, 2023-15:42
Who likes the small size. Come to think of it, the strap might be too short as it is considered women’s watch

I like the smaller one too

 By: cazalea : November 13th, 2023-15:51

The sense of humor here is infectious...

 By: Cardio : November 14th, 2023-02:47
and either equates, or perhaps sometimes supersede, the horological knowledge on this board!

Please let me tell you the ancient secret of horology...

 By: enjoythemusic : November 14th, 2023-03:00 to... . . . . Enjoy your time. ...  

I have the perfect solution, get both and give me one.

 By: Thomas_3 : November 13th, 2023-14:06
When you tire of the one you are wearing we can trade for a while. You'll be happy and I'll be happy, problem solved.

This is all about personal preference but …

 By: Cpt Scarlet : November 13th, 2023-14:18
Go for the larger one.

I like the bigger one...

 By: TeutonicCarFan : November 13th, 2023-14:26
In the colors of the smaller one🤣

The smaller one suits your wrist well and looks great

 By: Spangles - Dr. Tabby : November 13th, 2023-15:52
The larger one fits as well. So, it's a bit of a choice based on style, either could work. I think after a week of wearing the smaller one, you would never look back.


 By: hora12reborn : November 13th, 2023-20:04

I guess you like the small size also. I’m a it confused here. For large size TLC, some says, the movement is 8971 but on its website clearly says 1917. I wonder

 By: Sukan : November 15th, 2023-05:31
I’m a it confused here. For large size TLC, some says, the movement is 8971 but on its website clearly says 1917. I wonder if there is a way to find out which movement is being used . Since we are on this, is there a way to find out when the watch was mad... 

I'll go against the grain here

 By: andrea~ : November 13th, 2023-20:17
Get the small one, it's perfect for you. Such a classy choice.

The TLC (large)

 By: Cardio : November 14th, 2023-03:03
I own the TLC (WGTA0011). I should also share a not-so-pleasant experience of this watch. Long story short, the watch stopped winding after less-than-three years of sporadic wearing (more like fewer than 10 times; who wears a dress watch during work from ... 

Funny. I had almost same experience.

 By: hoseachandra : November 14th, 2023-04:21
I sent my TLC to Cartier boutique on March 2023 because it was running very fast, like about 5 minutes faster per day. I have specifically told them that the watch might be magnetized. The Service center said they will check it. After one month, the watch... 

Would that be something to do with the movement?

 By: Sukan : November 15th, 2023-05:36
I remember reading somewhere when this WGTA001 was released, it uses 8971 movement but now on it website it says it uses in house 1917. Could that be? Or maybe it is irrelevant altogether. I don’t know

I have a 16” wrist and went for the large.

 By: Stonec : December 16th, 2023-03:14
It only looks big on the photos not in person. I’ve had it close to four years and it runs perfectly. Bottom line is, always go for what you like. Good luck.