Jun 15, 2023,09:46 AM

the idea of a rattrapante has long been a wish for me and over the years several alternatives have been considered. Throughout this process the Breguet 3947 has consistently surfaced as one of the top contenders. 38mm, a little height to the case, large crown and pushers, guillouche and two-tone dial. Overall so much appeal from this historical manufacturer who in 1991/2 purchased Lemania. Breguet subsequently moved its watch production to Lemania facilities and produced amongst other this reference there. Lemania continued to supply movements to other manufacturers during this time, notably to Patek who used Lemania movements for the iconic 5070, 5970, 5004 to mention a few. And these movement are exquisite to say the least, the modified Lemania 2310, also found in Patek's iconic 5004 is magical to look at. I will attempt to take some additional photos at a later stage but for now let me just leave with this one:

Circumstances changed in 1999 when Swatch acquired Breguet. While I am not aware of the sequence of events after that let me say things changed dramatically at least from a bystander point of view. They still manage to produce some amazing pieces but somehow the overall energy is not the same and I hope one day I sense Breguet finds its ways back towards greatness. This post is not really meant to dwell too much on my thoughts around that, I just wished to introduce what I find one of the most appealing semi-modern offerings from Breguet. And my first rattrapante. From a golden era prior to becoming part of the largest watch conglomerate in the world.

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What can I say...

 By: patrick_y : June 15th, 2023-09:50
Keks, you have exquisite taste as always. Agree with you regarding Breguet - I have expectations from the world renowned brand... And I hope that the brand steps it up.

Thanks P!!!

 By: keks : June 15th, 2023-09:59
Much appreciate your kind words!

Many thanks!

 By: keks : June 15th, 2023-12:50
Much appreciated, it is quite a pleasure to wear I will admit


 By: blau : June 15th, 2023-10:35

thank you!

 By: keks : June 15th, 2023-12:50

drool-inducing beauty!

 By: andrea~ : June 15th, 2023-10:56

much thanks!!

 By: keks : June 15th, 2023-12:50

thank you

 By: keks : June 15th, 2023-12:50

That is among the most spectacular watches ever made in my opinion.

 By: BigFatPauli : June 15th, 2023-11:15
Wear it in the best of health.

it is up there for sure in my opinion...

 By: keks : June 15th, 2023-12:51
although there are many spectacular pieces ever made... it sure does go a long way!

It is superb!

 By: Epilogue : June 15th, 2023-11:29

yes i agree ;)

 By: keks : June 15th, 2023-12:51

thank you...

 By: keks : June 15th, 2023-12:53
in a way I find the rattrapante more useful than a regular chronograph... .... a regular chronograph i rarely use, but the rattrapante I tend to use to set the hands in different ways to make it look cooler

The 3947 is arguably the best looking chronograph of the 90's, a quite weird era for watchmaking as it has been a trait d'union between everything vintage and today's production.

 By: Freccero : June 15th, 2023-14:48
I am really fond of Breguet of that period, especially regarding the Chaumet era, during which they carved an aesthetic many brands still today employe.

absolutely agree, thanks!

 By: keks : June 15th, 2023-15:20
90s are really the bridge between vintage and modern, a transitional period where future direction was for anyone to speculate.... was mechanical watches going to be of interest going forward, what aesthetics and functionality was going to be of most favo... 

I completely agree, Breguet has been probably one the best advocate of the 90's aesthetic.

 By: Freccero : June 15th, 2023-17:10
And let's not forget neither Patek Philippe nor Audemars Piguet were manufacturing split-seconds during that time.


 By: keks : June 15th, 2023-18:03
Except the 5004… with the same base caliber Lemania 2310 as the Breguet 3947

Marvelous watch!

 By: Spangles - Tabib al-‘Attābiyya : June 15th, 2023-17:51
And share your sentiment that Breguet regains its footing someday

Much appreciated !

 By: keks : June 15th, 2023-18:03

Thank you!!!

 By: keks : June 15th, 2023-21:02
Is that right? You sold this just now or you were owner earlier than that?

I’m with you in everything you said.

 By: TheMadDruid : June 15th, 2023-22:55
Your rattrapante is one of the truly sublime offerings from the pre-Swatch Breguet. Daniel Roth, by the way, had much to do with the ultimate Breguet take on the Lemania chronograph movement. As well as their perpetual and calendar watches. Breguet was pr... 

Thanks for your kind words!

 By: keks : June 17th, 2023-12:09
Agree on every point. Still few seem to realize it!!

What a gorgeous Breguet, excellent catch

 By: Watchonthewrists : June 16th, 2023-05:20
Looks great on that strap combo.

Thank you!!

 By: keks : June 17th, 2023-12:09
Indeed great strap color but will have to find one that tapers a bit more toward the buckle. Then I happy… for a while at least

 By: tic-toc : August 21st, 2023-08:13
in a way, im glad it is under the radar, .... so beautiful

Really nice combo! Love the „casual“ yet classic vibe!

 By: p-m-k : August 26th, 2023-13:03
May I ask where you got the strap from? Got inspired and want to try a similar combo with one of my piece! Thanks and greetings from Germany!

Thank you!!

 By: keks : September 11th, 2023-17:34
It is a generic strap, you should be a able to find without an issue something very similar. I am currently on the hunt for another strap as I find this one a tad thick for my tastes (to clarify I prefer very thin leather straps, this one happens to be re...