Um, I think AP needs to rethink their relationship with Mayors on the new Atlanta AP Boutique.....

Aug 28, 2019,07:43 AM

So Mrs. NickO is in Atlanta last week and, as a huge AP fan, she stops by the new AP Boutique launched in conjunction with Mayors Jewelers. She has a couple Rose Gold Offshores and is interested in the new Camo Offshores. A nice sales associate helped her and it is no surprise he followed up by email this week. What is a surprise, are the personal and inappropriate questions Mayors management deems acceptable to ask potential customers.

I enclose the email below, check out the Bio questions. Even the young sales associate knew these questions were inappropriate and tried to distance himself from them in his email. Listen, I totally understand that when a retailer is selling very popular models that will immediately resell for above MSRP they want to ensure the watches go to true aficionados who genuinely appreciate the brand. However, if you are going to use questions to qualify a customer onto a wait list, you need to ensure those questions are appropriate to the purpose.

For example, asking for my "Family Structure". What? There are many "non-traditional" family structures in society today. If you don't like the way I have built my family you will not sell me a watch? Asking for my current collection. If my current watches are not impressive enough, then again I'm out? I wonder what the exact criteria is for determining if I am a serious enough collector? Asking for my Community Involvement and Charities I support? Okay, on what planet is this any of your business and what relevance has it to selling me a watch? I feel these questions are judging me as a person, and my social and life decisions, and I resent that being the basis for whether I am deemed to be a worthy owner of an AP timepiece. The only question I really don't mind I the first one - have I bought from Mayors before? Of course, if they had a good CRM they would know the answer to that question already.

MichaelC - I hope you decide to pass this onto your contacts in AP Corporate. I cannot for one minute believe AP sanctioned their partner to ask these type of questions. I think someone needs to call Mayors Atlanta management and educate them on what is and is not appropriate CRM. 

Here are some examples of questions I would have happily answered:

- Ask me how many APs I own
- Ask me how I got started in the brand, how long I've been an AP fan
- Ask me if I've ever visited the manufacturer HQ in Switzerland
- Ask me if I am actively involved in any watch forums or collector activities, especially around AP
- Ask me why I am interested in this particular piece and how I feel it fits into my collection

These are the type of qualifying questions I would hope had merit.

We will not frequent this particular boutique again.


Hi A., 

Hope you are well and nice to meet you the other day.  I recently learned that we are going to be getting at least one camo edition, it's the new green camo in September.  We also may be getting one of the brown 44mm camo as well in the very near future.  Our management/VP has added all of these to our "hot sellers" list, so there is a little bit of a process for these.  

So the process is this... I have to fill out a request form for these hard to get watches, then submit to management to review and make a decision.  I did not create the form questions, so sorry if they seem a little personal.  The management team just wants to have a better idea of who our clients are and to what home these great watches are going to.  

Can you please answer the questions below?  Only answer want you want to.  The more information provided does increase your chance when the upper level management is reviewing these forms.  To aid in trying to secure you a brown camo, I will say that you are local living in Atlanta.  One thing our VP looks at is... what other watches do they have in their collection?  He wants to see that they are true collectors, so please feel free to list as many timepieces you want.  I know you said that you collect limited edition Hublots and APs.

Client Bio questions:

Bought any watches, or Jewelry from Mayors? If so, what/which ones? 



Watch collection?

Family Structure?

Watch Purchasing habits?

Participate in any Community Involvement?  Which one(s)?

Involved in any charities?  Which one(s)?




Sales Professional

Audemars Piguet (North America)

3393 Peachtree Road NE, Suite - 3038B

Atlanta, GA 30326

Boutique - 1.404.233.8202

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Francois B wishing he was Thierry Stern [nt]

 By: xxn : August 28th, 2019-08:09
after he goes bragging at SIHH they are overhauling retail and brand distribution

thats a haughty comment. [nt]

 By: redcorals : August 28th, 2019-09:14

You never miss a chance to bang on Francois B. I don't care for your comments and you are hereby on notice.

 By: MichaelC : August 28th, 2019-09:20
Thierry Stern has nothing do do with this thread. If you want to be a smart ass, don't do it on this website again.

My apologies

 By: xxn : August 28th, 2019-09:24
I kindly request your assistance to delete my comments.

I accept your apology but your comments will stand.

 By: MichaelC : August 28th, 2019-09:28
You have made similar posts in the past. There is no place for it and I will not allow it. You can dislike AP, Francois, whatever. But posts will be respectful or not tolerated.

Completely ridiculous questions....

 By: Cpt Scarlet : August 28th, 2019-08:19
Lots of great watches out there, vote with your wallet.

If you think that's needlessly intrusive, wait until you get selected . . .

 By: Dr No : August 28th, 2019-08:20
. . . for the American Community Survey. If you've never heard of the ACS, research on the 'net, including Youtube. It's downright frightening. I was on their list last time around, and just ignored them without consequence. My cousin was on their list, a... 

F them. No companies should ever ask these questions.

 By: nwk00 : August 28th, 2019-08:20
It's as if they have zero EQ. Their success with a small number of products got to their heads.

Wow. These questions must be a Mayors thing. AP training is very different.

 By: MichaelC : August 28th, 2019-09:07
Still, it is their name on the door. Surely this is an issue with co-operating a boutique, but it seems up to the brand to choose wisely. I would also be put off by those questions. I will forward your message to AP.

Cheers Michael! [nt]

 By: NickO : August 28th, 2019-09:30

I once had an...

 By: FlyingSnoopy : August 28th, 2019-12:36
unpleasant experience with Mayors. Not rude, but snobbish... The best action is take your “business” elsewhere.... Having said that, all my experiences with AP boutiques have been very polite. It is understandable that they would prefer to sell to loyal c... 

This is truly beyond belief! Unless they are trying to build an insanity defense for when they get their license revoked, this is weird and disrespectful at record levels...

 By: FabR : August 28th, 2019-09:39
Notice that the child who wrote the second paragraph (where the English gets dramatically worse) is even trying to help your wife pass the exam in front of the VP.... priceless! I would definitely report these clowns directly to the AP management, and exp... 

I have had great experiences with purchases from Mayors...

 By: kennygfunk : August 28th, 2019-10:09
I never got these questions with any watch purchase. Yea, the questions suck but Audemars is trying to do something that I think will be positive in the long run. Also, Mayors isn't perfect. Please show them a little mercy. Let's not sum them up based on ... 

I agree with you, to an extent

 By: NickO : August 28th, 2019-10:34
I've also purchased from Mayor's before and the experience has been very pleasant. If this was a one-off rogue email from a well-intentioned sales person, I'd agree with you. But - according to the sales person - this was a thoughtful and deliberate set o... 


 By: India Whiskey Charlie : August 28th, 2019-10:59
I also have purchased with no issues and I am in So Cal. Ordered 2 watches via phone with no questions asked. In this case, I am thinking the AP boutique and/or their WoS ownership has something to do with this.

Just incredible...the message is clear: "Prostrate yourself before us and demonstrate your worth, then perhaps we'll let you buy at MSRP"

 By: vitalsigns : August 28th, 2019-10:25
There's not a single product in the world, short of food and water, that would inspire me to these lengths. And certainly not largely machine mass-produced baubles.

+1 [nt]

 By: CGJ0 : August 31st, 2019-03:05

At least they did not ask for our Social Security, DOB, Driver's License and then do a background check :)

 By: I_am_Clueless : August 28th, 2019-11:46
Jokes aside, sorry to hear such scrutiny or screening process, as if I'm dying to buy that watch or I'll suffer if I don't get that watch.


 By: Jurry : August 28th, 2019-13:18
Just one question so I don’t get confused: we’re you trying to adopt a child or apply for US Citizenship, or were you trying to buy a watch? I can understand a brand tries to collect data on existing and potential clients. But if providing such data to de... 

Perhaps they have entered the data business

 By: artp1085 : August 28th, 2019-16:31
Hope if I buy some upscale underwear I wont be cross examined

A way to get to know their local audience?

 By: RTO (T8W8T8) : August 29th, 2019-13:40
Hey NickO, I have always had an outstanding experience with both AP as a boutique in Bal Harbor, NY and around the world and Mayors as a watch dealer (now part of Watches of Switzerland Group). Both companies are trully worth your time investment and are ... 

I have some direct information regarding this topic from both Audemars Piguet and The Watches of Switzerland Group

 By: MichaelC : August 30th, 2019-14:25
After Nick made this post, I did indeed forward it to some contacts at Audemars Piguet. The responses have been swift, proactive, and very encouraging. As we have discussed, this AP Boutique is a partnership with and is managed by The Watches of Switzerla... 

Rather intrusive

 By: benlee338 : August 31st, 2019-01:37
However, you have the option not to answer them. It might be the AD policy, I was never asked such questions.

All's Well that Ends Well :)

 By: NickO : September 5th, 2019-07:05
I'm pleased to provide a detailed update to this thread. It's funny, MichaelC and I were laughing that if you had to have a service faux pas, Mrs. NickO is the perfect client to go through that with. She is a global expert on The Customer Experience and C... 

New Salesman?

 By: drmoney : September 5th, 2019-23:46
I wonder if this was a new salesman, and these questions were never meant to be sent to customers, but were more like examples of things for him to note in their prospective client files or his own personal shake cards. Maybe he was never meant to ask “wh... 


 By: Tlph : September 7th, 2019-00:02
These questions are indeed so inappropriate that even the hospitality of the sales won’t get me to pay anything to a shop like this! But sadly nowadays the whole industry is like this - the grey market has tightened the brands “monitoring” process to ensu...