*** De Bethune

Jan 31, 2009,22:33 PM


I am undecided about what I like best of the new De Bethune products. The Dream Watches One and Two were unveiled, but so was the De Bethune roadster. While other companies are making watches with car keys, De Bethune has built its own car.


The car was parked across the river from the Four Seasons so we braved the rain to see it and it was worth every raindrop. David Zanetta designed the body while Denis Flageollet designed the interior; all the dashboard indicators are reminiscent of De Bethune dials. Both the bucket seat (only seat was ready in time for SIHH) and body are carbon fibre; the body is finished in a pale matte blue similar to the trademark De Bethune blue titanium.


The engine is a modified 8.25 L V10 from a Dodge Viper producing 1000 bhp, yes one thousand. David started up the car for us and the engine sounds like it will suck up small children and animals – amazing! He has taken the car up to about 280 km/h but he expects it should be able to do 400 km/h or so.


David told me the reason for building his own car is that many watch companies are collaborating with carmakers to create watches; since he was already making watches, he decided to build his own car! He will make a handful of these and sell it to friends only. This is surely one of the most brilliant products of 2009.


Unfortunately I did not take pictures of the car, but you can find Francois-Xavier’s pictures here .


Now on to more sedate matters. De Bethune finally launched production versions of the Dream Watches One and Two. The Dream Watch One is a time-only, hand-wound watch with 6 day power reserve and De Bethune’s signature 3-dimensional moonphase. Both watches are available with either a grey dial or the trademark blue titanium guilloche dial. I love the blue titanium dial; when I buy a De Bethune, and I will, it will have a blue dial.







Dream Watch One with grey dial


Above the moonphase you can see the De Bethune silicon-platinum balance, a disc of silicon ringed with platinum that oscillates at 28,800 bph. Because the disc and ring are perfectly smooth, you can barely see the vibrations. Unlike the super-fast AP escapement, observing this gives one a feeling of calm. It’s housed in a 42.8 mm ‘Millennium Falcon’ case and it is incredibly well finished. Incredibly.



Caseback of Dream Watch One with pushers for adjusting rate of movement  


What is unique about it is the smiley face on the back. The two pushers allow the owner to adjust the rate of the movement. I don’t know how exactly it works or what is adjusted, but the press material notes it works via a series of “reduction arms and levers”. I will post more on this when I have the info. 50 pieces will be made.


The Dream Watch Two possesses the lightest tourbillion in the world. This anorexic tourbillion is a slim, U-shaped silicon cage and a platinum ring surrounding the balance wheel, weighing a total of 0.18 grams. The tourbillion is extremely interesting but I have little technical details. Again, this watch is incredibly well finished. Incredibly. 10 pieces will be made each year.














Dream Watch Two tourbillon 


Both the Dream Watch One and Two are breathtaking, the colours and polish are beyond reproach. A handful of brands just radiate quality when you look at any of the watches they make, Lange and Grand Seiko come to mind, and De Bethune is definitely one of them. Neither watch has any branding at all on the front, a conscious design decision; each can stand on its own and is instantly recognisable.


In my previous fair report of 2007 I noted that De Bethune was one of the highlights of the year, this year is no different. David and Denis have my utmost admiration.


I leave you with photos of the Dream Watch Two with grey dial.





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