Verdicts for this week’s WS “Most photographed watch of 2019”

Feb 02, 2020,05:21 AM

Dear friends,

Judges for this week’s WS are:

Best Wrist Shot - Bill
Best Static Shot - Mahesh
Watch of the Week - Yours truly, me

I thank all friends who participated and shared photos of your watch as well as friend who commented. I truly enjoyed reading your stories and photos !

Judges, would you please give your verdict at your convenience?

Many thanks and best regards.

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Best Static Shot.....

 By: mahesh : February 2nd, 2020-05:56
Thanks to all watch shots this week.....& great theme Seeks ! My choice on Best Statics this week.... CONGRATULATIONS to all Participants ! BMR is not easy to go past Gronefeld Remontoire 1941 either but this is a damn brilliant macro ! MJ23 ....  

Great choices!!! [nt]

 By: aperna : February 2nd, 2020-06:08

Thanks Tony ! [nt]

 By: mahesh : February 2nd, 2020-06:10

Great verdict, Judge Mahesh!

 By: Seeks : February 2nd, 2020-06:17
Many Congrats to Abel and runner ups!

Thank you so much dear Seeks!! Congrats for your great work...

 By: Subexplorer : February 2nd, 2020-06:25
... hosting this week end with a very interesting Theme. Cheers! Abel

The pleasure is mine!

 By: Seeks : February 2nd, 2020-07:40
Thank you my friend

Wow! Thank you so much Mahesh for the honor!!

 By: Subexplorer : February 2nd, 2020-06:24
Appreciate your kind comments and Big Congrats to all Special Mentions as well for their wonderful pictures and watches! Have a nice week ahead my friends! Abel

You have a great week ahead Abel !

 By: mahesh : February 2nd, 2020-12:39
Best, Mahesh.,

Great verdict my friend

 By: Watchonthewrist : February 2nd, 2020-08:42
Congrats to Abel and all others 🤗

Thanks for the mention, Mahesh

 By: mj23 : February 2nd, 2020-09:00
Thanks for hosting this week, Seeks and congrats to all the winners!

I enjoyed your shot mj

 By: mahesh : February 2nd, 2020-12:41
It is a watch I’m thinking since it’s inception

Congratulations to Abel...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : February 2nd, 2020-09:09
Great shot and definitely conveys the passion of our sport. I would also like to congratulate the runners up for both posting very good photos. It’s a high standard this weekend.

Excellent verdict Mahesh, and thank you for serving as judge!

 By: BMR : February 2nd, 2020-10:01
I love the reasoning, and I cannot agree more. Congratulations to Abel and to the other mentions! Excellent watches and shots all around! Thank you also to Seeks for a fun theme and being an excellent host!

The pleasure is mine dear BMR!

 By: Seeks : February 2nd, 2020-21:51
Have a fantastic week!

Watch of the Week

 By: Seeks : February 2nd, 2020-07:35
Dear friends, With all the photos being shared, it is not easy to pick. Thank you again to all who joined. Firstly, special mention goes to: Both Gronefeld, beautifully shot by both BMR and Watchonthewrist. Jurry’s Vacheron Historiques Ameican 1921 is jus...  

Thank you very much my friend

 By: Jurry : February 2nd, 2020-07:59
And being runner up to a Gronefeld is something easy to accept. Even with a 1921.

Your 1921 looks great in photos.

 By: Cpt Scarlet : February 2nd, 2020-09:14
Well played.

Thank you sir

 By: Jurry : February 2nd, 2020-09:54
And I can guarantee you; in the flesh it looks even better

Congrats dear Giles , well deserved win

 By: Watchonthewrist : February 2nd, 2020-08:45
Thanks dear Seeks for the mention 🤗.

Great Veredict dear Seeks!! Congrats to Giles and ...

 By: Subexplorer : February 2nd, 2020-09:11
... to all special mentions! Cheers! Abel

Congratulations to Giles ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : February 2nd, 2020-09:13
and the two superb Gronefeld watches. Definitely makes me consider this watch as a serious contender for my attention ;-))

Wow! Thank you Seeks!! That is most kind.

 By: nomadgiles : February 2nd, 2020-09:56
And congratulations to Jurry, BMR and WOTW. Have a great Sunday all - am just back from a walk around London galleries and a celebratory Negroni is called for 😊

My pleasure and well deserved my friend!

 By: Seeks : February 3rd, 2020-05:02
have a great week!

Well judged Seeks, and thank you again for your verdict and serving as a gracious host!

 By: BMR : February 2nd, 2020-10:06
Congratulations Giles - a fantastic piece no doubt! Congratulations to Jurry and WOTW, as well, for honorable mentions. It was a high bar this week . A good week ahead to all friends here!

Hihi. The pleasure is mine to guest host

 By: Seeks : February 3rd, 2020-05:03
Many thanks and have a great week!


 By: Jurry : February 2nd, 2020-08:01
But forgot to mention to congratulate the winner with a stunning watch and thanks to our judge(s)

And the winner of best wristshot is..... drum roll

 By: Bill : February 2nd, 2020-10:16
It is too damn hard to pick. I guess that is why it is hard to be a judge. Here are just a few wonderful shots. abel - Subexplorer Shortys home Watchonthewrist Mj23 Fernando with a triple dose omega selection. And the winner to all the runner ups above is...  

Congrats Jurry . A well deserved win.

 By: Watchonthewrist : February 2nd, 2020-12:36
Thanks for the mention dear Bill 🤗

Gr8 choice Bill ! Congratulations Jurry !!

 By: mahesh : February 2nd, 2020-12:46
I love this shot 😍😍

Fantastic verdict, Bill - many congrats to Jurry and runner ups!

 By: Seeks : February 2nd, 2020-21:50
All very well deserved! Have a great week everyone! Best regards

Apologies for not participating last weekend, Seeks . . .

 By: Dr No : February 3rd, 2020-12:22
. . . I was out of town and unable to log in to my computer. Regretfully, Art

Hi Art ! no worries at all, hope you had a great trip

 By: Seeks : February 3rd, 2020-22:35
Have a fantastic week!