Today’s choice

Aug 29, 2023,11:08 AM

Sometimes less is more, thanks for looking, enjoy your day, Tony

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Beautiful dress watch.

 By: hora12reborn : August 29th, 2023-11:44

Excellent choice.

 By: LS : August 29th, 2023-11:44


 By: Wowbattle2 : August 29th, 2023-13:35
I love everything about this one. Rose gold, slate dial, 4400 manual movement. Every element carefully considered

Totally classy 👍👌👌

 By: Mike H : August 29th, 2023-13:36
Bravo Tony, superb 👍👏👏

Thanks Mike

 By: aperna : August 29th, 2023-13:47

Less is elegant!

 By: Nicetomeetyou : August 29th, 2023-13:37

My favorite Vacheron Constantin model!

 By: patrick_y : August 29th, 2023-21:07
No more BMW, now a Land Rover!

Top Class

 By: Aquaracer1 : August 29th, 2023-21:28

This Post

 By: E in PA : January 23rd, 2024-23:15
Inspired me to get one when I saw it was available. It's my asthetic.