Our husky and my daughter ...

Jan 29, 2019,15:16 PM

Daughter asked me to take the pic, I was really happy with how well it came out.

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A cherishable moment captured perfectly

 By: Poky : January 29th, 2019-15:36
Hope you will have many more of them to come.

Lovely photo...

 By: cshimokita : January 29th, 2019-15:46
and good eye contact with both ; ) The Husky looks like an Akita / Akita mix breed. Great color and markings. I am guessing that your daughter loves the results... Casey

Wonderful shot.

 By: Adamska : January 29th, 2019-16:02
I always loved Huskies best . Cheers, Filip

The way the husky stared at the camera is awesome

 By: hoseachandra : January 29th, 2019-21:39
And you have a lovely daughter and great smile. You should print and place the picture somewhere in your House's wall.

Great photo of happy moment

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : January 30th, 2019-01:21
Thanks for sharing and welcome back to forums Cheers D

Super photo.

 By: M4 : January 30th, 2019-02:40
Daughter and dog look happy and healthy. What more do you need? Well done. M4

lovely! [nt]

 By: aperna : February 9th, 2019-05:52