My Wild Kingdom; disaster averted

Jun 20, 2022,15:11 PM

I went out this morning to check the hummingbird who is still in the nest (he's fine), and on the way gave a glance at our little beehive.

I was shocked. Shocked and dismayed to see a small dish full of water and bees, bedraggled, floating and dead. Last night when my wife and I were watering the plants, some water must have been caught by this dish, and the bees went for it and were drowned. Maybe 100 of them. :-(

I poured out the water and the bees onto a board at the front of the hive (the landing pad) and a few of them started to stir. Thinking some warmth would help them, I moved the board over into some direct sunlight about 20 feet from the hive. I used some twigs and sticks to help separate the wet pile of bees -- now let's have the pictures tell the rest of the story.

I helped as much as I could by turning over the bees who were on their backs, even if they looked dead. They all came back to life!

Forty-five minutes and only 3 bees remained on the board.

After an hour, I put the board back, saw no dead bees on the ground, and can't believe the resilience of these terrific little creatures who seem to be back to work as usual.

On the other side of the yard, hummingbird chick #2 seems to be happy in his momma's nest, showing no signs of moving out. He's not afraid of me at alI. What do one have to do to get a child kickstarted on life?  (a bigger question that no doubt some of our fathers here have the same issue).



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your bees do need some water nearby

 By: VinnieD : June 20th, 2022-15:33
I just arranged a little (very shallow) swimming pool next to their hive so that they cope better with the heatwave They just need lots of floating pieces of wood so that they do not drown indeed - very poor swimmers that they are I hope the season goes w... 

I think a damp sponge is the safest approach

 By: cazalea : June 20th, 2022-19:14
My dish was shallow too, before the accidental splash, or dripping dew from the roof


 By: sschew : June 20th, 2022-17:00
You are a far better and braver man than I.

I've had experience with bees

 By: cazalea : June 20th, 2022-20:05
If you help and don't hinder them, you are fine. If you lift them, that's ok. If you press on them you are bound to get stung. It's easy to say "Stay calm" but it's harder to implement ...

Brave in my eyes

 By: sschew : June 21st, 2022-23:33
regardless you are still a better man than I my friend.


 By: Gwai : June 20th, 2022-18:48
Beautiful story, thanks for sharing. Cheers Marc

Very cool about the bees

 By: takman : June 20th, 2022-18:47
You’ll need to get a Chopard someday to match the beehive or honey combs

I should have one

 By: cazalea : June 20th, 2022-19:15
Somehow it never happened, although I’ve been to the manufacture and met the man himself.

great pictorial Mike , with a happy ending

 By: : June 20th, 2022-20:41
I often find bees floating in our pool and if I can take them out and leave them in the sun-like you did, they do tend to revive and fly away I wonder if there is a time limit to the time in the water? Julian

Glad no bees were harmed!

 By: patrick_y : June 20th, 2022-20:47

I like that - thank you

 By: cazalea : June 21st, 2022-23:59