Ocean action Rolex 5510.

Mar 02, 2013,12:10 PM

I know this will warm a few of you up. Nice weather here so out on the ocean.

I made a new thread just to be sure the sun would shine through.


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I imagine how happy you can be.

 By: amanico : March 2nd, 2013-12:59
Well, I don't have to forget my charger for the camera battery. I will have tons of pictures to take. ;) Best, my friend. Nicolas.

another post like this...

 By: gensiulia : March 2nd, 2013-14:07
...and i'm going to to polish & file all my crown guards off! ciao! chris.

That would an interesting approach.

 By: Bill : March 2nd, 2013-17:14
Enter your post text

A few more shots of the Rolex 5510.

 By: Bill : March 2nd, 2013-17:12
A couple for the road. Bill ...  

Fantastic Bill.....

 By: Ross Povey : March 3rd, 2013-02:36
Love the NCG Subs. Your shots are a reminder that these watches shouldn't sit hidden away in safes, but be worn for what they were intended! Great stuff! Ross :)

Like DrStrong noted - A Salty Watch

 By: Bill : March 3rd, 2013-08:37
One does seem to bang the watch a little more than sitting around at home but it enough dings that you don't notices which is the advantage of a well worn watch. I do have images of it flying of my wrist into 1000 feet of water but I try to keep those tho... 

Finally at the end of the day

 By: Bill : March 2nd, 2013-17:13
Watch well worn. Bill ...  

It doesn't get much better than that!

 By: Mike1066 : March 2nd, 2013-18:12
A big crown sub, red bezel insert, out on the water, sun and mist, in Southern California (I presume). Man, that just about checks all the boxes! I'm with Chris - I'm going to go file off all the crown guards on my watches right now! V/R Mike

We are very luck out hear

 By: Bill : March 2nd, 2013-19:05
I guess what they refer to as "LifeStyle". work hard during the week and hit the beaches on the weekend. I can understand when you are land locked or weather challenged that this is not possible except on holidays. I have no complaints. HAGWE Bill

Trying to get back!

 By: Mike1066 : March 2nd, 2013-19:06
Bill: As you know, I'm a SoCal guy! I miss those weekends. Hopefully we'll be back soon, enjoying the San Diego surf! Glad to see you are living it up out there! Enjoy that watch and weather. V/R Mike

Now I know BC stands for Boat Cruise !

 By: DrStrong : March 2nd, 2013-23:11
terrific watch and pictures ! I am drooling over my keyboard ! And you demonstrate the Submariner is "a salty watch" ;-) ...  

The ad fits perfectly

 By: Bill : March 3rd, 2013-08:33
Boat Cruise and salty watch to perfect ways to describe the big crown. Best Bill

Under the sun....

 By: i_am_Sam : March 3rd, 2013-05:18
is where it will look best Bill... Nice shot of a super piece! Best, Sam

One day I hope you will pas through

 By: Bill : March 3rd, 2013-22:16
So Cal.... If not I will have to threaten to come your way... LOL Best Bill

I can witness that! :)

 By: amanico : March 3rd, 2013-22:24

Hello Bill! I can almost feel the warm touch of the Sun ...

 By: Subexplorer : March 4th, 2013-05:25
... in these beautiful photographs! What a better background than the sea for that classic Submariner! A gorgeous watch, which is always delicious to wear on the wrist. I´m glad you enjoy it so well! Thanks for sharing these nice pictures, which I enjoy s... 

Sea and Rolex mix very well together.

 By: Bill : March 4th, 2013-07:26
It is an important part of the Rolex DNA and it is always at home near the water. I am glad you enjoyed the shots and it brings a smile to your face. Best, Bill

Great reference !!

 By: Peppo : March 6th, 2013-08:01
5510 was my first BC and still remembered as one of the most charming watch in the Rolex environment. Plus this is a very good piece, nice patina, right bezel insert ......... it's a beauty !! Enjoy it. :-)

I think it is a good work horse

 By: Bill : March 6th, 2013-08:41
It remains a somewhat reserved piece with such small production numbers. The 5510 has a solid position among the Rolex Big Crowns. Best Bill PS Your 6200 now that is an a class by it self.


 By: Peppo : March 6th, 2013-15:25
Bill, I was just lucky to find a nice 6200 from a friend, this is the reason because I switched from 5510. In my opinion they are both the rarest BC, much more than 6538. BTW, the right case serials range for 5510 is 362.xxx, also some 361.9xx have been s...  

You are correct on both serial

 By: Bill : March 6th, 2013-18:38
I can confirm I have one of each flavor 362,0xx and 361,9xx they live as you said in a very narrow range. If you consider all the model produces around 1958 in a close range 6610,6542,6536,6538,5508,5500 just to name a few and they share such a narrow ran... 

You're right Bill, my 5510 was

 By: Peppo : March 13th, 2013-16:56
361958 with 1.1958 inside the case back. Also my 6610 is 268.4xx with I.57 engraved in the caseback + I have a black 6609 which is 447.3xx with .59 inside the caseback. Lates years of '50's were a very prolific timeframe. 6200 it's an earlier serial thoug...  

So much to learn so little time

 By: Bill : March 13th, 2013-18:10
Thanks for sharing the various serial numbers and date ranges. The only way to learn is from observing example in the flesh. Best Bill

congrats Bill, another masterpiece in your

 By: Mech : March 13th, 2013-17:10
already prestine collection! Always a pleasure to see your Rolex posts! Mech.

Always a pleasure to share

 By: Bill : March 13th, 2013-18:09
We all stand to learn for all these great exchanges and commentary. Thanks Bill