Black Bay 36 Blue

Aug 09, 2018,22:48 PM

I just picked this yesterday for my wife's upcoming birthday, and thought it would be nice to share a picture and my first impressions here.

This is meant to be a beater for her, that she can take swimming and sailing without worrying too much. Something for all the activities where her 16013 is too dressy and not suited for.

I am extremely impressed by the general quality of this timepiece, its heft, solidity and legibility in such a restrained package. I love the beveled lugs and overall execution. The lume is like the one on the Pelagos I used to own, and lights up like a Christmas tree in the dark. The blue of the dial is wonderful and changes completely depending on the light conditions.

36mm is generally a bit small on my wrist, e.g. 14270 or 1601, but the BB36 wears larger, like a 37-38mm watch. Probably because the bracelet width is 19mm rather than 20mm, and the watch lugs are a bit beefier as a consequence, creating the impression that the watch is bigger than it actually is. I'd have no problem wearing this on a daily basis.

Hopefully, she'll like it as much as I do.

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Very nice watch.

 By: kev09 : August 10th, 2018-02:06
I recently got my Black Bay 58 and am delighted with it but I wish it had the “Rotor Self Winding” text on the dial as yours does. It’s so much nicer than all that certified chronometer nonsense on mine. I’m sure your wife will love it. It would be nice t... 
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Well, I am keeping an eye on the BB58 too

 By: Boris : August 10th, 2018-02:47
Especially if the PuristsPro special version ever comes to be.
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I know I am in a minority....

 By: colinfredericwillsher1 : August 10th, 2018-02:48
but I just do not understand why the self winding info needs to appear on the dial. If it is our watch we know it is self-winding, so who else needs the info? I feel - and of course this is only my personal opinion and I entirely respect the right of othe... 
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I actually don't mind

 By: Boris : August 10th, 2018-03:09
It balances the dial, opposite the Tudor Geneve inscription, and dont't quite care what it says. Now, what bothers me is verbose dials (yes Rolex, I am thinking of you, although I can't keep you off my wrist.
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Colin, normally I would agree with you

 By: kev09 : August 10th, 2018-03:44
I’m not a fan of superfluous text on a dial but on these Tudors I think the old-fashioned terminology of a rotor that winds the watch (instead of “Automatic”) is quite nice and is traditional for the Tudor brand. Regards Kev.
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Not too small for me. [nt]

 By: amanico : August 10th, 2018-02:21
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 By: benjr : August 10th, 2018-05:24
if it were my wrist, I would keep it.... ;-)
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She can wear it!

 By: BentN : August 10th, 2018-08:17
- Pretty sure. Please post some wristshots when time allows. Understated quality piece, Kindest regards Bent
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This watch is such a great size...

 By: jporos : August 10th, 2018-11:22
and without the rotating bezel, I like it better than the other BB's. Congrats!
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Absolutely Beautiful

 By: Elton H : August 10th, 2018-12:40
Great choice...and I have been thinking the same. Much better value than the Explorer I. Congratulations.
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Looks really good.

 By: traineract : August 11th, 2018-02:13
I'm actually considering one for myself
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