Hear Hear bro

Oct 14, 2018,13:27 PM

Best, Horo

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I do miss the Roger Dubuis of old, sometimes....

 By: Hororgasm : October 10th, 2018-05:45
the Sympathie series of yester years. the current crop of more sports genre and Lamborghini themed are good, but hasnt caught my imagination. best, Horo ...  

I agree with you

 By: NickO : October 10th, 2018-06:41
I’m a huge fan of the older Dubuis-Diaz creations (lovely sympathie btw!). For me, the demarcation comes around the introduction of the Excalibur line. I love everything pre-Excalibur including Excalibur. Everything afterwards, not so much..... Best, Nick... 

Actually many of the current creations

 By: Jester : December 16th, 2018-01:22
are actually brain child of Diaz. For me, he lost it when he started doing the extravagant color watches w/ "just for friends" slogan.

This catches my imagination for sure

 By: traineract : October 10th, 2018-06:48
Somehow I do prefer the eccentric shape of the sympathie compared to the hommage, although I like the latter as well. That said, they need a more entry current production model so that it's more within reach! Regards, Jude

Totally agree - two of mine (I have many from the early era)

 By: alphabeta81 : October 10th, 2018-07:16
Actually, the "great days" of Dubuis, are for me, the very best in watchmaking. Creative yet classic. Great movements. I love the Sympathie case with the shaped crystal like yours. I also love the "Calatrava" style pieces he made back then I find NOTHING ...  


 By: sham1 : October 10th, 2018-09:21
They were the best Roger Dubuis watches. Can't comment on the current range as it is way too avant garde for me

The heydays of RD. [nt]

 By: Luis6 : October 10th, 2018-16:17

Hear Hear bro

 By: Hororgasm : October 14th, 2018-13:27
Best, Horo

That is a great pp calendar

 By: COUNT DE MONET : October 11th, 2018-05:43
In-house balance spring inside: top!

Echoing others here...

 By: mdg : October 11th, 2018-10:24
...this case shape and crystal are soooooo classy. I have always wondered if the RD movements are as good as they seem to be. The 'old' stuff was gorgeous...not sure about the new direction.

I thought the current direction is great

 By: traineract : October 14th, 2018-06:18
But it's a good time to open up lower entry points and greater audience for this brand. Branding is q strong now on the avant garde end, just time to increase their reach. I agree the old pieces are great but they probably find it difficult to sustain tha... 


 By: enjoythemusic : October 15th, 2018-21:26
The early models imho are their best. i still feel bad about passing on this model below in rose gold. Saw it in Vegas looong ago then new.... truly stunning in person, now hard to find it seems. Photo below is not mine. ...  

Love the first picture

 By: Jester : December 16th, 2018-01:23
With ripped jeans in the background, it forms a great contrast w/ the iconic lines of Sympathie case... Tx for sharing bro!

Great watch NT [nt]

 By: Mr.Gatsby : December 29th, 2018-21:05


 By: Choupette - Amber : February 27th, 2019-15:56
Roger were in my opinion nicer