Patek's October 14 new Chronograph releases are live!

Oct 14, 2021,07:00 AM

​Dear Friends,

as we announced yesterday, here are for you three stunning new releases from Patek's 2021 Collection, which went live just moments ago! smile See:

The 2021 Chrono lineup includes the new references: 5204R-011 in Rose gold, 5905/1A-001 in SS, and the Platinum 5930P-001.

Stay tuned here on WatchProSite --- as usual, we will continue to update this thread throughout the day as I receive new pictures and press releases from Patek! ;-)
Enjoy! smile

FabR (Patek moderator)

The new Platinum WT chrono 5930P

The new 5905 in SS

The latest split-second, PC chrono 5204 in rose gold

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Many thanks for the post

 By: DOCSF : October 14th, 2021-07:29
I like the 5905/1A-001 and I have already emailed my AD. Looking forward to new pictures and press release
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Thank you for a great post.

 By: Miles_151 : October 16th, 2021-10:37
But for me it’s a bit like some aftershaves I’m having to let it warm up on me. I’m not sure that’s a good thing but stranger things have happened. M.
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Yes probably.

 By: Miles_151 : October 16th, 2021-15:12
That does seem to happen more with Patek than all other brands. For me that is. Often I’m left feeling a bit cold from press releases etc then when I have it on my wrist some magic happens. M.
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Thanks for the lightning quick update FabR!

 By: RahulR : October 14th, 2021-07:31
The 5204R is absolutely stunning and incredibly tempting.
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I love the green for 5930….we now have blue, red and green….P probably means a discontinuation next

 By: Patekphilippecollector : October 14th, 2021-07:36
It will be expensive no doubt and unloved..but still gorgeous to look at
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 By: vicunaman1 : October 14th, 2021-17:07
My wild prediction of this (very) controversial color is that It will be the new international advertising piece for the Spring ‘22 PP publications and advertising campaign. It is a visual attraction.
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Buy a lotto ticket

 By: vicunaman1 : October 14th, 2021-18:27
Probably a safer bet !!!!!
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 By: vicunaman1 : October 14th, 2021-20:22
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 By: vicunaman1 : October 14th, 2021-20:24
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 By: FabR : October 14th, 2021-20:27
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Unloved now means a fortune 20 years from now : )

 By: mdg : October 14th, 2021-15:43
...or at least that used to be the pattern. But today, every model (ugly or not) is snapped up immediately...
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I think it's a nice (if trendy) color...

 By: mdg : October 14th, 2021-16:46 comment was more about the future desirability of watches considered 'ugly' at the time of manufacture. The ref. 5020 comes to mind. I loved it the moment I saw it, but they didn't sell many when it first came out. Now it is very pricey : )
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Patek’s official press releases for the three new Chronos:

 By: FabR : October 14th, 2021-07:44
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Presentation and technical details of the new 5204R:

 By: FabR : October 14th, 2021-07:48
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Presentation and technical details of the new 5905/1A:

 By: FabR : October 14th, 2021-07:50
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Presentation and technical details of the new 5930P:

 By: FabR : October 14th, 2021-07:50
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 By: vicunaman1 : October 14th, 2021-15:04
I do agree with your thoughts re the 'fashion color' in a classic model; though the green strap makes everything pop..(will attract a more varied audience IMO) the seconds hand at 6 is a a nice addition.
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We'll see in a few years.

 By: amanico : October 15th, 2021-04:52
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 By: vicunaman1 : October 15th, 2021-05:14
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Not my favorite color combo either

 By: vicunaman1 : October 15th, 2021-14:17
Although, I believe in the marketing value and the dramatic visual POP that might attract different audiences. OF COURSE; product quality is of primary importance-------non subjective............ My 5110J is my WT love!!!!
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How I understand your love for the 5110!

 By: amanico : October 15th, 2021-22:11
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Thanks for sharing this Fab …

 By: Cpt Scarlet : October 14th, 2021-07:55
Green for go !
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Orders placed 😬

 By: Cpt Scarlet : October 14th, 2021-10:56
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Hi Fab …

 By: Cpt Scarlet : October 14th, 2021-22:33
We share the passion !
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We do, very much so!😉👍🥂

 By: FabR : October 15th, 2021-00:15
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 By: Jurry : October 14th, 2021-08:04
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Thanks Jurry🙏😉

 By: FabR : October 14th, 2021-08:26
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A few more 5930P pictures:

 By: FabR : October 14th, 2021-08:32
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5905 is nice, but...

 By: blau : October 14th, 2021-10:35
I have to admit that the first thought it gives me is, "Why did I give up my 5960a???"
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Thank you for uploading a lot of photos that I can't see on the official website.

 By: anaroku : October 14th, 2021-12:12
So far I haven't taken care of the 5905, but the new version is very attractive. Green dial on a bracelet like 5167!
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Does The Bracelet Clasp...

 By: enjoythemusic : October 14th, 2021-13:59
One thing i love about the Bvlgari Octo is the bracelet's amazing comfort on the wrist. Did PP modernize so their butterfly clasp goes into the bracelet like Bvlgari for added comfort?
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Thx, though needs pics please

 By: enjoythemusic : October 14th, 2021-15:56
Here's the Bvlgari bracelet so the clasp goes 'inside' the bracelet. Here's pics of what Bvlgari does, it is sooo comfy! I'm hoping we see some actual innovation from PP soon, though have been saying that for many years Maybe true talented watchmakers hav...  
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The 5905 is quite nice and for an reasonable price. Well done!

 By: Reuven Malter : October 14th, 2021-08:44
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Thank you for compiling all this for us, Fab.

 By: ArmisE : October 14th, 2021-08:46
Certainly these will prompt a lot of excitement and discussion. In particular I would be very interested to hear about PP’s decisions to proceed with green hues. I do love green, so I am fascinated and impressed by their decisions. I also wonder if/how th... 
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My pleasure Aymen (I must love Patek and WPS *a lot* to wake up at 2.30am this morning, given that at 9.30am I even have to start teaching! ;-))) It was definitely worth it today, as you said these new releases are quite exciting!

 By: FabR : October 14th, 2021-08:54
The choice of green appears pretty "safe" this year (even though the hues Patek chooses are also *really* good -- looking forward to seeing these in person! ;-) And I also find interesting the choice of metals, in particular the SS for the 5905, which I'm... 
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I did notice the early timing of your posts! Your passion and dedication are without question!

 By: ArmisE : October 14th, 2021-09:05
And I strongly agree that the 5905 in steel really surprised me. I hope you get to see them soon enough, especially as I want to read your impressions of this piece, including its bracelet style and feel. Is this the same bracelet as the Aquanaut you wear... 
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Thanks, it's definitely similar though with some differences -- see for instance my 5167 clasp vs. the new 5905:

 By: FabR : October 14th, 2021-09:13
My 5167/1A clasp The new 5905/1A clasp ...  
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 By: FabR : October 14th, 2021-11:05
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Good catch. Thank you for pointing that out, Blau.

 By: ArmisE : October 14th, 2021-11:03
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5930 p love it

 By: gunungbesarsekali : October 14th, 2021-09:20
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really like he 5905 in SS

 By: psfparis : October 14th, 2021-09:44
even if 42 might be too big for me
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The new references will hit ADs by the end of October already.

 By: Pretty Boy : October 14th, 2021-12:08
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Ouch! WhatsApp? Email? Carrier pigeon??😂😉

 By: FabR : October 14th, 2021-10:35
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The official MSRPs for the three new chronos:

 By: FabR : October 14th, 2021-10:09
Additional details and USD prices are as follows: 5204R-011: Split-seconds Chronograph and Perpetual Calendar, housed in a 40 mm rose gold case and featuring a slate gray sunburst dial: $309,893 USD 5905/1A-001: Flyback Chronograph and Annual Calendar in ... 
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What a disappointment.

 By: HelixL : October 14th, 2021-10:36
The 5204, yes, amazing watch, nothing to add that hasnt been said before. But the more I look at the SS 5905 the more I dislike it. Im a huge fan of steel bracelets, but this one would make me not want to look at my wrist - ever. The WT in green is also a... 
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Thank you for your coverage of the new Pateks!

 By: MichaelC : October 14th, 2021-12:15
Green is not going anywhere it seems. The 5204 RG is spectacular.
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Indeed…thanks for your feedback!😉🥂

 By: FabR : October 14th, 2021-12:48
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Thanks Fab for your (very) early morning coverage of the new releases, including the many beautiful images you posted!!

 By: patekova : October 14th, 2021-13:40
One thing that is very clear (again) is that Patek listens to its clients' viewpoints, especially those that suggest a better way of doing things. Specifically, I am thinking of the bracelet on the 5905 SS. A lot of people have clearly expressed their mis... 
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Thanks Patekova for your typically interesting comments, in agreement this new 5905/1A is a strong improvement in terms of being sporty/versatile -- I'm already hearing it is quite a big success with the ADs!

 By: FabR : October 14th, 2021-15:12
Looking forward to seeing the green hue of the 5930 dial in person, but it does look quite impressive from the pictures! Certainly not an easy reference, historically, so let's see if the "heft" of the Platinum will win over more enthusiasts! Cheers.
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Thanks Fab for staying up to cover the news ! 👍

 By: GLau : October 14th, 2021-14:34
Green is definitely the in color ! I prefer the 5905 green to the 5930 green because of the steel bracelet. The 5204R looks great ! 👍
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Thanks FabR for the nice report…spring is in the air.

 By: Clueless_Collector : October 14th, 2021-14:41
The bracelet on the 5905/1a…does it not look like the Aquanaut 5167/1a?
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Clasps has all been upgraded…

 By: Clueless_Collector : October 14th, 2021-15:52
Even my 5968A from 2019 and 2021 5167A has this new style internal design.
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Good, thanks for pointing this out👍🥂

 By: FabR : October 14th, 2021-16:24
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 By: vicunaman1 : October 14th, 2021-14:55
My two favorites are the 5930P, and the split second chrono 5204T... All are very fresh with a note of Tierry Stern's input.
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My typo error

 By: vicunaman1 : October 14th, 2021-16:30
In Addition: Your efforts and presentation at 0300 in NYC are much appreciated.
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My sincere pleasure🙏😉🥂

 By: FabR : October 14th, 2021-17:58
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Thank you for the post …

 By: HobbyCentric : October 14th, 2021-15:44
While I am very partial to green, I personally prefer the 5930 in blue …. The guilloche on the blue is better appreciated in most light and I prefer the city dial in solid background. The 5905’s green is supposed to be similar to the 5711-014 but it looks...  
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Pricing (except the 5204 which is out of my league) is not horrible...

 By: mdg : October 14th, 2021-15:49
...but it doesn't really matter because I will never get one...not on Patek's radar I'm afraid...
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The 5204 is to die for !

 By: doubleup : October 14th, 2021-16:18
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Impossible to disagree my friend! ;-)

 By: FabR : October 14th, 2021-18:08
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Thanks for your honest feedback, O.! :-) Cheers.

 By: FabR : October 14th, 2021-18:11
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No offence to anyone ..

 By: Horology75 : October 14th, 2021-19:49
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Thanks for the pics .

 By: Watchonthewrist : October 14th, 2021-20:21
Very good looking PPs
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My sincere pleasure, thank you for looking!🥂

 By: FabR : October 14th, 2021-20:28
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Sign me up for any of those.

 By: Dschmidt91 : October 14th, 2021-21:43
I wish they would have broken up the dial color in the 5930g like they just did with the P.
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5905 ss looks nice FabR

 By: Seconds : October 14th, 2021-22:15
Thank you for the beautiful pictures . Regards
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Just fell in love with that wonderful 5204

 By: George Gently : October 15th, 2021-07:32
The WT in green looks quite charming . Thanks for your informative Exposé FabR.
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Sorry but I don't get it anymore ....

 By: Bruno.M1 : October 15th, 2021-07:58
Why all so enthusiastic and positive ? They used a green dial. WOW Must be a genius to come to that Idea "We need something new .... Ugh wait a minute, not so long ago we made the market go crazy with a green Nautilus ( OK a watch we discontinued but we h... 
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Am with you.

 By: amanico : October 15th, 2021-08:29
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We can’t expect every release to be revolutionary. That’s not Patek and has never been…it’s always been

 By: Patekphilippecollector : October 15th, 2021-15:16
A model comes out and goes through the phases of different metals..dials…platinum and discontinuation. Generally every year there is one model that’s new and we had the perpetual…..I ask still waiting for a 5320R and a 5531G
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Patek Philippe Has Become Irrelevant

 By: enjoythemusic : October 16th, 2021-12:06
Patek has accomplished nothing much 'revolutionary' or new that is truly horologically significant in quite a few years imho. Perhaps this is why FP Journe and many other true independents are doing so very well. Maybe PP's highest watchmakers have decide... 
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Though it seems to be too many green dial references nowadays, I do find the 5930P attractive.

 By: joenghenry : October 15th, 2021-15:26
The colour scheme adopts the old style, with colour guilloche in center and countries names in white periphery. It makes the watch look smaller than the 5930G. Would be interested to see it in flesh, if I have a chance…… Best, Henry
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My AD confirmed. Most enthusiasts want the 5930P.

 By: Patek_Nerd : October 15th, 2021-15:49
Much more than the 5905/1A.
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Very interesting, thanks for the data point👍

 By: FabR : October 15th, 2021-17:03
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My car, my eyes, many of my clothes, my Aquanaut…are all green

 By: Chimaera : October 15th, 2021-17:41
But concerned that the country ring on that WT is just not legible, and the 5905 just looks heavy with that bracelet. But as with all things PP I will reserve judgment until I see them in the metal. Oh, wait, I KNOW that the split-seconds is going to be a... 
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Modern Patek

 By: Chaiwat : October 16th, 2021-01:31
Thanks for your post, just new comer for PP, very good looking and sporty 5905 in bracelet , 5930P also very charming, I contact and registered with my AD for both and do hope can get both pieces. This year PP do a very attractive model and refresh their ... 
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Many thanks for your input, you made an excellent point when it comes to Patek's refreshing and modernizing its image...of course, to the extent this is reasonable (or appropriate) for a brand with such a unique and distinguished history.

 By: FabR : October 16th, 2021-03:06
The new generation of the Calatrava line is perhaps the most evident example currently under our eyes, but we know that even apparently minor changes like a green dial in lieu of blue on a WT chronograph, are in fact very meaningful in terms of the broade... 
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Patek under rebranding

 By: Chaiwat : October 16th, 2021-09:56
Thanks for your best wishes, new Calatrava 6119 is very impressive, 5236P also good idea for perpetual, 5212A fantastic 5 hands on single co-Axial, 5235R is good accent for time regulators. All of these are good looking Patek and express their great and o... 
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 By: Chaiwat : October 17th, 2021-02:15
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