Thanks for an amazing review!

Sep 19, 2019,02:06 AM

Hope to one day have the opportunity to handle one in the real... thanks for taking the time to share this excellent review, beautiful piece!

Happy to see they put the classic Calatrava buckle on this as well!

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5 days on the wrist: Some thoughts on my new 5212A

 By: cayenne1200 : September 18th, 2019-05:37
Last Saturday I could finally pick up my 5212A at my dealer after he has presented the watch to some other customers. I´m wearing it ever since and my first impressions are 100 % positive! Here are some first thoughts which of course are all my personal o...  

thanks for sharing & congrats again !

 By: mahesh : September 18th, 2019-05:54
it is a practical complication & make sense to be in steel case only but your fear is absolutely right....we never know ! great pics too !! Best, mahesh.,


 By: coz : September 18th, 2019-06:31
Congrats looks like a really nice piece! Does the day indicator sweep or move at once at midnight? Best

Superb photos!

 By: M4 : September 18th, 2019-06:23
I like the watch and thank you for your reprot. Enjoy your new timepiece. M4

Great review of an awesome watch

 By: Prodyutb : September 18th, 2019-06:50
I hope we see more of such beautifully designed watches by PP in steel. Enjoy this special watch in good health!

Thanks a lot for the detailed and enthusiastic report! I had a chance to try it on a few times back in Italy this summer, and can only agree on the positive assessment.

 By: FabR : September 18th, 2019-06:58
I was very much hoping they would release a steel Patek, so I'm happy this happened -- and in a very original way. Unfortunately we might see some people initially speculating on this new steel piece, but I'd be happy if it finally helps the whole Calatra... 

I think Patek has a winner here

 By: Brandon Skinner : September 18th, 2019-06:59
Love your 4th photo illustrating the case. Congratulations on your new watch👊

Thank you so much for this very interesting and well written review. There are many details I like on this watch, especially the darkened indices and the case.

 By: amanico : September 18th, 2019-07:41
The indices make me think about the 5960A silver dial, too. Well spotted! I am less fan of the date, but it doesn't really matter. A very good modern Patek. Well done, my friend. Best, Nicolas

Easy watch to love

 By: colton_d : September 18th, 2019-07:52
I haven't a strong relationship with my local AD, however this would be such an easy watch to wear day in and day out. Perfect balance of casual elegance and quirky character. Wouldn't you know it, but my company operates on calendar weeks as displayed on... 

Big congrats 🍾🎈🎊🎉! Many...

 By: GLau : September 18th, 2019-08:52
thanks for your extensive post ! Enjoy it often !

Great post and pics! Thanks

 By: NautNut : September 18th, 2019-09:02
I have one on order and looking forward to seeing one in the metal

Thank you for the detailed review and the amazingly well taken photos!

 By: sham1 : September 18th, 2019-09:52
I too was a bit worried about the 40mm diameter but this watch wears small possibly because there is a lot happening on the dial. May I ask politely which country you are based at? I ask because I doubt if customers from the UK (including me!) have receiv... 

Thank you for letting me know!

 By: sham1 : September 18th, 2019-10:08
Ah, so the Germans are preferred to the Brits?! Just kidding, I am sure we will eventually receive our allocation before the year ends as promised!

Oct 31?

 By: sham1 : September 18th, 2019-21:13
I would be very happy to receive mine by December 31!

Provide customs fees... LOL [nt]

 By: tactictac : September 19th, 2019-02:04

Great review and photos of an extremely intriguing watch!

 By: blau : September 18th, 2019-09:52
I can see this watch having even more of the everyday ease that I love the 5110 for.

Very good review. There's a lot to like in this watch.

 By: Boris : September 18th, 2019-19:57
I like the fact that those concentric circles make the watch look more restrained than its 40mm would suggest. Great aesthetics, the blackened gold indices and hands work really well against the dial. Steel case is a bonus. As for the strap I like it, but... 

Thanks for an amazing review!

 By: keks : September 19th, 2019-02:06
Hope to one day have the opportunity to handle one in the real... thanks for taking the time to share this excellent review, beautiful piece! Happy to see they put the classic Calatrava buckle on this as well! ...  

I may have to order one...

 By: keks : September 19th, 2019-02:34
For my steel 5960...

Thanks for the excellent write up and photos.

 By: DOCSF : September 19th, 2019-03:41
Mine arrived as well, picking it up next week.

Cool! Where are you located? [nt]

 By: cayenne1200 : September 19th, 2019-10:33

North of England

 By: DOCSF : September 19th, 2019-12:03

👍👍 [nt]

 By: cayenne1200 : September 19th, 2019-12:13

Incredible photos and incredible write up!!! You make the watch come alive in a most appealing way.

 By: patekova : September 19th, 2019-11:45
Definitely increases my anticipation and excitement about (hopefully) acquiring this watch. On the negative side it also increases my impatience. Lastly, CONGRATULATIONS on acquiring a very special watch! Best, patekova

Thx a lot for your very kind words, Patekova

 By: cayenne1200 : September 19th, 2019-12:16
I hope you will get your watch soon 😄

What a great review

 By: ChristianDK : September 19th, 2019-12:55
Very well written. I reaaly enjoyed reading it. I, too am fascinated with this one. And I am one of those who could really use the weekly calendar. I think this is a clear winner in the current patek collection. I still need to see it in the real though. ... 

Haha, Christian, I´m one of the people who love that red dash :-)

 By: cayenne1200 : September 20th, 2019-02:16
And thx a lot for your kind words on the review. I often feel so limited when I have to write in English.

LOL, Totally fair :-)

 By: ChristianDK : September 20th, 2019-03:24
Im sure im in a very small minority on this point Still - what a great watch!

Wonderful photos [nt]

 By: watch-er : September 19th, 2019-14:59

Thx a lot. [nt]

 By: cayenne1200 : September 20th, 2019-02:19

Thanks for sharing your experience with the 5212.

 By: VMM : September 20th, 2019-00:48
Interesting remarks about the color of the dial changing from grey to beige, it sure does look great. A beautiful watch that keeps growing on me. The more I see it, the more I like it. Your pics helped too. I've enjoyed your review, thanks. Vte

The date changes just after mid night

 By: DOCSF : October 9th, 2019-16:14
The day and week changes are not instantaneous. I took the following photograph early hours of Monday morning. The date and week number has already changed and day indicator is between Sunday and Monday. ...