Highway Star

May 16, 2023,10:05 AM

At least this was the song playing when I was shooting this pic. However, the Bullhead ist a motorist's watch, and even if the 60s original already was a Seamaster, it would have been much more appropriate to place it in the Speedmaster line.


I especially like the chronograph movement. The cal. 3113 is an offspring of the cal 3313, which was produced for a relatively short period only and is a very fine and classically designed movement.


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My guess is it was Dark side of the moon. 😂😂

 By: Jocke - Bad Santa : May 16th, 2023-10:38
Long time no see, great to see you back.

Here’s a bullhead

 By: cazalea : May 16th, 2023-15:43
Wrong brand though I sometimes have loading problems, if so I switch from Safari browser to Firefox, or vice versa. The browser “protection” seems to be the issue. Mike ...  

I was smitten by your version, too, Marcus . . .

 By: Dr No : May 18th, 2023-19:58
. . . and tempted to get one when they were introduced ten years ago. I ended up opting for a GS instead that year, which ultimately had a relatively brief stay in my collection. The Bullhead would've been a better long-term choice. Warmest, Art ...