True 🤪

Jan 13, 2021,13:24 PM

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Panerai Trio Pam 217 Pam 203 and Pam 127 - Old school.

 By: Bill : January 13th, 2021-09:26
Back in the day post Vendome these three watches where and the start of the push. It was a time when we all had to get on the wait list and everyone waited kindly. I used to know all the reference model at the time. Slowly moving ahead 10 years it got to ...  

I completely agree...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : January 13th, 2021-10:18
I still has fond memories of the days of “Panerai mania” and keep models that will always have a special place in my collection.

Completely agree Bill! There was a time I could identify all models ...

 By: Subexplorer : January 13th, 2021-10:35
... by their model numbers. Now I need to have a list at hand or check Google! Lol! The models you share here already are coveted classics. Best! Abel

Awesome grail trio picture. And yea a base is a must have as well as a Radiomir.

 By: Ahoi : January 13th, 2021-10:59
Remembering the numbers is good for the brain. So u should restart collecting

Lol! Just a "dozen"! :) -John

 By: John-E-Mac : January 13th, 2021-12:22

True 🤪

 By: Ahoi : January 13th, 2021-13:24

For people like me....

 By: sergio : January 13th, 2021-12:22
those where the days. When in order to appeal to the buyers, you didn't have to play with colour palettes for the...dials Congrats for your taste in Panerais, Bill

Agreed! I am drooling for the 1950 one in your picture!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : January 13th, 2021-14:00

Panerai pam390 is 44mm

 By: Bill : January 14th, 2021-15:48

Mi casa es tu casa.

 By: Bill : January 14th, 2021-15:45