8 day Radiomir with domed sapphire and quintessential 4 numeral small second layout???

Dec 05, 2018,14:39 PM

I don’t think exists even in 3 day domed plexy... only exists in luminor case.. or 1940 3 day radiomir...

Why so few domed sapphire radiomirs?


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Dome glass or dome plexi. That is the question

 By: Bill : December 5th, 2018-16:35
The Panerai 249 is sexy plexi and not sapphire make it more rare so the newer model even less likely. I love the distortion on the 127. And this is not a good answer but... ...  

Now this is a...picture :-)

 By: sergio : December 6th, 2018-07:22
This is the best 249's picture I've ever found in the Net. I ignore the author to whom I give credit for the picture anyway ...  

The 373 has a 3 days movement and a domed plexy...

 By: sergio : December 5th, 2018-17:57
also the 448-449 (few others I guess, but no 8 days that I recall though.

Yeah the 448/449 “brothers” with “fautina” and gold hands have sapphire

 By: darrony : December 5th, 2018-18:49
But the SEs with blue hands go with the plexy...but I am a little too cavalier with my watches and I prefer domed sapphire

You can go for the 604....

 By: sergio : December 6th, 2018-07:33
the sun-brushed black dial, helps to compensate for the ungainly "Firenze" on it. 3 days p.r. and sapphire dome

Do you mean the 605?

 By: darrony : December 7th, 2018-00:21
Yes that has domed sapphire and the dial is so beautiful... probably ma favorite “372”..

Nope, I meant 604....which has a domed

 By: sergio : December 7th, 2018-16:43
sapphire glass. To be sure it's not as pronounced at the 1950's ones, but it's not as flat as the 232, 210, 309 etc etc

Oh I see now; the distortion is nice !

 By: darrony : December 7th, 2018-22:03
Not too many radiomir cushion cases have domed sapphire

It’s funny you made this post

 By: ripper444 : December 6th, 2018-20:15
I was just thinking this today. Even the new luminor base models lost the bit of distortion in the crystal as they are flat now. All the radiomir models now seem to have flat crystals which is interesting. ...  

My favorite luminor...has the 8 days, domed sapphire and 3/6/9/12 and small seconds!!

 By: darrony : December 7th, 2018-00:29
.....just looking for a radiomir brother ...  

Of course you were "fishing" in the 1950's case department :-)

 By: sergio : December 7th, 2018-06:31
considering that Panerai, in this day and age, produces EVERYTHING, sooner or later, there's a strong possibility that your prayers might be answered.


 By: Horologically_minded : December 7th, 2018-16:16
It's just a matter of waiting for your favorite combination of features to be in a new release.