I was just going to ask Who Here Sleeps With A Watch On?

Mar 17, 2023,04:14 AM

No kidding, because a couple times a week I do but not really intentionally (retired, so I have no fixed routine). 

Nico - you’re on the list, I know!


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I used to

 By: Arronax : March 17th, 2023-04:32
But I am known to be quite an active sleeper/dreamer and smashing a piece of Steel or Titanium in my significant other's face was deemed too risky so I sleep wrist-naked

I used to…

 By: Jay (Eire) : March 17th, 2023-04:38
…for several years I wore my Sea-Dweller 24/7. Shower, sleeping, gym everything. It was (is) the ultimate 24/7 machine. Boardroom to bedroom and everything in between ! 😂

We can debate

 By: Arronax : March 17th, 2023-05:23
Which one has the higher chances of leading to the other room

Until my recent purchase of a Parmigiani Tonda

 By: sham1 : March 17th, 2023-04:41
I don't even wear a watch at home so no chance of me sleeping with one on. Totally nude is my motto!

I do…

 By: mdg : March 17th, 2023-05:26
…but it’s a plastic Timex and not very noticeable : )

I go to bed with this every night.

 By: Rhyzen : March 17th, 2023-05:58
It got to the point where it feels weird sleeping without it. The lume is sufficient to last the night. ...  

I wear a watch to bed 3️⃣6️⃣5️⃣

 By: Brandon Skinner : March 17th, 2023-06:03
Not always with a lumed watch, but here’s a few Lume-views👽 ...  

No never 😬

 By: Watchonthewrists : March 17th, 2023-08:25

Always do

 By: 中野れい : March 17th, 2023-09:09
Never take it off (unless during shower)

No watch when i am sleeping

 By: Weems@8 : March 17th, 2023-09:14
I need a watch for my fixed routine. Sleeping is needed for recharge the battery in the workweek. Sometimes it failed and i struggle to survive a workday. I can not call my boss and say, i am tired search for somebody else. Retired is far away, so i know ... 

I wear a smartwatch during the night...

 By: fmc000 : March 17th, 2023-10:04
...to track my sleep pattern and heart rate as I'm bradycardic.

I do.

 By: pw927 : March 17th, 2023-10:34
I wear Sub at night for the lume. Began this when we had a newborn so I could quickly tell time when waking up (often) in the middle of the night. Now it’s habit and I appreciate if I wake up I can quickly tell the time without rolling over to check the p... 

I do. Usually my Must de Cartier because it is light weight and unobtrusive. Sometimes one of my other watches that I am testing for timekeeping.

 By: chippyfly : March 17th, 2023-11:11
At my age, I often have to visit my bathroom during the night. I expect I am not alone in this necessity! If you are not yet my age, give it time when you likely will!

Traveled for work prior to cell phone era

 By: saabman1997 : March 17th, 2023-12:22
Needed reliable source for time.

Always. Time . . .

 By: Dr No : March 17th, 2023-14:19
. . . doesn't stop at night, does it?

Only when traveling.

 By: RabidManatee : March 19th, 2023-01:42
But a watch goes back on first thing in the morning. I don’t wear one in the shower, ever.