How to deal with boredom (warning - loads of pictures)

Mar 24, 2020,03:04 AM

Locked at home amidst the rampaging pandemic, I decided to kill time by uploading the wrist-shots I have taken over the past month or so....

Romain Gauthier Logical One in WG

Moser & Cie Streamliner

Patek 5270G blue dial

Lange & Sohne Odysseus

Patek 5370P

Gleubel Forsey Double Tourbillon

Moritz Grossmann Hamatic

Tag Heuer re-edition The Glass Box

Blancpain Air Command re-edition

Breitling 806 re-edition

Breguet 7067 GMT

Lange & Sohne Datograph Lumen

Moritz Grossmann Benu in PT and enamel dial

Gronefeld 1941 Remontoire

Kari Voutilainen Observatoire

Lange & Sohne 1815 Tourbillon in RG Handwerskunst

Lange & Sohne Lange 1 Timezone 25th anniversary

Lange & Sohne Langematik Power Reserve for Wempe

Lange & Sohne 1815 Anniversary in PT

Richard Lange Jumping Seconds in PT

Richard Lange PLM with fusee chain

Lange 1 in honey-colored gold

Laurent Ferrier Galet Tourbillon

Vacheron Constantin Cornes de Vache in PT

Several of these pieces are not mine. Guess which ones?

Stay healthy everyone.

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 By: samwan : March 24th, 2020-03:11
Now that I counted - five of them not mine.

I'm flabbergasted and speechless...

 By: George Gently : March 24th, 2020-03:28
One Gem after another. Regards, George

I am flattered (and learned a new word :P)

 By: samwan : March 24th, 2020-03:29
Is there a favourite one?

To name a favourite is almost impossible

 By: George Gently : March 24th, 2020-04:26
Ok, revolver on my chest: Richard Lange Jumping Seconds in PT. And the Grönefeld and....

You might have read my earlier post

 By: samwan : March 24th, 2020-05:06
I got the RL Jumping Seconds in Verona, by sheer chance...

wow, nice 👍

 By: Tyo : March 24th, 2020-03:37
not yours being ? Romain Gauhtier Logical One in WG Lange & Sohne Odysseus Gleubel Forsey Double Tourbillon Kari Voutilainen Observatoire Vacheron Constantin Cornes de Vache in PT

Very good guess!

 By: samwan : March 24th, 2020-03:49
3/5 The Observatoire and VC are mine

not bad indeed. What is my reward? :)

 By: Tyo : March 24th, 2020-04:07
congrats for having all these amazing pieces. I'll show it to my wife anytime she'll say I do have to many watches :p

You can tell her you have friends

 By: samwan : March 24th, 2020-04:22
who have hundreds of watches and, naturally, only two arms

Thanks Nico...

 By: samwan : March 24th, 2020-05:07
I guess you must be bored too...

Believe me....I can

 By: samwan : March 24th, 2020-05:19
My son just spent 10 days in a quarantine camp (a 100-ft unit) after his boss was infected. They were on a business trip in London....

Ouch! [nt]

 By: amanico : March 24th, 2020-05:28

A feast!

 By: colton_d : March 24th, 2020-04:45
That 1815 Handwerkskunst remains one of my favourite langes of all time - so happy every time I see you post a shot of yours. That Groenfeld as well, ooph that takes the breath away. As of tomorrow, I too will be locked at home - although my bank is alrea... 

I am actually considering changing

 By: samwan : March 24th, 2020-05:09
the dial to an enamel one on the Gronefeld. What do you think?

I am intrigued to say the least

 By: colton_d : March 24th, 2020-08:33
I have seen a few unique enamel variants on groenfeld pieces online, very striking in appearance. Any chance to further add personality to this already striking watch would be very enticing. Best of luck in that decision, and nice knowing in the off-chanc... 

Thx for the advice [nt]

 By: samwan : March 24th, 2020-08:47

Thank you for the kind words

 By: samwan : March 24th, 2020-05:49
This is roughly 20% of my modest collection :P

Actually, a fair portion of my watches are from independent watchmakers

 By: samwan : March 24th, 2020-06:48
Here are a few... Roger Smith Series 2 De Bethune DB25 jewelry FPJ Centigraphe titanium Lange & Heyne Georg ...  

My Lange contingent is almost as big as the Pateks...

 By: samwan : March 24th, 2020-06:37
Here are a few more... ...  

Congrats Sam this is a real horological feast!😍Many gems and a few pieces I wasn’t even aware of (especially that Moser)..

 By: FabR : March 24th, 2020-06:18
Please keep them coming, now I’m also looking forward to seeing the remaining 80% of your collection!😀🥂

The Streamliner is quite appealing

 By: samwan : March 24th, 2020-06:40
especially at a time when the collecting public is craving for steel/sport watches

I can imagine

 By: Jurry : March 25th, 2020-06:14
I can imagine that the daily winding becomes some kind of nice ritual. We own several manual winding watches but in all fairness, I only wind them when I take them out of the safe to wear them. the exception is the perpetual calendar. That one is being wo...  

Nice machines

 By: samwan : March 25th, 2020-22:25
I had several winders but soon discarded them as the safe ran out of space. Now I only wind my perpetual calendars everyday, manually.

Bigger safe

 By: Jurry : March 26th, 2020-08:38
I ran into similar problem but solved it by ordering a bigger safe with 16 built in winders.

Unfortunately bigger safe

 By: samwan : March 28th, 2020-01:58
means bigger wife problem for me :P


 By: Jurry : March 28th, 2020-09:45
See this is where experience comes in. I’ve been married for 37 years so a self proclaimed rxoert I would say. Don’t tell her you need the bigger safe for your watches. Buy her a great necklace, then tell her you need stringer and better (don’t mention bi... 

Thank you

 By: samwan : March 24th, 2020-07:06
those are some of the results of a 15-year horological journey, or time misspent (as my wife says)

Sam, seeing some of your amazing collection previously..

 By: Seeks : March 24th, 2020-07:06
"None of the above" is NOT yours. Best of health


 By: samwan : March 24th, 2020-07:25
I believe your line-up of vintage watches is much more interesting.... Best Sam

You are correct

 By: samwan : March 24th, 2020-08:07
That's why it is not mine yet

And I even mis-spelt the brand

 By: samwan : March 24th, 2020-08:12
giving everything away.... :P

No offence taken

 By: samwan : March 24th, 2020-18:20
I know this is a respected brand but I still have to get smitten by its tastes are more traditional...

That would be my next target

 By: samwan : March 24th, 2020-18:21
after the 5231J...

Such an amazing set of watches!

 By: jleno : March 24th, 2020-20:22
I especially love that Laurent Ferrier. What an elegant piece!

Surely one of my favourites too

 By: samwan : March 24th, 2020-21:38
Simple but classy.

Some serious real estate,

 By: halgedahl : March 25th, 2020-11:41
But that Grossmann is to die for…. FH

The Hamatic or the Benu with blue enamel dial?

 By: samwan : March 25th, 2020-22:30
The Hamatic movement is fabulous while the blue enamel is mesmerizing.

An Extremely Impressive...

 By: elliot55 : March 28th, 2020-09:09
.... Lineup to say the least. That GF is sublime. But then again, so are the rest of the pieces. Superb collection. - Scott


 By: samwan : March 28th, 2020-23:45
unfortunately, the GF is not mine....