A new round AP for 2019?

Nov 10, 2018,02:23 AM

Following on from the SIHH 2019 post below in Oct - and re-posting an image within the thread from edo.k on Oct 16 from an AP filed patent earlier this year - I recently heard from a dealer in Singapore, that next year AP would be indeed releasing new round models. No idea of the gap between patent filing and production (I guess a few years) - but if this is true, I think the case design below is quite interesting - especially the lugs!

Has anyone heard anything to this effect and/or what do you think the likelihood of this happening would be?

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looks interesting...

 By: maverickmahesh : November 10th, 2018-02:41
i wish it is in Titanium Gr 5 or Tantalum, no date window &=/<40mm... Best, mahesh.,

Looks sporty [nt]

 By: jomni1 : November 10th, 2018-03:12

If this watch will use cal. 3120, I'll pass. [nt]

 By: Dmitriy : November 10th, 2018-04:01
But the design is intriguing.

Why - all the early teething problems are now fixed no?

 By: markkeenan : November 10th, 2018-04:05
Perhaps it will have the 3122 (the 3120 with the double balance spring).

Mine is working fine. [nt]

 By: jomni1 : November 11th, 2018-16:56

What is the patent on?

 By: Spangles - El Atigrado : November 10th, 2018-04:13
I don't see what niche this watch fills for AP. They should bring out a viable dress line to compete with the aging calatrava line.

Not Sure - just saw it in the post below..

 By: markkeenan : November 10th, 2018-04:16

Agree , Jules Audemars needs more models

 By: mohammad : December 5th, 2018-01:19
AP Dress watch : Jules Audemars needs more models . The current models seem attracting few customers as everyone is hidding for RO . AP started as Dress watch manufacturer .

More photos (patent USD814946S1).

 By: Dmitriy : November 10th, 2018-04:26

Super interesting - looks like a concave type dial...

 By: markkeenan : November 10th, 2018-04:32
but the hexagonal screws on the lugs look a bit weird.

If no RO it won t sell imho [nt]

 By: Passionata_george : November 10th, 2018-04:41

A hybrid RO/round case ..

 By: markkeenan : November 10th, 2018-05:23
Looks interesting.

Found more photos - looks like a 3120 mvt

 By: markkeenan : November 10th, 2018-04:53
and case seems to be a octagonal core sandwiched within a round case. ...  

Mark, thanks!) [nt]

 By: Dmitriy : November 10th, 2018-05:09
No message body

I agree - it could be really interesting!

 By: markkeenan : December 15th, 2018-20:08
I think it has elements of an RM diver in its case design (mostly the lugs) an interesting concave crystal and a very unique hybrid round/octagonal case. Assume movement will be the 3120 - or perhaps double balance spring version?

And a new chrono potentially?

 By: markkeenan : November 10th, 2018-04:58
found these also..

sorry - with images..

 By: markkeenan : November 10th, 2018-04:59

AP's US Website is already teasing this new watch (at least the chrono version of it)

 By: reintitan - Mr. Roboto : December 15th, 2018-04:51
Some screenshots...They're teasing with CODE (Challenge, Own, Dare, Evolve) Next reveal is on Jan 7 2019. Chrono pusher visible ...  

Actually they said they would introduce an inhouse chronograph movement and a new dress style model line in 2019.

 By: aqalung : November 10th, 2018-08:58
The case design itself is super nice but the face is super pale. Could be from any brand, nothing special and not worth their reputation. But just because they patented something, it doesn't mean they going to launch it. World is full of patent designs th... 

Agree dial is bland - but a tapisserie ...

 By: markkeenan : November 10th, 2018-14:42
dial for example on this case could look great! Understand that many patents never make it manufacture, but these do seem to fit the 2019 rumours quite well.

It would be interesting if it came out!

 By: Spangles - El Atigrado : November 11th, 2018-13:21
Looks like the patent is only on the appearance, which I notice watch companies do quite a bit. Not as interesting as Rolex' patent for a high-beat movement (!!!) or its further patents on ways to set a watch via the bezel (like the skydweller, but moreso... 

I saw it on rolexforums a few years back

 By: Spangles - El Atigrado : November 11th, 2018-15:44
I can't find it, but if you look you'll see a bunch of patents for everything from having the Rolex crown on the crown that always ends up upright, to a button-press to switch from one time zone to another (Breguet has a watch like this) to new methods fo... 

I was thinking of that too.

 By: jomni1 : November 11th, 2018-18:32
Tapisserie would look great


 By: Onemorewatch : November 10th, 2018-07:31
A response to the VC fifty six perhaps? I have often lamented the absence of the Jules line, it seems calatrava has no competition these days

Other than the 15202

 By: reintitan - Mr. Roboto : November 10th, 2018-09:29
this is the only modern AP that interests me. I would venture to guess that the dial and hands are just mock-ups for the patent. The case design is very interesting with those lugs looking like something out of modern-day architectural design. The crown l... 

Thanks for all your comments & thoughts

 By: Audemars Piguet : November 13th, 2018-00:23
Time will tell…the best is yet to come.

The case reminds me on...

 By: stere : November 14th, 2018-01:44
...the Richard Mille Diving watch. stere