Horrible Experience in Singapore Service Centre

Oct 20, 2017,02:39 AM

Dear Gary,

I had given my watch Lange 1 moonphase for a simple oiling or half service to the Lange boutique.
I was told the watch would have to go to Germany and I accepted, then I was told they had a German trained Lange service personnel in Singapore and he was qualified enough, I BELIEVED them THIS WAS MY MISTAKE. 
I paid for a full service and got my watch back in a WORSE CONDITION than I gave it in. 
The dial came back damaged under the pivot of the seconds hand it has been removed badly by a hand removal tool. They refused to accept their mistake but the damage was irrefutable. I had to prove that this was done during the service. I tore into the boutique and refused to accept the watch. They then replaced the dial but the hands have been damaged they are not straight any longer they have been bent. 
I had never expected this.
I will have to bring this up when the watch goes again for another service.
I am distraught this is an expensive watch. 
It’s a shame that a brand like A Lange & Sohne does this kind of service. 
I will never give my watch to the local service centre. Germany is the place. 
In short in totally dissatisfied. 
I sympathise with you Gary. 
Don’t take it lying down. 

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Lange dial replacement

 By: hewitgar : October 19th, 2017-20:25
hi folks Lange service won't replace my dial and give the old one back to me. It is a 101.027x and apparently has a chip from a knock (and big discussion if they did it in a service or I did after they'd sent it back). They will replace the dial but won't... 

Pretty standard practice

 By: tahoeblue : October 19th, 2017-20:28
I think most of the watch companies will retain your dial (or other parts) upon providing a replacement.

Yes it is [nt]

 By: hewitgar : November 7th, 2017-12:54

Some replace and give back the old part, others just junk the dial (so they don't have to have that "discussion" with the client on who and what did something. Its down to

 By: Rogi : October 19th, 2017-21:23
the technician and whoever is handling your case. I've always got my parts back (for the most part) but sometimes you get that one person that just doesn't know the deal.

Good for you

 By: hewitgar : November 7th, 2017-12:53
I'm pleased some are getting their bugs and pieces back

I got no parts back from Glashutte Original, Breitling or Grand Seiko

 By: cazalea : October 19th, 2017-22:09
I’d say the norm is the service department keeps the used parts, as they don’t want them in circulation or put into other watches. Whether we like it or not is another thing. Sorry, Cazalea

Indeed it is the norm [nt]

 By: hewitgar : November 7th, 2017-12:53


 By: alphabeta81 : October 19th, 2017-22:10
Dial is yours. So you can keep as is, or swap it for a replacement. Brands don't sell dials. They swap old for new usually. Why is this crazy? They have no mandatory obligation to sell you a dial?

No onligTion to sell me a dial - correct

 By: hewitgar : November 7th, 2017-12:52
And it has been tested in law as well and upheld

Lange Service

 By: Saxon : October 19th, 2017-22:30
I had my Langematik for service in Glashütte, and Lange replaced the (Tritium) dial and hands. The replacement was not mentioned - and not charged - in the invoice, I noticed the slightly lighter dial colour and other fonts for the Sax-O-mat printing when... 


 By: hewitgar : November 7th, 2017-12:51
I think they did it in the first place. And do you know how hard it was to get a written guarantee that the new one would be identical!? They wouldn't do it. So, I get my original dial back, with added charm. But at least I know it is the original one.

You are correct

 By: hewitgar : November 7th, 2017-12:50
And with the correct explanation

How would you have chipped the dial unless there were signs of you opening the watch?

 By: Poky : October 19th, 2017-23:51
It must have been done during the service. I would say that is more of an issue.

I think Lange did it

 By: hewitgar : November 7th, 2017-12:49
When they services the watch I have not knocked the watch at all.

In my mind...

 By: Dave G : October 20th, 2017-01:44
In my opinion if you pay for the new dial then the old one which you purchased once should come back to you. If they are replacing it for free or exchange then I wouldn't expect it back. Like others have said though the practice of not returning old parts... 

And what if it isn't the same as the original one!

 By: hewitgar : November 7th, 2017-12:48
What then! I like to bet you could do nothing about that either.

Horrible Experience in Singapore Service Centre

 By: Timewarp : October 20th, 2017-02:39
Dear Gary, I had given my watch Lange 1 moonphase for a simple oiling or half service to the Lange boutique. I was told the watch would have to go to Germany and I accepted, then I was told they had a German trained Lange service personnel in Singapore an...  

Bad deal

 By: hewitgar : November 7th, 2017-12:47
That story is sorry to hear

Technically it is theft.

 By: Arie - Mr Orange : October 20th, 2017-06:48
It is your dial. You paid for it.

I agree

 By: hewitgar : November 7th, 2017-12:47
Lange (and many others) do not, however

To both points...

 By: CR : October 20th, 2017-07:09
(1) I noticed some small chips on the side of a Lange dial (preowned watch) and was told the same thing about the cause: Impact. I was told (by a trusted watchmaker) that this can happen when the watch suffers a hard knock. (2) Lange ordinarily does not r... 


 By: hewitgar : November 7th, 2017-12:46
Thank you

Seems spotty at best

 By: hewitgar : November 7th, 2017-12:46
.. and perhaps now I understand the position and the advantages of it. Still annoyed though!

I fully understand your feeling believe me 😕

 By: Alkiro1 : November 7th, 2017-13:21
Best wishes Alkiro

You are absolutely right, it is absurd.

 By: Horology411 : October 24th, 2017-16:06
The watch industry seems to be particularly rife with awful practices and services. Any company that wants to sell you a product should be obligated by the market to support said product. Somehow with watches, this is all forgotten. If you want parts retu... 

This article helps (I think)

 By: hewitgar : November 7th, 2017-12:43

Lange Dial Replacement cost

 By: horoplicity : March 5th, 2018-17:37
I just sent my 1815 for a service. The dial had a very tiny black corrosion at the top right hand corner where it meets the case. Anyone has any idea how much this would cost me for a dial replacement? Its a ref 205.025 and its been around pretty long but... 

Did you sent it directly to Glashutte yourself, or was a boutique or AD involved?

 By: CR : March 5th, 2018-21:02
If it's the former, then you should contact Glashutte directly to follow up. If it's the latter, then you should ask that entity (AD or boutique) for this information. That's the only way you'll get an accurate answer for something this specific. Dial pri... 

Sent it to my AD.

 By: horoplicity : March 6th, 2018-05:28
I am still waiting for an accurate quote, having spoken to some lange collectors who have had dials replaced and they have told me it will cost around 1500 SGD for just the dial replacement. In your personal experience, is the variance in costs very high?... 

Your AD can send it to Glashutte for you...

 By: CR : March 6th, 2018-20:08
... and act as your agent to get a price quote from them. They can also deal with Customs, etc. I'd rather do that than deal with it myself, but if you're used to sending high-end watches to different countries, then you may decide to do it yourself. I've... 

Thank you for the advise!

 By: horoplicity : March 7th, 2018-09:28
yes I think I would just let my agent handle it. Here is a picture of the blemish. Magnified by a 6 x loupe. Yes it's small. But these are the kind of things u cant unsee if you get what I mean. It surprises me that you can encounter corrosion on silver a...  

Thank you for the photo!

 By: CR : March 7th, 2018-15:06
I'm curious if it is corrosion of something else.

Me too!

 By: horoplicity : March 7th, 2018-22:00
All these are just speculations, I guess only lange can answer this.

The reason of not returning the parts

 By: Passionata_george : March 8th, 2018-12:03
to control the redistribution of used parts -since those may not fit in an other watch. -since those can mislead customers (mixing real and fake parts in a watch). I think it s a pretty good and acceptable practice and a regular policy in other businesses...