There is more in life that a Cartier watch.

May 22, 2010,12:48 PM

The fact that Cartier is an all round jeweler, is actually in many respects a great advantage,
I can not come up with another brand that has so many different and stunning case designs
for their watch collections.
In the early years Cartier was more about the perfect look of a watch, than the technical side of it.
Movements were supplied by other companies like JLC, Piaget, Piguet and others.
We know that has changed now and all those Tortue cases, Tank and Santos cases have already,
or are getting stunning 'in house' complications, or simple time only movements like the new 1904 MC,
used for the 'Calibre' watch.

Since Cartier is a famous jeweler from origin, the brand has more to complement a mens watch.
There is of course a really nice collection of cufflinks in various materials and and if you let me,
I fill the whole page about cufflinks.
Cufflinks are not that popular with everybody which very much depends from country to country,
so I won't, at least not today.

No matter what a man wears, from jeans to a nice Ralph Lauren sear sucker suit,
a belt is always the necessary accessor.
And what is better than a belt to match the shoes and the watch.
Not only the kind of leather, but also in the shape of the buckle!
I actually never paid much attention to belts, until I got my first Cartier belt, as a present.

It was the Santos belt, that matches perfectly the Santos 100 series, or in my case the Santos Galbee,
but also the smaller Dumont, which is my dress watch.
(Please note that I have changed the leather for a black Stingray).
Cartier belts come with black/brown reversible calf leather, or alligator.
The alligator leather is absolutely gorgeous, but a bit more pricy.
New are the Santos cufflinks in palladium finish, released this year and a perfect match for the Santos watch,
but I find them make a cool combination with a white gold or platinum Tank or Rotonde as well.


Tank Americain belt, This one pictured here is also in palladium finish, because of the matching Tank Américaine,
but the buckle actually makes a great match with all Tanks.
Here matched with the Elongated C cufflinks in palladium finish, really nice design (on both sides)
and very easy to wear links.

Tank Americaine

The case design of the Tortue is probably my favorite of all watch shapes, Cartier is using,
it's an ideal shape on the wrist.
Finding the matching Tortue belt, resulted in an instant must have.
Since my watch is yellow gold I picked the yellow gold plated version, but there is also a palladium plated model,
to match the white gold or platinum watches.
The classic 'Three Knots' cufflinks in three colors of gold are real classics and are still in the catalogue,
since quite some years now.


Most buckles come in yellow gold finish or palladium finish, no pink gold finish yet; unfortunately,
What to wear with your pink gold watch and there are quite a few in the collection, is the question.

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I just saw someone wearing the Tank belt buckle yesterday

 By: SJX : May 22nd, 2010-20:36
and it is more subtle than the other two and my favourite. I also like the Santos buckle because, with its screwed bezel, it is very distinctive. - SJX

Looking well matched!

 By: patrick_y : May 22nd, 2010-21:04
Looks great! It is indeed an incredible advantage that Cartier has such a comprehensive product line. I am fortunate that most of my accessories do match one way or another, despite not coming from one brand's line. Looks sharp! Thanks for sharing!

wonderful and clever matched...

 By: FanFrancisco : May 22nd, 2010-21:29
... wow, i have never thought to have a belt which can be matched with our wristwatch. this is a wonderful idea. i don't come across other brand to have similar idea in this production. really interesting and brilliant idea, think i also need to find one ... 

Great Style and Elegance

 By: Kilani : May 22nd, 2010-21:30
Some of the best photos I have ever seen of Cartier timepieces matched with belts and cufflinks. Thank you for sharing Geo, my compliments on your personal taste and style.

This is great!

 By: Jester : May 22nd, 2010-21:33
I especially love the Santo combination where all pieces are perfectly matched. One question: Did the cuff links ever scratch your watch? I love cuff links but in the early years, I decided that I do not want to run the risks of metallic cuff links scratc... 

No Risk

 By: Geo : May 23rd, 2010-05:24
Hi Jester, Thanks for your reply, in fact there is no risk at all, since the piece of cufflink on the inside of the cuff, is very tiny. I tried to photograph it, which is not so easy. Besides that, the cuff itself is pretty thick, mainly since it's double...  

Fantastic post Geo...

 By: Dino944 : May 22nd, 2010-22:58
the Tortue buckle with Tortue MP and Tri-color knots are a beautiful combination. But I absolutely adore the Santos buckle with the stingray belt...thats an amazing combination. I love how you paired them with a textured gray shirt. Stingray is often an o... 

Classic post!

 By: MartinGreen : May 22nd, 2010-23:21
Very well done, Geo! I think you've created a classic post with this. Not only because this must be the first post ever to combine Cartier belt's with it's watches, but also because of your superb photography. Looking forward to more of your posts! Martin

stunning post Geo!

 By: Wimster8 : May 23rd, 2010-01:31
wow, what a great and original post Geo! And I think you brought many of us lots of inspiration! Now I now what I want for my birthday, a belt to accompany my Tank Francaise! By the way, I love the first Santos cufflinks, I was in the Boutique yesterday a... 

WOW... very impressive post!

 By: monochrome : May 23rd, 2010-03:18
Geo, This post is very impressive and an excellent read. The informative character and the incredibly beautiful photos. Cartier is a brand that i used to be very unaware of... until you introduced me to the Collection Privee. Thanx for taking the time to ... 

O la la talking about class & style

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : May 23rd, 2010-07:04
this is for sure summit of it what a great triple combos always enjoying to read you post and look at amazing pictures I think that after all this years and posts on PPro we deserve all watch + shirt + cufflink collection from Geo :0) Best Damian

Great post

 By: gompie : May 23rd, 2010-08:59
Pics are wonderful as always. Thanks Geo


 By: Hororgasm : May 23rd, 2010-11:12
great sense of matching and fashion. love the santos belt esp.

Elegance for men

 By: Bosimao watchfinder : May 23rd, 2010-22:13
Now we only need to find a good pair of shoes to compliment the outfit ! I particularly like the shape of the Tortue too, and the belt does fit very well with your monopoussoir for "dressy" occasions ; for a more casual look the santos 100 with the stingr... 

There is an idea!!

 By: MartinGreen : May 23rd, 2010-23:16
Monk strap shoe's with the buckle shaped like a Tortue, Tank or Santos case. Audemars did it once with the octagonal bezel of their Royal Oak and that was stunning. Martin

Cartier is a complete package

 By: RJW : May 24th, 2010-16:47
Unfortunately I lack your co-ordination abilities but I very much like your style geo. Regards, Richard.

Love it Geo ...

 By: -=EHH=- : May 26th, 2010-05:43
I'd purchase those buckles to match my Cartier watches if I had any! You know I am not that knowledgeable about Cartier and their products (Watches nor Jewellery) but since you introduced me to the "world of Cartier" I am impressed by their designs - even... 

Gentlemen, thank you very much

 By: Geo : May 26th, 2010-22:44
I am very glad that this topic was well received Since it was not about watches, I was'nt sure. Later this year I will do something like this about the cufflink collection. GEO