From a viewer's eye: The Tudor Black Bay............

Jan 08, 2013,12:23 PM

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Ref 79220R

It comes in a plain outer box of white cardboard.

Inside this there is a brown inner box.

A really nice piano lacquered wood box.

That feels really lavish covered with a leather-like material. Holder, tag, warranty card and manual, it is in as well.

Even a nylon strap Tudor has been generous to attach the in box.

This model is a mishmash of previous models of Tudor but nevertheless its own model and it belongs to the then conveniently Heritage family. Hands and indexsurroundings is made
of gold and gold text on the dial gives a sober impression. The black matte dial provides a good contrast to the hands, indexes and cremé coloured luminova.
The red bezel insert gives the watch a real lift, I think, 60
clicks model bezel that rotates counterclockwise with distinct positions. The case is 41 mm without crown.

A moderately domed sapphire crystal gives the watch a height of approximately 13 mm.

A screw-down crown that is very easy to unlock and adjust the watch. The watch is rated for 200 meters which it surely pass with a wide margin considering the construction.

A decorated ETA 2824 needs no major presentation, works well in all weather and it can be serviced at the most watchmakers at a reasonable affordable cost.

Picture borrowed from Tudor's website.


I went for the model with leather strap.

Which comes with a really neat folding clasp.

The clasp works really good on the wrist, which not many folding clasp makes, I think.

Lavish with ceramic balls holding the security lock in place.

Really nicely with the milled grooves on the sides that are visible through the security lock.

It is also available with a stainless steel bracelet.

I order that too.

Solid and strong with screwed links, unfortunately no dive extension link and only three adjustment positions.

A nice clasp here also with ceramic balls.

Solid endlinks.

Here you get an impression of the contrast of the matte dial and the hands and index's.

The Luminova do a great work.

Lights sharp and goes quickly.

Double lume.

Overall, a really interesting model in the right size that is affordable at the same time together with the Pelagos raise Tudor as a brand to a higher level, I think.


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This is really a superb watch...

 By: foversta : January 8th, 2013-12:28
or your pics make it even more beautiful? The Black Bay is a very tempting watch at a reasonnable price. Thanks a lot for this in-depth presentation supported by stunning pics as usual. Fx

This watch is an addition of " Ifs"...

 By: amanico : January 8th, 2013-13:39
If only it didn't have this red ring around the crown... If only its case was a tad less thick... If only there wasn't such a mismatch in the design of the dial, with incorrect hands, and these circled indexes... If only I didn't know the original models ... 

You play a big role in one of the IF's on my side

 By: aldossari_faisal : January 16th, 2013-01:06
My friend when they released the watch i admit my attention got captured by the watch... but then seeing the heritage pic as tudor -according to their intention - made me think okay this is not totally vintage but fine... the hands are not accurate and sa... 

Valid points,

 By: halkcb : January 17th, 2013-04:47
but you should not think of it as a vintage remake----rather a tribute to the vintage model, and enjoy it for what it is---a truly attractive watch! best henry

Great photos!

 By: patrick_y : January 8th, 2013-13:51
Great photos Jocke! Looks awesome with your leather jacket! I'm starting to think this is a great addition to anyone's collection for a rugged slightly vintage look. Certainly something that's easy to coordinate with stylistically. Really like the watch!

I think Tudor will hire you soon

 By: Bill : January 8th, 2013-14:51
As the world wide ambassador. Great review and pictures. Thanks Bill


 By: rnaden : January 8th, 2013-16:18
Thanks for a really good review on this watch, Jocke. I typically go past the Tudor stands but just from reading this review, I am going to check it out in the metal today. Great write up and beautiful pictures! Richard

Thanks for the Great review Jocke

 By: foowy : January 8th, 2013-18:24
After reading this....I would seriously have a look at the Black Bay. I've always wondered if the hands and hour markers are made of gold. Your confirmation makes this watch more appealing to me. Wonderful pictures as usual

After your review, I feel like buying one. :)

 By: VMM : January 9th, 2013-01:25
That's a very nice watch, and it looks even nicer in your pictures. Love the ancient smell that comes from it. But as Nicolas says in his post, there are some "ifs" that keep me thinking about it. Enjoy it. Thanks for sharing. Vte :)


 By: Kong : January 9th, 2013-03:28
Best looking Tudor to me... Congrats Jocke. Your pictures are absolutely stunning! Kong

The pictures are incredibly lovely Jocke

 By: samwan : January 9th, 2013-04:17
And if I make the plunge, it is all your fault! :) Best Sam

Awesome pictures

 By: Beeker : January 9th, 2013-08:17
Thanks for the great pics Jocke! This is really the first Tudor I'd like to own, it's beautiful.

Thank you all for the kind words and Nicholas........

 By: Jocke - Bad Santa : January 9th, 2013-14:30
I will go on and on and on and on and on with my pics until you like it. :-) :-) :-) :-)

I am already served...

 By: amanico : January 9th, 2013-22:23
All the best, my friend. Nicolas ...  


 By: Mike1066 : January 10th, 2013-19:43
Those big crown Tudors make me speechles. Too much Nicolas! V/R Mike

for a nice piece like yours Nico, who wouldn't be

 By: Mech : January 12th, 2013-01:16
in luv everyday? Mech.

A strong piece of my collection, indeed. Keep your eyes open, my friend.

 By: amanico : January 12th, 2013-03:06
There are a few spotting, from time to time... Best, Nicolas

A great

 By: halkcb : January 10th, 2013-18:55
write up and fabulous photos! I completely agree with your fascination with this modern classic and have already joined you in acquiring it but with the bracelet version. best henry

The more I see that watch...

 By: Mike1066 : January 10th, 2013-19:33
.... the more I like it. It is definitely growing on me. And, with pics like that, why the hell wouldn't it!?!?! Great pics as always Jocke! V/R Mike