Let's honor Casey this weekend by sharing three of our best watch photos . . .

May 31, 2024,18:51 PM

. . . ever.

Casey was our Photography Forum moderator for many years until his passing in February.  I had relatively few interactions with him but he was a valued colleague, always willing to help judge this theme of Personal Best at least three, maybe four, times in the past.  And he was a devoted fan of music, coming up with a timely answer to a question I had about an obscure Mark Knopfler song.  

If you knew Casey either personally or virtually, please reminisce along with sharing up to three photos you consider to be Personal Bests.  I won't be participating this time around as I'll be judging both categories, Wrist and Static, Sunday afternoon.  There will be no Watch of the Week as this session will be devoted to the technical and artistic merits of your submissions.  


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Hello dear Art! A great way to honor Casey with this theme for this edition of WS. A big loss for our Community with his passing away indeeed.

 By: Subexplorer : May 31st, 2024-19:48
We expect viewing some awesome pictures from our participants during the weekend. Thank you for taking the hosting and judging this weekend my dear friend. Will return later with my choices. Best cordial regards, Abel

I'm sure Casey would've admired your compositions . . .

 By: Dr No : June 1st, 2024-01:34
. . . and chromatic sensibilities, Yacomino. Thanks for participating! Art

The last two for me.

 By: amanico : June 1st, 2024-07:25

+ 1 !! πŸ‘

 By: hs111 : June 1st, 2024-09:38


 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : June 1st, 2024-12:07

Oh yes!

 By: amanico : June 1st, 2024-15:06

Thank you my friend

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : June 1st, 2024-12:08

I particularly like the third picture …

 By: Cpt Scarlet : June 1st, 2024-10:14
Good composition and use of colour.

Thank you Captain. I like that one as well! Cheers

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : June 1st, 2024-12:08


 By: Cpt Scarlet : June 1st, 2024-14:48

Three fabulous shots indeed!

 By: KMII : June 1st, 2024-20:01
And as always with the perfect strap pairings πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ thank you my friend!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : June 1st, 2024-20:03

Always refreshing to look at Casey's interpretation of scenes, locations, subjects through his lens.

 By: S F : June 1st, 2024-02:02
His annual top 10 had been a fixture that I would not miss. A gentleman, generous with encouraging comments and tips. I am joining with pics all taken in Japan, in remembrance of Casey.. ...  

Usually don't tip my hand early . . .

 By: Dr No : June 1st, 2024-02:14
. . . but that shot of Snoopy with Mt Fuji in the background - simply 'wow'. Impressed, Art


 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : June 1st, 2024-12:11

Wow dear S F!! That Snoopy shot against Mount Fuji background…

 By: Subexplorer : June 1st, 2024-04:14
… really left me speechless!! Great shot my dear friend!! Hagwe! Abel


 By: amanico : June 1st, 2024-15:00

Wow !! .. Lovely Threesome !

 By: hs111 : June 1st, 2024-09:42
The last 2 for me, please and that No.3 Snoopy watch & Fuji-San picture truly is sublime, and also something I am sure, that makes you smile, in fact always, when you look at it !! - Chapeau !! HAGWE & Best PS: the Snoopy Fuji-San shot, almost needles... 

Much appreciate it dear hs!

 By: S F : June 1st, 2024-14:33
It was fortunate for me to see Fuji-san in all its glory during my recent trip. Your entries this week, esp the XX and 6542 are dream for any vintage collector!

It sure did in a big way

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : June 1st, 2024-14:54

Cool shots S F …

 By: Cpt Scarlet : June 1st, 2024-14:50
I’m sure Casey would have appreciated your photos.

That Snoopy with the double Mount Fuji πŸ—»

 By: KMII : June 1st, 2024-20:02
Is truly mind boggling πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ» The others are fantastic shots as well πŸ‘πŸ»

Hello dear Art !! Here my entry to the Theme in memory of Casey.

 By: Subexplorer : June 1st, 2024-04:23
Three of my favorite shots; Pre Vendome Mare Nostrum Panerai chronograph Froggy falling in love with Kermit: Water drops on Panerai Pam 425 Have a nice weekend my dear Art and again Big Congrats on your 35 K post milestone!! Cheers! Abel ...  

Hello, my dear friend Abel !!.. Superb pics you share, whereby..

 By: hs111 : June 1st, 2024-09:23
.. my fav is the last, almost artisan shot with the water drops on the PAM 425 ! - Bravo !! - Furthermore I had to smile with the green Kermin frog & the crown; great watch as well ! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ And last but not least the cool set-up of a pretty rare watch, of... 

Hello my dear friend HS! Always nice to read your too kind comments on my posts which I appreciate so much.

 By: Subexplorer : June 1st, 2024-21:39
IΒ΄m glad you like the Panerai with water drops shot which was a lucky shot after many trials. Kermit in love is a fun shot with a toy from my little grandchild. Lol! I was wearing my Kermit when I viewd my little child playing with it and I ask him to len... 

Thanks a lot dear friend Yacomino! Appreciate your kind comments. Yes, some times I try to add a little fun to those shots so to share the feeling that we donΒ΄t take it too seriously...

 By: Subexplorer : June 1st, 2024-21:41
... our watch related hobby and that is part of the enjoyment of them. Have a beautfiful weekend my dear friend. Abel

With all the stress and strife of today's world, the greatest hope for the future . . .

 By: Dr No : June 1st, 2024-14:29
. . . resides in the friendships made possible by the existence of the internet. In all of history, the two of us would never have met and become as close as we have in the last ten years. ;-) ...  

A 910 would be nice . . .

 By: Dr No : June 1st, 2024-16:38
. . . but an rg chronometer is essential. ;-)

Great sentiment Art.

 By: Cpt Scarlet : June 1st, 2024-15:00

Absolutely agree dear Art! Internet is a great means of communication…

 By: Subexplorer : June 1st, 2024-21:33
… and I look forward to a new meeting in a not far occasion. These two watches you show here will be together again I hope!! Thank you so much for your friendship dear Art! Enjoy a great weekend!! Abel ...  

Just retrieved my Flightmaster from the bank safe Friday . . .

 By: Dr No : June 2nd, 2024-16:07
. . . and will start wearing it later today after a long absence from my wrist. Hope you're enjoying yours often, Abel! Warmest, Art

Wow Abel …

 By: Cpt Scarlet : June 1st, 2024-14:53
That last photo of your Panerai is a great action shot. Best regards Captain

Hello Abel,

 By: KURT_DAVID : June 1st, 2024-19:02
Great shots indeed. I particularly like the Mare Nostrum and obviously the water shot of your PAM 425. Kurt. 🍻

Three superb shots of yours, Abel! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

 By: KMII : June 1st, 2024-20:03
All very well chosen and composed πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Usually it's a dog that will stop to admire one of my mechanical watches . . .

 By: Dr No : June 2nd, 2024-15:51
. . . because they're intrigued by the ticking sound. A frog paying homage to Kermit is in another league altogether. 🐸


 By: InHavenPro : June 1st, 2024-05:41
The three I think of, not only as highly personally appealing, but can imagine Casey seeing artistic integrity and aesthetic value in them as well.... I will always remember him very fondly. Filip ...  

Hummmm, the second!

 By: amanico : June 1st, 2024-07:26

:)) yes,

 By: InHavenPro : June 1st, 2024-07:39
I see it as the most aesthetically appealing as well! The obvious reason I posted the other shot first is the historical tie with the car dash instruments ....

Makes sense.

 By: amanico : June 1st, 2024-07:39

Indeed it’s quite pleasing ! Nice series

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : June 1st, 2024-12:14

Thank you! :)

 By: InHavenPro : June 1st, 2024-17:45

The Amvox is always a good choice…

 By: KMII : June 1st, 2024-20:05
And I have to say the second shot is my favorite πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Thanks Kristjan! :)

 By: InHavenPro : June 1st, 2024-20:17

Cheers dear Cap! πŸ™

 By: InHavenPro : June 1st, 2024-21:14

Her: "Nothing can come . . .

 By: Dr No : June 2nd, 2024-16:00
. . . between us." Him: "Well, maybe just my JLC."


 By: InHavenPro : June 2nd, 2024-17:12

Hi Art,

 By: halkcb : June 1st, 2024-06:52
didn't know Casey,but read his posts here over the years and enjoyed them very much. Here's three shots that might have some merit Have a great weekend going through the submissions! ...  

Super, the two Tudor!

 By: amanico : June 1st, 2024-07:25

Thanks,lucky shot

 By: halkcb : June 2nd, 2024-02:23

Good shots …

 By: Cpt Scarlet : June 1st, 2024-21:09
I particularly like the last one.

Hi Abel

 By: halkcb : June 2nd, 2024-02:24
glad you liked the Bulova

You knew . . .

 By: Dr No : June 2nd, 2024-16:15
. . . this was coming. ;-) Outstanding composition with your Bulova Static, Henry. Impressed, Art ...  

Not Forgotten

 By: E in PA : June 1st, 2024-06:58
A kind man, a gentle soul, and a gentleman first. ...  

Watches not so often seen!

 By: KMII : June 1st, 2024-20:06
Great additions for their rarity and individuality πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Good use of soft lighting ..

 By: Cpt Scarlet : June 1st, 2024-21:10
Particularly in your second shot πŸ‘

Casey was all that and more . . .

 By: Dr No : June 2nd, 2024-16:20
. . . and we were fortunate to have him with us for as many years as he was able to share. 😌


 By: InHavenPro : June 1st, 2024-07:24
I don't remember these gems with the pig leg and lox πŸ˜„πŸ˜†

Merci, mon ami.

 By: amanico : June 1st, 2024-14:44

I’m struggling with the β€œPigs Trotter”…

 By: KURT_DAVID : June 1st, 2024-19:11
Reminds me of Lyon, good memories. Love the tower.

Merci, Kurt.

 By: amanico : June 1st, 2024-19:57


 By: amanico : June 1st, 2024-20:08

That's gotta be the most frequently posted pic ever . . .

 By: Dr No : June 2nd, 2024-16:23
. . . on WPS and goes way back, at least ten years!

15 years ago!

 By: amanico : June 2nd, 2024-16:24


 By: amanico : June 2nd, 2024-17:54

The tower of horological pleasure …

 By: Cpt Scarlet : June 1st, 2024-21:14
Real eye candy !

Merci, Captain.

 By: amanico : June 1st, 2024-21:15

How can we???

 By: amanico : June 1st, 2024-21:40

The stack and the pig's leg are infamous

 By: cazalea : June 3rd, 2024-14:08
It motivated me to buy this whole leg... ...  

I fear that too!! Lol!!

 By: Subexplorer : June 7th, 2024-15:40


 By: amanico : June 7th, 2024-21:06


 By: Subexplorer : June 10th, 2024-13:33

Hmmhh.. Let me see what to chip in to play..

 By: hs111 : June 1st, 2024-07:30
πŸ˜‰ Although I didnβ€˜t have the pleasure to have known Casey, I appreciated some of his comments and contributions to the Photography Forum - but no pics in that aspect, Sorry to say.. Either way Iβ€˜ll tip my beret to this gentleman !.. Here, as requested jus...  

Oh yes ! - What a series of hilarious Paris days and exciting watch tasting !..

 By: hs111 : June 1st, 2024-09:37
I will always remember our stroll from the Jardin du Luxembourg into Rue Madame and this β€žtreasure packageβ€œ we discovered there.. - But I also remember our mutual phone-calls, where you so kindly confirmed and advised me, ( even during congress sessions !... 

Two I knew and one I didn’t πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

 By: KMII : June 1st, 2024-20:09
The Type XX and Rolex are signature shots of yours, while the Breguet I might be seeing for the first time - albeit that makes it no less special πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Thx so much for your kind looking & nice comments !

 By: hs111 : June 2nd, 2024-08:16
Have a great remainder of the WE and a good upcoming next week ! - Best, dear KMII to you & yours !! 😊😊

Thanks so much - and likewise to you πŸ™πŸ»

 By: KMII : June 2nd, 2024-08:27
I just hope there are no floods in the way home 🀞🏻

Heavy rain β˜”οΈ

 By: KMII : June 2nd, 2024-13:47
But arrived home safely and it all seems well here, too 🀞🏻

Nice shots HS …

 By: Cpt Scarlet : June 1st, 2024-21:16
Your Rolex Ref. 6542 looks particularly cool.

Ohh my dear friend HS!! You always make me drool when viewing these watches: Specially your vintage Type XX.

 By: Subexplorer : June 1st, 2024-23:00
And of course your 6542 and viewing its superb condition. And I must confess that your Breguet Triple Calender would make me a very happy man!! Nice shots to honor Casey and to share those wonderful timepieces. Keep enjoying and loving them so much my dea... 

Thx so much for your kind & nice words !..

 By: hs111 : June 2nd, 2024-08:19
Have a good start into the new week and all the Best to you & yours, dear friend !! 😊😊

Hello Art,

 By: KURT_DAVID : June 1st, 2024-16:47
Being relatively new here as far as I remember, I have not had any direct interaction with Casey. However I would still like to participate with three favourites of mine, 2 recent 1 slightly older. Sincerely, Kurt. ...  

You are very kind, thank you.

 By: KURT_DAVID : June 1st, 2024-18:45
I am particularly fond of the water distortion photo. Very clear water that day.

Yes it’s amazing how we can see through!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : June 1st, 2024-19:24

That means a lot to me.

 By: KURT_DAVID : June 1st, 2024-19:35
Thank you very much.

Thank you.

 By: KURT_DAVID : June 1st, 2024-20:02

What amazing shots!

 By: KMII : June 1st, 2024-20:09
All very different, yet portraying the watch superbly πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Thank you very much KMII

 By: KURT_DAVID : June 1st, 2024-20:35

Three excellent shots Kurt …

 By: Cpt Scarlet : June 1st, 2024-21:17
A worthy tribute.

Cheers Cpt.

 By: KURT_DAVID : June 1st, 2024-21:38


 By: InHavenPro : June 2nd, 2024-02:40

Very kind words Abel.

 By: KURT_DAVID : June 2nd, 2024-11:55
Thank you so much.

That last photo has 'primordial' . . .

 By: Dr No : June 2nd, 2024-16:53
. . . written all over it. 😌

Yes. I suppose it has.

 By: KURT_DAVID : June 3rd, 2024-14:25
Volcanic landscapes are great.

This is for caseyπŸ˜‡

 By: @lberti : June 1st, 2024-19:15

Hmmmmm, great choice.

 By: amanico : June 1st, 2024-19:58

Love the sweater here.

 By: KURT_DAVID : June 1st, 2024-20:07
Love the watch.

Thank you so much

 By: @lberti : June 3rd, 2024-08:17

Great Tudor πŸ‘

 By: Cpt Scarlet : June 1st, 2024-21:18

Casey would be honored . . .

 By: Dr No : June 2nd, 2024-18:07
. . . by your entry. Thanks for joining in today! Art

Let me see what I can contribute…

 By: KMII : June 1st, 2024-20:21
While my photography skills are not to be ever mentioned in the same sentence as Casey’s, here still some of the shots I have liked over the past years… In addition to the three, a small memento. While I have not known Casey very well we have on occasion ...  

All excellent!

 By: KURT_DAVID : June 1st, 2024-20:42
Especially the blue gloves. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸΊ

Perfect shots for this tribute …

 By: Cpt Scarlet : June 1st, 2024-21:22
And good to hear your memories of Casey.

Thank you - been a while since I last interacted with him…

 By: KMII : June 1st, 2024-23:29
But he was such a kind gentleman πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»

My last communication with Casey was on this forum when I asked him to judge . . .

 By: Dr No : June 2nd, 2024-18:16
. . . the same theme last year. He'd judged 'Personal Best' at least two, possibly three, times before, and had previously spent a good deal of time posting decisions. The last time, though, his calls seemed perfunctory. Now that I know he was seriously i... 

Beautiful shots dear friend KM! I always admire your fine taste to find those stunning straps combos. Interesting to know you own that Seiko 003 which certainly is a link with Casey.

 By: Subexplorer : June 1st, 2024-22:50
IΒ΄m sure this blue straps Seiko has an special place in your collection! Enjoy a pleasant and relaxed weekend my dear friend! Abel

It does indeed

 By: KMII : June 1st, 2024-23:30
Thanks so much Abel! Took me almost seven years to find that one and Casey helped on the journey. Wishing you a great weekend as well πŸ‘πŸ»

That GS with the strap

 By: halkcb : June 2nd, 2024-02:27
...great combo with backdrop. Will have to re visit my GS soon

So glad you like it πŸ™πŸ»

 By: KMII : June 2nd, 2024-07:32
Find that watch shots only got worse after the iPhone 10 πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Maybe it’s just me πŸ˜‰

You and Cap....

 By: InHavenPro : June 2nd, 2024-02:39
Have really made the Doxas stand out incredibly well!!

Thanks so much - really like how this one turned out 😁

 By: KMII : June 2nd, 2024-07:28
Captain’s has a much higher artistic merit, though πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Tossing my Daytona in the ring!

 By: gregcarraram3 : June 1st, 2024-20:42

Nice πŸ‘Œ

 By: Cpt Scarlet : June 1st, 2024-21:34

Mr. Cool himself!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : June 1st, 2024-22:42

Casey would've enjoyed spending an afternoon . . .

 By: Dr No : June 2nd, 2024-18:20
. . . in your back yard, Greg! Thanks for sharing. Art

So many beautiful photos from participants i can’t add much more but will try to contribute

 By: loujo : June 1st, 2024-20:54
Sunset in Hawaii Morning after the rain Another sunset but in California ...  

Thank you for joining us …

 By: Cpt Scarlet : June 1st, 2024-21:37
It’s all about the spirit of sharing our photos in this tribute to Casey. I particularly like the last shot of your JLC at sunset.

That JLC combo is Uber cool.πŸ‘

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : June 1st, 2024-22:44

Many of my personal favorite wrist shots were taken in Sunset Beach, California . . .

 By: Dr No : June 2nd, 2024-18:23
. . . with a setting sun as the background. Cool shots, Loujo - thanks for honoring Casey with your submissions. Art

The spirit remains…

 By: Cpt Scarlet : June 1st, 2024-22:18
We will all miss Casey, he was a gentleman and one of our own. I personally enjoyed discussing cameras with him and he always freely shared his knowledge and experiences. This is my personal selection of photos and I hope he would have enjoyed them… Doxa ...  

Thank you Abel…

 By: Cpt Scarlet : June 1st, 2024-22:43
I had difficulty choosing for this special occasion. Best regards Captain

I remember your shot with the little green frog …

 By: Cpt Scarlet : June 2nd, 2024-14:11
It’s a charming photo.

Doxa shot is captivating!

 By: InHavenPro : June 2nd, 2024-02:38

Thank you πŸ™

 By: Cpt Scarlet : June 2nd, 2024-07:42

I almost lost the Doxa taking the shot πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

 By: Cpt Scarlet : June 2nd, 2024-13:25
The next wave was massive ! The Ed White photo was difficult to get just right.

Very glad you did not loose the doxa! Cheers

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : June 2nd, 2024-15:56

Me too 😬

 By: Cpt Scarlet : June 2nd, 2024-16:23

Three great shots…

 By: KMII : June 2nd, 2024-13:36
But the Doxa really stands out for me πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Thanks KM πŸ₯‚

 By: Cpt Scarlet : June 2nd, 2024-14:10

Superb selection Cpt.

 By: KURT_DAVID : June 2nd, 2024-15:51
Doxa in the surf, love it!!

Thanks Kurt πŸ™

 By: Cpt Scarlet : June 2nd, 2024-16:22

If I may...

 By: KIH : June 2nd, 2024-02:54
It's been a long time since I posted last time. After I left here, I have been away from internet forums (and I do NOT use or see any type of SNS). I am back here today only because this is about our dearest friend, Casey. Thought I should share with you ...  

Ken, dear friend,

 By: InHavenPro : June 2nd, 2024-03:57
I absolutely remember many of our online interactions, both public and private. Quite obviously, no objective blame is yours to shoulder - his health deteriorated unpredictably rapidly, and that is tragically a part of life. Time, sooner or later, gets to... 

Good to hear from you....

 By: KIH : June 2nd, 2024-14:51
Hope all is well. Thank you, Filip. Still on the west coast? I was there for Milken, but didn't have time to do anything else. Maybe next time....


 By: InHavenPro : June 2nd, 2024-17:15
I am still living in Santa Monica, right next to the beach. Please do let me know in case you end up visiting again foreseeably! Take good care, and feel better! Sincerely, Filip

Oh Ken…

 By: KMII : June 2nd, 2024-13:45
So moving to read the story and thanks for having posted this here! I fully agree that there was little more you could have done - sometimes health deteriorates in unpredictable ways and it’s also very hard for the person suffering to predict what they ma... 

Thank you, KMII

 By: KIH : June 2nd, 2024-14:53
One day, I will see you somewhere in Europe! I am leaving for LN and Rome next week on business..... Miss you, man!

Same here 😊

 By: KMII : June 2nd, 2024-15:23
Let’s hope it works out soon 🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻

Everyone should count themselves lucky to have a friend . . .

 By: Dr No : June 2nd, 2024-22:46
. . . as good as you, Ken. I'm sure Casey was thankful. Hope all's well with you, and that you've finally made peace with your memories of Casey. Art

I think I am making progress

 By: KIH : June 2nd, 2024-22:57
Thank you, Art for letting me know of this Wrist Scan theme.

Thank you Ken

 By: cazalea : June 3rd, 2024-14:37
For all you did for Casey, for this forum, and for my wife and myself on our Japan visit (can it be nearly 10 years ago?) I'm sorry that the twists and turns of life and business raised barriers between some of us at this site, but nothing ever changed ou...  

Oh, Mike...

 By: KIH : June 3rd, 2024-21:34
You made me cry again! Thank you for posting these photos. Yes, it's been 10 years (about?) since you were here with your lovely wife (how is she? Please give my best to her). Time flies. Yes, I am not getting any younger, either. Both of my knees have be... 

My three

 By: jml_watches : June 2nd, 2024-11:11
Hi All Three of my favourites Cheers JML ...  

The first one here for me: fantastic looking!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : June 2nd, 2024-11:32


 By: jml_watches : June 2nd, 2024-18:01

Splendid Threesome !.. For me No.1 & 3 !

 By: hs111 : June 2nd, 2024-13:05
Well done & Cheers !! 😊😊


 By: jml_watches : June 2nd, 2024-18:01

Urushi ain't half bad . . .

 By: Dr No : June 2nd, 2024-22:54
. . . in color, either. 😌 ...  

Very nice πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

 By: jml_watches : June 2nd, 2024-23:31

Good shots JML πŸ»β€¦

 By: Cpt Scarlet : June 2nd, 2024-13:33
The last black and white photo is very cool. Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Best regards Captain

Three of your classics indeed πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

 By: KMII : June 2nd, 2024-13:46
Great shots of the watches, too πŸ‘πŸ»

Thanks πŸ‘

 By: jml_watches : June 2nd, 2024-18:03

The Memomatic!!!

 By: amanico : June 2nd, 2024-15:02

Totally :)

 By: InHavenPro : June 2nd, 2024-17:25

A funky time capsule.

 By: amanico : June 2nd, 2024-17:58

For sure you should.

 By: amanico : June 2nd, 2024-18:06

Late but still my Three for Casey

 By: cazalea : June 3rd, 2024-15:17
The first one is in honor of both Casey and Ken. Fedex left that annoying "We Missed You" note on my door, regarding Ken's shipment from Japan. Rather than wait, I drove across town and caught the driver just as he returned to the depot. Rather than wait,...  

Your last shot....

 By: InHavenPro : June 3rd, 2024-20:28
is truly a one in a million chance . We are all the beneficiaries of it! Cheers Mike, Filip

Thanks for sharing this with us Mike …

 By: Cpt Scarlet : June 3rd, 2024-21:44
The last photo is superb.