Interesting theme for Wristscan Mike ...

Jul 14, 2021,08:45 AM

Arnold knows best... I’ll be back !  (on Friday) 

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Analog or Digital - Why Not Both?

 By: cazalea : July 13th, 2021-23:20
A discussion in the Automotive forum about the desirability of an old-style analog jalopy vs a computerized "digital mobility device" resulted in the compromise that one or two of each is okay! Many of us have ANALOG and also DIGITAL watches -- analog mea...  

I am not a big fan of the category

 By: VinnieD : July 14th, 2021-06:57
but to obey Ahnold, I will gladly participate as I am guilty of buying such a hybrid watch

Interesting theme for Wristscan Mike ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : July 14th, 2021-08:45
Arnold knows best... I’ll be back ! (on Friday)

One trouble with hybrid watches is remembering how to use the functions

 By: cazalea : July 14th, 2021-19:43
At least that’s the case on my Breitling Aerospace ...  

Hello dear Mike!! Great to have you hosting next weekend and…

 By: Subexplorer : July 15th, 2021-01:47
… with an interesting Theme to explore. I’m not a fan of this type because I’m a dinosaur who doesn’t learn how to set and manage so many features (complications?) these watches usually offer. And when I learn them I quickly forget that !! Lol! Anyway I g...