Vacheron Constantin looks set to discontinue a large number of watches across all collections this year, which is likely very good for the brand! The Cornes de Vache might come in steel...

Feb 04, 2019,21:16 PM

Also, there will be more marketing which I personally found to be somewhat lacking in earlier years. I wish them the maximum possible success!

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Could not agree more about awareness.

 By: agyzace : February 4th, 2019-22:43
Btw, if you can share what will be discontinued at some point, would be very good to know. All the best, Alex

+1! [nt]

 By: amanico : February 4th, 2019-23:43

My dream would be a 39-40mm with the original glass globe and shadow approach

 By: agyzace : February 5th, 2019-03:19
It makes it too technical and nerdy. Love it!

+1. I am with you. [nt]

 By: amanico : February 5th, 2019-07:29

You sure??

 By: Jurry : February 5th, 2019-05:31
Are you sure or at least pretty convinced they will cut these? As they have introduced complete new series Fifty Six and introduced more variations to the Overseas (Tour billion, black, panda etc) I can imagine they will trim down a bit to keep their coll... 

I think I can be reasonably sure.

 By: LX : February 5th, 2019-12:27
The person at that particular AD showed me a picture of each watch that is to be discontinued. You know the region here and you are aware of how proficient people are in English but when I hear "khalas" in Arabic it's pretty clear that it means "finished"... 

nam, habibi ! [nt]

 By: LX : February 7th, 2019-09:21

Are you sure about 1921?

 By: icecube4000 : March 4th, 2019-19:24
That is Vacheron’s signature model. I was contemplating getting a new one in 1-2 years. Strange they will discontinue it.

That's what the AD told me in late January.

 By: LX : March 6th, 2019-09:38
He showed me an e-mail from VC Geneva with a long list of attachments containing the models to be discontinued. Maybe there was a bit of a language barrier but I understood "finished" and they didn't mean hand-finished 😂

+2 👍 [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : February 5th, 2019-11:36

Cornes de Vache in steel..

 By: V-Rex : February 5th, 2019-01:38
It could be the most interesting timepiece.. Any information / thoughts on the dial color? Will be the current RG model kept in the production?


 By: RGS : February 5th, 2019-04:26
VC was my first horological aiffair and I still appreciate and follow the House immensely. That being said, in the last few years, there have been some big disappointements. Both the Overseas line (design-wise) and the Fifty Six line (quality-wise), did n... 

I’m very new in collecting watches. As a lay person, I started with entry level watches .

 By: TomKxx : March 4th, 2019-21:51
I started noticing VC overseas after I purchased Rolex submariner. It was the overseas that I started noticing VC, and it makes me read more about VC history and the world of haute horology. For many like me, it’s the entry level pieces that make us easie... 

CDV in steel

 By: V-Rex : February 5th, 2019-04:58
Perhaps by launching a steel CDV VC is trying to smooth out all negative feedbacks received from serious collectors on recent LE “Hodinkee” model in steel. My only one concern is that SS version conceptually removes us again from the real historical examp... 

The following are no longer listed on VC's website...

 By: TJMike : March 10th, 2019-01:25
Métiers d'Art Elégance Sartoriale collection (5 watches) and the Historiques Ultra-Fine 1968