this is a very cool, but hmmmm

Jun 04, 2011,14:18 PM

the use of yellow.... gives me pause and the month counter at 12, is extremely illegible and cluttered... And WHERE are the minute tick marks? I see 5 min markers but no individual min's between? This is a chrono... yes? Well, I do like it, but.... hm, odd.... This message has been edited by Mostel on 2011-06-04 14:20:45

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Two New Vacheron Constantin Overseas models

 By: WHL : May 30th, 2011-20:15
Vacheron Constantin is enriching its Overseas collection in 2011 with the launch of two new models representing the future of this elegantly sporty and technical line. The perpetual calendar chronograph signals the introduction of high complications into ...  

Live photos of the Overseas Chronograph Perpetual Calendar

 By: WHL : May 30th, 2011-21:00
Alex Ghotbi was kind enough to send me photos of the new Overseas Perpetual Calendar Chronogrpah. He was not kind enough to send me the watch. I can't wait to see it in person when the New York Boutique opens this summer. Bill...  


 By: InHavenPro : May 30th, 2011-21:05
the Overseas Chronograph Perpetual Calendar really looks sublime. Thank you very much for the press release and live photos of the watch! Filip

New interesting addition in the Overseas line

 By: patrickh : May 31st, 2011-01:25
I also like the new shape of the lady overseas. To be seen on the wrist. A date of first delivery in VC Boutique? Thanks for these nice posts and for Alex photos too. Patrickh


 By: Davo : May 31st, 2011-05:01
Looks good in those pics. Another one I must check out this year. Thanks for the pics.

Love it, Bill

 By: respo : May 31st, 2011-05:25
What an amazing sports watch. i only wish the OS Perpetual Chrono would become a "regular" production watch rather than a boutique-only edition. I look forward to seeing one of these in the metal. Best, respo

very sporty

 By: halkcb : May 31st, 2011-05:46
and functional appearance,yet well balanced dial---does not look cluttered! i like it Any idea of the price? henry

just a stunning piece! [nt]

 By: playtime : June 1st, 2011-20:32
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this is a very cool, but hmmmm

 By: Mostel : June 4th, 2011-14:18
the use of yellow.... gives me pause and the month counter at 12, is extremely illegible and cluttered... BUT still... this is a very cool watch!


 By: spencer : June 13th, 2011-15:05
Absolutely love that Perpetual Calendar!

The perpetual Overseas looks fantastic. I like it.

 By: VMM : May 31st, 2011-01:23
Thanks for sharing. Vte

Wow, yummy

 By: vlkcheng : May 31st, 2011-04:22
Love the grey dial, grey leather strap combo on the perpetual calendar.


 By: kevster : May 31st, 2011-07:33
Glad to see these complications in the Overseas liine, and yes the yellow hands are very sharp. My wife likes the ladies watch as well.

Wow...the Overseas Perpetual Calendar is simply

 By: samwan : May 31st, 2011-07:51
.... amazing! Very elegant, sporty yet well balanced. I must say I much prefer the rubber strap than the alligator strap. Looks like very few people can lay their hands on this piece though Thanks for the post Bill. Sam

I really like this the QP Chrono...

 By: Goh : June 1st, 2011-19:48
love the nice touches of yellow. Will there be a regular version too? Can the bracelet from the regular Chrono fit this? And what is the list price, if I may ask? Best, Goh

the dial is gorgeous! [nt]

 By: playtime : June 1st, 2011-20:31
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