Question for Caliber 4400 owners

Feb 10, 2020,11:31 AM


I bought a VC 1921 last week. When I wind the watch, the seconds hand doesn’t start moving until I turn the watch to look at caseback OR take out and push the crown back. It doesn’t matter how many winding turns I have done on the crown, it seems as if the watch needs a slight movement/twist of the watch case itself to start once a sufficient power reserve has been achieved. This is unlike my other manual wind watches, few langes and a Journe, where the seconds hand starts moving after few winding turns of the crown.

The watch itself seems to be keeping good time.

Further, do I stop winding when the resistance starts increasing or am I supposed to reach a stage where the crown would stop moving?

Thank you for your response

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I've had similar experiences (but not with a cal. 4400). Since timekeeping is OK, I'd wait to service the watch.

 By: vitalsigns : February 10th, 2020-12:37
When winding, just keeping winding gently until the crown stops, then back-wind half a turn.

Nope...Patek in this case [nt]

 By: vitalsigns : February 10th, 2020-15:30

Sounds unusual

 By: walidk : February 10th, 2020-19:03
First of, a hearty congratulations on a beautiful piece! I have had a cal 4400 in the traditionelle (82172) for some 8+ years but never seen this issue. My first guess would be something to do with the crown/winding stem. Since its a recent purchase, it m... 

Just checked

 By: Jurry : February 11th, 2020-03:44
Just did a check on the two pieces we have. The large one: After approx 15-20 turns the second hand started running but I did slip my hand a bit After about 75 turns I could feel the resistance increasing and that’s where I usually stop winding it (I beli...  

That’s not unusual

 By: cazalea : February 11th, 2020-04:50
If you hold the watch level, dial up, and twist it side to side, clockwise then counterclockwise you are encouraging the balance wheel to start oscillating. I have several watches that exhibit such behavior. None Of them are VC Cazalea

So your watches that won’t start on winding alone?

 By: icecube4000 : February 11th, 2020-16:17
You have to shake or move the watch a little after manually winding your manual wound watches to start?

That’s right

 By: cazalea : February 11th, 2020-21:19
Not all watches, but some of them. A little “stiction” or friction in the bearings can be the reason. Cazalea